Monday, September 25, 2017

9/23/2017 Secret Seal of Solomon, King Asmodeus Conjuration and Papa Candello Cedifie service.

My astral guard dog.
Triangle of the Art.
The September 23, 2017 ritual is one for books. My conjuration of King Asmodeus (a daemon second to none in terms of power) was a rousing success and provided frighteningly accurate divination for petitioners (including a Senator and other government officials). The boons tasked to King Asmodeus  have already begun manifesting for the members of my temple and the Secret Seals of Solomon made in their exactitude. Hear this! Without possessing a Secret Seal of Solomon, fashioned EXACTLY as it is stated with the Lesser Key of Solomon, preforming effective Solomonic Magic is impossible. The same is true of both the Grimorium Verum, and Grand Grimoire.
Entering trance for magic mirror scrying.
They too have requirements that must be met. Requirements I have indeed met and with which I am well acquainted. I can provide a long list of celebrity occultist frauds who haven't fulfilled even the basic requirement to activate the traditions they endlessly theorize about, but have never once practiced.

My linage is an exceedingly rare Caribbean High Magic tradition. Born during the Haitian slave revolt when pilfered French Grimories fell into black hands and under African eyes. My Ceremonial Magic is devoid of Golden Dawn influence, and absent of Crowley-styled fuckery.
Papa Candello Cedifie!
Through my linage; the Loa Papa Candello Cedifie (head of Dominican Voudu) can be present at every Solomonic rite I preform.Why? That is secret to my house. What is not a secret however is the noticeable ripples on the astral realm my temple caused. This was a once in a lifetime event, performed underneath the firmament where the 12th Sigh of Revelation shown bright in the celestial canopy. For those of you who where a part of it, your Secret Seals of Solomon and answers to questions will be to you soon.

Secret Seal of Solomon.
-El Patron
Feeding the spirits!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Secret Seal of Solomon & Conjuration of King Asmodeus. Update on Solar Eclipse.

The secret seal of Solomon and conjuration of King Asmodeus event. This night is made exceedingly auspicious as September 23rd, 2017 reveals the 12th Sign of Revelation within the celestial canopy. For this semi-public ritual I will not only draft the secret seal of Solomon in accordance to the Lesser Key but also arrange an audience with King Asmodeus. This without question is a once in a lifetime event. The 12th Sign of Revelation contains global implications; being held in collective human subconscious for over two-thousand years. Never again shall the opportunity arise to obtain an authentically prepared seal under such impactful circumstances. In addition the extraordinary force behind summoning King Asmodeus during these conditions cannot be overstated. Personal items may be place on his sigil to be enchanted by the strength of King Asmodeus's influence and dominion. Astragals, or dice, will be cast over his seal to divine answers of past, present and future. Lastly King Asmodeus shall be petitioned to grant boons of wealth and prosperity to all in attendance and all who have paid to be astrally seated among his audience.

$200 for the Secret Seal of Solomon.
$50 to have an item placed on the sigil of King Asmodeus.
$25 to be astrally seated at the event.
$20 for ten Yes/No questions via astragals cast over the sigil of King Asmodeus.
$20 for two questions with detailed answers via astragals cast over the sigil of King Asmodeus.

$300 for the full package.

I am willing to accommodate personal requests, special circumstances or workings of a sensitive nature. E-mail injuries at

My direct Paypal link is here.

But wait...there is more.

Here are the results (what I can publicly show) of the August 21st, 2017 Solar Eclipse Palo Mayombe rite. My nfumbe, wearing the skin of the Four Conquering Winds M'pungo, was fed and sent out on winds of fire to win all battles and solve all problems.

At the aforementioned Palo Mayombe rite I began the procedure to authentically craft the "To See Spirits of the Air" formulary contained in the Grimorium Verum. The heads of three roosters cultivate in the well of a particular tree in order to bring about the strongest results. This preparation will be ready after the 23rd of September.

To See Spirits of the Air formula- $20

-Papa Crocodile.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

9/23/2017 ONCE IN A LIFETIME Secret Seal of Solomon preparation and "To See Spirits of the Air" concoction from the Grimorium Verum.

I am not surprised no other Ceremonial Magician or Occultist have mentioned the astounding astrological conjunctions in the near future. So much for your contributions to the Arte. My temple however will go down in the annals of the occult.

Let it be known! At least one temple has long been preparing for August 21st and September 23rd, 2017 . We will align our work with the great heavenly canopy and forge a more prefect union between the above and the below.

Where the Umbra falls there is Kalunga.
Aug 21st will be dedicated to the religion of Palo Mayombe. On the open plain, somewhere Pacific Northwest, and in the Umbra shadow of a Solar Eclipse (the biggest in 88 years) I will make blood offering to the scariest female spiritual force in the universe: Centilla N'doki. I will be asking her to empower my Nfumbe with her hyper-ferociousness to defend my temple, destroy it's enemies, change the sick to well, poor to rich and weak to strong.

Centella N'Doki
If you would like work to be done during these unrivaled conditions contact me immediately.  

On Saturday, Sept 23 I will lead my temple in a Solomonic rite that is possible only every 2000 years. If you are smart, you disregard the Bible as a religious book and see it as a magical grimorie. Contained in the Bible is a Jewish based magical system using parable as keys to rites and ceremonies. The magic of Solomonic fits perfectly within the context of the biblical grimore.

Saturday, Sept 23 will be the literal 12th sign as given in the Book of Revelations.

The constellation Virgo will be in the heavens clothed in the sun, and wearing a crown of 12 stars (nine from Leo, the symbol of authority, and accompanied by Mercury, Venus, and Mars). The Sun and the Moon will be at Virgo's feet, and the planet Jupiter will circle inside her womb and come out as if she was giving birth to the priest/king of all nations. The constellation Draco (also crowned by stars) will be waiting to devour Jupiter the Priest/King the moment Virgo give birth to him.

No other time in the next 2000 years will be as powerful for making covenants between a magician and God as this day! The link between Isreal-Jewish Magic-Solomonic Magic is unquestionable in respects to this astrological alignment and to create a pact in accordance to Solomonic tradition is unprecedented!

I will be making as many Secret Seals of Solomon as people provide the funds for. As ALWAYS I will prepare each seal under the rigid guidelines presented  in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Not only is the auspiciousness of the heavenly events astounding, but all other astrological requirements for making the sea,l will also be satisfied.

Below are the requirements from the Lesser Key of Solomon.

The Secret Seal of Solomon

"This is the Form of the Secret Seal of Solomon, wherewith he did bind and seal up the aforesaid Spirits with their legions in the Vessel of Brass. This seal is to be made by one that is clean both inwardly and outwardly, and that hath not defiled himself by any woman in the space of a month, but hath in prayer and fasting desired of God to forgive him all his sins, etc. It is to be made on the day of Mars or Saturn (Tuesday or Saturday) at night at 12 o’clock, and written upon virgin parchment with the blood of a black cock that never trode (fucked) hen. Note that on this night the moon must be increasing in light (i.e., going from new to full) and in the Zodiacal Sign of Virgo. And when the seal is so made thou shalt perfume it with alum, raisins dried in the sun, dates, cedar and lignum aloes."

Anyone wanting a Seal it is $200, and will be finished 9/24/7. I will accept payments!

Brain of a rooster? Check. 
This auspicious day will however see another authentic preparation. A concoction contained in the Grimorium Verum, under the title "To See Spirits of the Air", which is a direct reference to the astral (airy) daemons of the grimorium itself.  The procedure is as follows:

"Take the brain of a cock, the powder from the grave of a dead man (which touches the coffin), walnut oil and virgin wax. Make all [this] into a mixture, wrapped in virgin parchment, on which is written the words: GOMERT KAILOETH, with the character of Khil. Burn it all, and you will see prodigious things. But this experiment should be done only by those who fear nothing." 

I will have ALL the called for ingredients in their TRUEST form.

It will be $20 each,

-Papa Crocodile.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Considerations and requirements for joining my temple.

After a great deal of thought and consideration I have reached the obvious conclusion that I need to open my temple to members who do not (or do not currently) live near my physical temple. My struggle was how to make this a meaningful experience. It is one thing to open my temple to distance based members, just as much as it for distance based members to join my temple… but what does that really mean and what does that look like for both myself and for a distance based member? How can I truly make a distance based member feel included in my temple, and not just included but embraced, and strengthened by the temple? The temple is blessed and strengthened by its members, and the only way to have mutual benefit between member and temple, is for both temple and member to engage in a very real relationship.

In the interest of disclosure here are some facts to know and consider before joining my temple.

At my temple’s forefront, and paradoxically its core, my temple is a Palo Mayombe house or Munanzo. This means my temple rests on the point of midnight and it’s foundations lay within the kingdom of the Cemetery, the kingdom of Souls and the kingdom of the Wilds or Forest. The temple is also adjunct strongly by the point of the Railroad, the Mountain, the Forest, and the River because of the temple’s prominent guardians (Zarabanda, Yaya Kengue, Watariamba, and Mama Chola Wengue) who come through Palo Mayombe. The point of Midnight is a dark place, and the Kingdom of the Cemetery grand central station for the dead.

This temple is a temple that always begins or starts from a dark place, and walks hand in hand with the dead, no matter what road we travel or path we walk. However, Midnight can lead from dark places to sunny days of unparalleled beauty, or it can lead to far more frightening and disturbing locations.  Because the dead are always with us, we either elevate the dead to greater heights or descend deeper into the infernal realms of the abyss.  Where the temple, as well as each of its members, begins and ends (or returns too) is a matter of situational need.

Within the kingdom of the Cemetery we explore the powers of life over death, or death over life, bodily healing, remedying seemingly impossible situations, necromancy and vampirism. In the kingdom of the Souls we find more necromancy, but also the development of high level spiritism and mediumship. We elevate souls (such as the Anima Sola), assist in healing spiritual illnesses, and hold spiritual congress to discover the cause of calamities, illnesses, poverty and ill fortunes in order to alleviate them. From inside the kingdom of the Wilds or Forest we practice speaking with nature spirits, the guardians of the land (human and non-human) and how to cultivate powers of animals, plants, rocks, and minerals for our own sorcerous and healing needs. Here too in the wilds we find the mysteries of herbal baths, washes, potions, philters, powders, elixirs, pills, balms and of course lycanthropy.

The point of the Railroad supplies the more earth bound powers of planetary Mars. The strength to secure victory in battles and defeat enemies. Ambition to do more and be more. Energy to progress in our daily endeavours. Vitality to conquer illness. Determination to overcome obstacles and outlast hardship.

The point of the Mountain supports the earthly force of planetary Uranus giving rise to oracle (prophetic) visions and divination practices. The high ground puts us in a place of strategic advantage over our adversaries. From the peak we see the bigger picture,  find clear sight and thinking, as well as the stillness of mind ( including vibrational proximity) required to converse with the elevated spirits.

The point of the River brings establishes a connection to the manifesting force of planetary Venus which brings the power of magnetism and illusion. The need for water brings creatures close to one another. It is here great influence, for ill or for will, can be exercised. The River point contains seen and unseen powers. What is on the surface and what lay in wait inches beneath the water. The river can look calm, and harmless, but its current startlingly strong and frighteningly swift. Many times battles are decided the moment someone underestimates another based solely on the information their eyes provide. There are also profound mysteries of both transformation and transference (as water and earth make mud) which the point of the River blesses my temple with.

We honor the name of Nzambi as the Highest of the High, the Prime Creator and Infinite Intelligence who is the creative principle of the entire universe/multiverse (including all alternate timelines, endless dimensions and parallel realities). However, due to the various traditions that are practiced at my temple we also use Papa Bon Dios, and Bondeye.  

We honor our Ancestors, for through their trials ,tribulations, fortunes and successes, made it possible for us to be alive today. We pray for the continued healing, protection and illumination of our Ancestor spirits. We ask our Ancestor spirits to intercede on our behalf, for our health, our safety and that our material needs be met.

We honor and seek relationship with the dead. They are our connection to the world of the spirits, and we in turn, are their connection to the world of earthly existence. The hand of the dead and the hand of the living reaching out for the other, clasping in friendship, and assisting one another in the ways that only the other can. The dead comprise a vast and near innumerable collection of former (and soon to be again) humans. They are often categorized into “divisions” or “commissions” of spirits who though their work or trade or cultural associations create a body of spirits which are driven towards achieving specialized aims. Based on your own personal energetic make-up, or spiritual frame, members of certain spiritual divisions or commissions will be attracted to you. Through discovering what dead walk with you, a person can have further understanding into why they are attracted to particular activities or areas of interest. They can ask for the assistance of their dead to use their skills to help fix problems, reach goals and attain deeper personal insights.

We honor the M’pungo. The M’pungo are immensely powerful non-physical intelligences whose seats of power are in the Congo region of Africa. The M’pungo have dominion over essential earthly and spiritual functions. This dominion was given to them by Nzambi. They were also tasked with helping humanity grown and progress. The M’pungo progress and elevate as they serve the will of Nzambi, part of that is answering the needs of humans. By seeking to understand the mysteries of the M’pungo, we are helping the M’pungo and in turn the M’pungo help us. Together we elevate and progress in our understanding of the infinite mystery of Nzambi, which is the very reason for existence in the first place.

Beyond Palo Mayombe my temple has connection with the Loa of Voudu, both Haitian and Dominican traditions. Papa Legba, Papa Candelo Cedfie, Agwe, La Sirne, La Baleen, the Ogoun and Erzulie nations, as well as the Barons (Baron Samedi of course, but Baron La Croix and Baron Cimitiere too) and the Ghede, are regularly served and routinely venerated. We celebrate loa feast days, and host a Ghede-Fet around Halloween.

We are a spiritualist temple and primarily practice two forms of spiritism. First is a Creole/Kardec form of spiritualism. This a very clean, and watery practice with a focus on prayers, candles and glasses of water. The purpose is contacting your higher level spirit guides in order to receive messages from them. We also desire to cleanse and elevate both ourselves and our guides, as well as lift spiritual curses off others. We hold spiritual misa or congress. We help the dead who are specifically looking for light and progress. It is Hope, Faith and Charity who serve as guiding stars. Often the dead we help want to aid us in return, and we are grateful for this, but we do not expect it. The Creole/Kardec spiritualist sessions develop one’s spiritual mediumship to a fine degree which complements all other traditions honored at this temple.

The second form of spiritual practice my temple performs falls under a branch of Palo Cruzado, which is similar to Palo Mayombe, but with more Kardec spiritist influences. In these sessions the dead of any elevation are welcome, and we serve the earthbound dead alongside the very elevated. These sessions tend to be more lively than the aforementioned, with physical mediumship up to and including possession, not being uncommon. The lower elevated dead often desire to experience physical pleasures again, and miss the vices of eating, drinking and smoking. We serve the spirits food, cigars and alcohol, and offer prayers, candles and songs for elevation. However it is required the dead offer their services to the temple in return for offerings they receive. We are guided by Hope, Faith and Charity in previously mentioned spiritist practice, and we give freely of ourselves in those times, but this is a pragmatic temple which knows “give and take”, as well as “fair exchange” builds the most character.

Rounding out the Afro-Diaspora traditions of my temple are practices which are currently more  personal (as in for myself) than that of the temple proper, but this is subject to quickly change, those practices being venerating and learning from my Exu/Pombagira court of Kimbanda and Papa Bones and his family of bones of Obeah.

I will not say more about Obeah until I fully assimilate the transmissions I am receiving, nor will I say much concerning Kimbanda as it is my personal court, however this does lead me to Omolu.

Omolu is a staggeringly powerful spirit of death, disease, fortune and fate who is deserving of his exalted status. Because of who my Tata, or King, Exu is I am able to work directly with Omolu and seat him in my temple. Omolu is a grand cosmic skeleton who standing at the central cross of the cemetery. He is the candlelight in the darkness who draws the dead to him like moths to a flame. He is of extreme importance and plays a prominent role in my temple.

In my temple we venerate folk, or “problematic” saints. Some of these saints have been adopted as Narco saints, and associated with criminal activities. I find no problem in this, and while I do not share much interest in illicit activities, I do respect the grace and power of saints who tend to the needs and salvation of what could truly be lost causes. I enjoy that these saints operate without the consent of the “Holy Mother Church” or Catholic Church. This serves as smoking gun evidence that the Pope holds no divine authority, and Christianity (no what the denomination all Christianity is just a lesser versions of Catholicism) holds no spiritual or moral high ground.

La Santisma Muerte, Jesus Malverde, San Simon, and Cyprian perhaps the most recognizable of these folk saints in my temple, but lesser known saints like Mary “love at every door”, Saint Christopher “the dog headed”, Horned Peter, La Carambada and Juan Dinero find great popularity in my temple...and there are a few others.

Contained within my temple is a deep arcanum of European grimoire magical tradition, European necromancy and European daemonology.

I have been initiated into the following grimoire traditions:

The Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon.
The Grimorium Verum.
The Black Raven.
The Grand Grimoire.
The Honorius.
The Black Hen.
The 6th and 7th Books of Moses.
Harrowing of Hell.
The Arbatel De Magia Veterum.
The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum.

I also have very firm understanding of purely planetary based Ritual High Magic.

Each grimoire constitutes an entire stand alone European magical tradition which comprises a much larger body of European magical lore. As such, for each different grimoire working, rite or ceremony I ask participating temple members to prepare themselves appropriately in the manner most correct for the particular grimoire being worked out of. I require temple members make serious study of the Kaballah. This helps temple members understand the inner workings of the European grimoire magical traditions and circumvent the idiocy of Neo-Hermeticism.

Lastly I continually encourage temple members to studiously practice the sorcerous arts of remote viewing, astral projecting, candle gazing, reflective surface scrying, trance induction, automatic writing, and lucid dreaming. These arts are beholden to one one magical tradition and yet greatly enhance the reach and influence of them all.

If the above sounds like what you are looking for, and wish to orientate yourself towards, the following is what (as a distance based member) membership will include.

  • You will be seated at every temple rite, function, ceremony, and or otherwise. You will be energetically linked to this temple. I will introduce all the spirits of my temple to you. You will be included in all prayers, blessings, auspices, and supplications made on behalf of the temple.
  • You will be cleansed and purified (I will require items from you that will be kept by my temple) every time I myself cleanse and purify in preparation of any ritual, rite or ceremony. This happens frequently.
  • You will be given license to operate under the power of certain AUTHENTICALLY prepared seals and vessels (most specifically the secret seal of Solomon but there are others) of mine in order to perform your own magical working.
  • I set correctly prepared lights and lamps on behalf of all the temple members for things such as money, luck, health, protection, etc, on a regular basis. You will become linked to those workings and benefit from them.
  • I perform yearly road openings, and readings (multiple times a year) for temple members. You will have access to that also.
  • Your items you send me will sit next to my numerous vessels, and fetishes related to Palo Mayombe. That is constitute spiritual protection like very few things can.
  • Learning and initiation into legitimate traditions and practices.

What I would require in return:
  • A few personal items I can construct a placeholder for your energy in order to anchor yourself to my temple.
  • Dedication, and willingness to take part in, and set lights, and perform temple prayers (all will be provided).
  • Temple dues of $200 a year. This goes towards sacrifices to feed the spirits, seals and vessels and other minor operations of the temple was include candles, cigars and alcohol.

I have within my temple a highly diverse group of people. Straight, gay, bisexual, men, women and children of various ethnicities, social status and backgrounds. This temple is a temple for everyone. We are a very close family-like unit and we seek to build a strong and healthy community which supports individuals in ways that is best for them, as this serves to support the temple in the best way possible. There is no ego, power trips or megalomania here. We believe in organic growth, and having deep roots. These things take time, but yield the sweetest fruits.

If after knowing all this you still wish to join my temple. Please let me know. My email is

-Papa Crocodile

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A temple within my temple. The conditions and protocols of Solomonic Magic within my temple.

My prior blog post laid bare uncomfortable realities of the Solomonic tradition, primarily concerning the virtue and truth behind the secret seal of Solomon. It is true that without the secret seal of Solomon, a magician is lacking covenant with the Almighty and Most High One. Without covenant the seventy-two daemons of the Lemegeton are neither bound by oath, nor under compulsion to obey the summoner. The secret seal of Solomon is not easily made (rightly so), and not having a covenant could discourage preforming magical operations of Solomonic magic, especially from the Lesser Key.

However, be not afraid..for not all is lost.

Through sustained conjurations, and using lesser known exorcisms, a magician (without the secret seal of Solomon) may beguile daemons of the Lemegeton to appear with a good and helpful nature towards the conjurer. In addition daemons like Prince Seere or King Paimon are known for their amicable and friendly attitudes towards magicians. A magician without the secret seal of Solomon is still likely to be successful in both conjuring and making arrangements for the aid of these more pleasant (but no less powerful) daemons.

Also, via my covenant with the Almighty and Most Hone One (my secret seal of Solomon), a magician can find footing within the temple of Solomon that I maintain in my spiritual temple. In this way, a magician of my temple may effectively conjure, consult and make pacts with the seventy-two daemons of the Lemegeton. In order to do this I must feed my secret seal of Solomon (if it was just me I would not need to feed the secret seal any more than the initial blood offering in its making) to replenish it's strength and make payment for the added strain on the spiritual frame of the secret seal of Solomon that is specifically linked to me.

As the magician of my temple grows in strength of word and deed, prayer and purpose, they become ready to make their own covenant and begin operating within a temple of Solomon of their own make. However their is no rush or urgency to do so for as long as my secret seal of Solomon is kept fed it will remain as strong as ever...and it definitely gets fed.

For those of you I have instructed to evoke daemons of the Lemegeton, I have already placed you in the temple of Solomon I have built, and which resides in my personal spiritual temple. Please continue your work with these daemons. For those of you interested in being in my temple, please contact me and we will see what we can make happen.

-Papa Crocodile.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The empty vessels, heads and hearts of Neo-Hermeticism.

Should you present yourself as an adept of Solomonic Magic, and (for whatever reason) you do not study (in detail) both the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon then you CANNOT be an adept of Solomonic Magic. Should you present yourself as an adept of Solomonic Magic, and (for whatever reason) you do not practice (with strict adherence) to the protocols set forth in both the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon then you are absolutely NOT an adept of Solomonic Magic.

What are you exactly? That depends on context. Most individuals could be labeled as simply misinformed, but a few would rightly be deemed frauds. It is one thing to say that you are a student of, or even simply a dabbler in, the occult. There is nothing wrong with that. However if you are claiming to be an adeptus of the Solomonic Arts,and speak as an better be on point. Expect to get vetted.

I am an adeptus of Solomonic Magic. I have been INITIATED  into the traditions within the Grimoirum VerumGrand GrimoireBlack Pullet, Sanctum RegnumBlack Raven, Arbatel, and Honorius, as well as the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon.

I am not an internet trained occultist. I began practicing Solomonic Magic in 1990 when I was twelve. My spiritual Godfather was regularly consulted by Masonic lodges (and many other magical lodges) in California on ritual/magical regulations and protocols. By the time I was eighteen I had read L.W De Laurence's The Master Key, and The Great Book of Magical Art six or seven times, as well as A.E Waite's Book of Black Magic and of Pacts (If you have not read those those books). I am my 30s now. You can triple the amount of times I've read those aforementioned books, and easily calculate my hours of occult practice into the thousands. 

The fictitious King Solomon (formed from a collaboration of magi) is said to have bound seventy-two daemons into a vessel of brass. Why did King Solomon do this? A myriad of speculated reasons persist, however I think the most honest one involves gathering a slave labor force to build his temple. When Solomon's temple was completed and he was finished with the daemons, King Solomon tossed the brass vessel into a deep lake (other stories say the ocean or a bottomless pit). When the brass vessel was eventually rediscovered and reopened, a strong hot wind escaped, but the vessel was otherwise empty. 

I am concerned fraudulent Solomonic Magic dabblers who are claiming to be adeptus will begin selling brass vessels. I am also concerned that these same frauds will attempt to greatly overstate and misrepresent themselves as magicians, by claiming to possess a brass vessel. This casts further shade on the Solomonic tradition, a tradition already damaged by the lack of legitimate initiations, and plagued by the irresponsible as well as lazy (physically and intellectually) and spineless occult theorists who associate themselves with it. 

Frater Ashen Chassan is one such occult theorist.

Frater Ashen Chassan's over turned vase of Solomon.
On a forum thread he arbitrarily (no relation to the topic of the thread) posted a picture of his brass vessel (an upside down brass vase). An embarrassingly obvious act of A.S.B (attention seeking behavior). I queried if he had ever read the Lesser Key of Solomon or understood Kabbalistic magic. His grand standing responses to my questions proved he did not. In particular his insistence that Kaballistic and Goetic magic are separate. With one fell swoop all and credibility lost...

Frater Ashen Chassan claims Solomonic Magic, a magical system rooted entirely in Jewish mysticism, is not based on Kabbalah...which IS Jewish mysticism. It doesn't get much worse than that. I invitie Frater Ashen Chassan to spend serious alone time, and really examine what he thinks he knows.

In an effort to try and undo the sheer fuckery rampant in both modern Hermeticism and Goetic magic; I will say this:  If you do not understand the Kaballah, and by its virtue Kaballistic magic, you CANNOT understand nor preform Goetic magic. The authors of both the Greater and Lesser Keys did not include a primer on Kabalistic magic, and rightly so. It was (and is) assumed any credible magician of the time (or any time) would already be well versed in the foundation of his (now days also her) practice.

Secret Seal of Solomon
The picture Frater Ashen Chassan posted of his personal brass vessel speaks volumes concerning the depth of his practice; primarily there is a lot lacking, and little to be desired. But how is it I know this? Simple. The secret seal of Solomon, or in this case, the lack thereof. In the picture Frater Ashen Chassan posted of his brass vessel, he has engraved the image of the secret seal of Solomon on the top of the brass vase (which is actually the bottom base). But this  is wrong. The engraving serves only as a symbolic representation and nothing more. It is the equivalent of using a replica human skull for acts of necromancy. A farce and in many respects insulting.

Let us read how the Lesser Key of Solomon says to produce the secret seal of Solomon.

(I recite from memory with some paraphrasing). 

To draw the seal with the correct amount of energy, the Magician must have spent a full month abstaining from all forms of sexual activity and instead devotedly praying to the Highest of the High as well as fasting for purity and atonement. The secret seal of Solomon MUST be drawn on virgin parchment paper with the BLOOD of a black rooster who had not yet fucked a hen.

The seal must ALSO be drawn at midnight on a Tuesday (Mars) or Saturday (Saturn) on a night when the Moon is increasing in light (New to Full) and in the sign of Virgo.

Once drawn the secret seal of Solomon is to be perfumed by an incense made of alum, raisins dried in the sun (NOT STORE BOUGHT), dates, cedar, and lignum aloes.

Taking another look at Frater Ashen Chassan's seal I am able to pick out the steps he omitted...all of them.

In addition an adeptus of  Solomonic Magic,  I am a Palero or priest of Palo Mayombe, also called an Ngangalero. I know how to make spirit pots, fetishes and vessels. When an nganga (pot or vessel) or nkisi (fetish) I am building requires hippo tooth, I get fucking hippo tooth. Not a dog tooth, or a camel tooth, or deer tooth. No. I get a hippo's tooth. It is the same with animal sacrifice do feed an nganga, nkisi as well as to draw a seal, sigil or write a pact; I make the sacrifice by killing a living animal, I do NOT buy a raw steak and wring the cold lifeless blood out of it or let frozen chicken thaw over the mpaka or nkisi (seriously... I know some despicable Paleros who do this).

I have a REAL brass vessel because I made it the REAL way.

I spent a month in abstinence, prayer, and fasting. I procured a young black rooster, and housed it to ensure it's own sexual purity. I sacrificed the rooster of a Tuesday midnight during a waxing moon in Virgo. I drew the secret seal of Solomon in the blood of the rooster on virgin parchment and finally I perfumed the seal with alum, raisins dried in the sun (NOT STORE BOUGHT), dates, cedar, and lignum aloes. This process took timing, planning, and determination.

Making the secret seal of Solomon is a pact, or covenant with God the Almighty and Most High. The secret seal of Solomon is the doorway that the license (which gives the authority) to work the Solomonic tradition is delivered. Such a covenant can only be made in blood. Without the secret seal of Solomon, there is NO brass vessel, and there is NO dependable conjurations.

But, Daddy Croc, do I really need to make animal sacrifice, learn Kabalistic magic, and adhere to grimoric protocol? Yes. Yes you must. Why do you, or anyone, get a free pass? Why did the magicians of yesteryear have to follow these protocols but modern magicians do not? How can modern occultists expect the same results granted by the efforts of the magicians of yesteryear when they half ass (at best) their occult workings?

Times have changed? Really? What exactly has changed? The answer is nothing. It is still the stone age... we just have cars now and more self-entitled lazy elitist crybabies who deserve a heavy bone club to the head. All the same rules still apply whether it be the jungle or the concrete jungle, whether it be ancient Rome or Modern Rome (American and the UK)...its still ideologically Rome.

You say you are against killing animals and thereby excused from preforming sacrifice? Good chance you still eat meat. So no, you are not against killing of animals as you are willing to benefit from the death of an animal, just so long as someone else does the dirty work. You are a vegetarian or vegan? Then you simply cannot ever vibrationally align with the sub-lunar DAEMONS of the Lemegeton. You however are exceptionally well suited to the Arbatel De Magia Veterum.

To know, to will and to dare.

This axiom of Ceremonial Magic should act as your guiding light and embolden your heart. Nothing is gained in the empty, the hollow or symbolic, as the only actions which could result will be empty, hollow, or symbolic in return.  Do you want a car, a job, victory over your enemies, and to triumph over adversary.. or empty symbolic gestures of a car, a job, victory and triumph?  "As above, so below"? Ring a bell???

When I endeavored to summon Lucifuge Rocofale of the Grand Grimoire I fucking followed protocol and at 3:33 am, alone, covered in the blood of a goat and deep within the San Bernadino  mountains of California... Lucifuge Rocofale appeared. What followed was horrific, my mettle was thoroughly tested, but now I know for certain there is no man or spirit who I can not force to bow before me (excluding deity level entities). Should you "Know, Will and Dare" as well as follow the protocols of the Grand Grimoire then maybe you too could say the same. So it goes for the brass vessel as well.

For fuck's sake E.A. God help you if that is another banana. 
Do not be like E.A Koetting and "summon" Lucifuge Rocofale (there was no Lucifuge DID NOT show) in your mom's back yard, and offer him a piece of fruit (a banana). Sadly, but not surprisingly, this is EXACTLY what happened. I trust the source I heard it from. Neither be like Frater Ashen Chassan, turning brass vases upside and calling them brass vessels of Solomon.

If you are going to be an adeptus, you need to know, will and dare as an adeptus does. In the occult it is works not grace that claim your title.

Christians think about God, but Magicians know God.

-Papa Crocodile

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Anima Sola... it is best you don't...but since you are going too anyway...

Anima Sola
La Santisima Muerte, Saint Cyprian, La Madama, Black Hawk, Saint Expedite, and now introducing the newest flavor of the month for the cult of wanna-be sorcerers (CWS)...Anima Sola.  Maybe, just maybe, Anima Sola will give CWS what sever lack of dedication, zero practice and bewildering apprehension towards authentic initiation has thus far kept out of their reach...authority and credibility. And if not (a definite not) rest assured their will be (there WILL be) a new saint or spirit's mystery to exploit and tarnish.

Just like La Madama, Anima Sola comprises a vast legion of spirits. There is not an Anima Sola but an untold mass of millions and millions of dead who are Anima Solas. As stated Anima Sola are the spirits of earthbound (but more earthbound than earthbound) dead who are, because of a myriad of reasons, alone or lost and or trapped in the earth plane. Anima Sola suffer significant torrents, as such they are distressed and desperate...which means they are very dangerous.

Similar to how a drowning man can inadvertently pull his would be rescuers under alongside with him, Anima Solas can very easily become disastrous to those trying to offer them "light and progress", no matter what the intention is behind the act of kindness. Let that be a lesson to those sadly afflicted with the idiocy of the new-age... love and light does NOT inherently protect you from anything...never has and never will.

So what is the reason for attracting the attention of the Anima Solas?

This is largely answered by both your spiritual tradition and intentions.

From the perspective of Espiritismo-Spiritism (Scientific-Kardecian, Criollo and even Umbanda, Maria Lionza and to some degree Palo and Kimbanda) it is the oath and duty of priest or priestess to offer light and progress to the dead. It is the will of God, that all "his" children/creations eventually attain their highest potential. It is rewarding spiritual work as many times the dead you elevate offer help in return and will ask higher level spirits to also give you their blessing. In the Espiritismo-Spiritism Maria LIonza, and Umbanda traditions this progression is offered freely with no expectation of help in return (however its nice when the kindness is paid back and it usually is). In traditions like Palo Mayombe and Kimbanda pacts and bargains can be struck to ensure that aid is secured by the dead the Tata or Yaya (priest or priestess) offers light and progress too.

The initiated priest or priestess of those aforementioned traditions have been given the license and authority by very powerful high level spirits to safely work with the dead. But, even with that same license and authority, we priests and priestess still handle the Anima Solas with special gloves. If earthbound dead are seen as "hot" then Anima Solas are typically "lava hot". Individuals who are not initiated drawing the attention of the Anima Sola is generally egregiously stupid. All anyone needs to do is research the deteriorating mental health, and increase of domestic abuse and murder/suicides among so-called paranormal researchers...and  they are not dealing with Anima Solas... but earthbound dead.

From a black magic perspective, if the earthbound dead are known to work quickly (because of their close proximity to the material plane) then the Anima Sola work just that much faster. Also... where earthbound dead can often want specific things in return for their aid, and may or may not be willing to do the work you want it to preform (often for moral reasons) the Anima Sola are extremely desperate and willing work for just candle light and water. Also the desperation of the Anima Sola means they are willing to do anything to get that light and water. Imagine a man being slowly broken on a rack for hours upon hours. The pain caused by having his body pulled apart is also pulling apart his sanity. He can become so distressed and desperate that he would be willing to do or say anything to make the torture stop.

Anima Sola in this way are used as the "intranquil spirits" to dominate, control and destroy.

Light and water act as a reprieve to an Anima Sola's torment, and thus the Anima Sola becomes very dependent on them. A priest/ess or sorcerer using the Anima Sola for evil or questionable purposes is not elevating the Anima Sola out of their torment, only staving it off for a time, and keeping the Anima Sola in it's "hell" because in order to get the light and water it must do evil or at the very least questionable things. The sorcerer and the enslaved Anima Sola enter into a strange relationship. The Anima Sola wants the light and water that the sorcerer offers, but is kept imprisoned in its own hell by the acts it must do it order to get the light and water. The sorcerer, sooner than latter, becomes the target of the Anima Sola, and because Anima Sola is legion, he or she (unless extremely both powerful and knowledgeable) is now oppressed by many exceedingly angry vengeful dead to give them light and water, and now whatever else they want (generally vices like cigars, alcohol, drugs and porn...but also blood) with no aid in return, simply to alleviate the oppression...for a time.

A lay person, the internet trained spiritualist, the new-ager, is many, many more times than not, simply unable to handle the aggressive and desperate nature of the Anima Sola. These well meaning but misguided people, whether they are trying to elevate the dead or exploit them, will be quickly overrun and turned into a slave of the Anima Sola.

Because the Anima Sola will soon (assuming they are not already... I avoid YouTube like a plague of stupidity that is also somehow infected with AIDS... so I would not know) be the topic of numerous YouTube videos made by morons... I will detail the ONLY safe way to help the Anima Sola and "maybe", hopefully receive their grace and blessing for your good works.

First NO images! NONE. There is an iconic lithograph of a woman, often in chains, and surrounded by flames. This image is used by initiated priests and priestess, of which many of you are probably not, and this lithograph becomes a focal point... you are not ready to have this type pf energy "pool" and condense in your working/living space.

You are to offer the Anima Sola these three things and these three things ONLY:

1. A glass of COLD water.
2. A single WHITE candle.
3. Prayer.

"Hear mortal men, the cries of the imprisoned soul, alone and abandoned in a dark prison. Anima Sola, soul of peace and war. Soul of sea and of land. I desire that all that I have lost be returned.
Anima Sola, you who are alone and abandoned, I accompany you in your grief.
I take pity upon you.For I know of the grief and suffering you must endure within your harsh and long imprisonment. I offer you this prayer and glass of water because I desire to lessen your pain and quench your thirst. Sad Soul, Lonely Soul, no one calls you, But I call you. No one looks for you, but I seek you out. 
No one loves you, but I adore you. No one remembers you, but I keep you in my heart. I offer you this lit candle so that you may find your way into the light. In this moment I offer to you my meritorious labour, and all that I have suffered, suffer and will suffer in this life, even though it can never compare to yours. I humbly pray that you finish paying for your mortal sins of the flesh so that you may find the grace of God, and be lifted from your imprisonment, With your grace you shall be my benefactor."

You will do this only ONE time a week. You will make NO promises and you will NOT ask for anything specific.

Place a glass of COLD water on the ground or on a table with NO other religious symbols other than maybe a cross (One of the OLDEST religious symbols and not owned by any single religion... it is a symbol for among the highest understanding of "God", or the Highest of the High).

Place a WHITE candle next to the glass of water.

1. Make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross over your body (forehead, navel, right shoulder, and left shoulder).

2. Light the WHITE candle (which should not be a seven day candle but a 3-6 hour candle).

3. Offer the following prayer.

Now be done for the rest of the week. DO NOT sit in front of the candle and water and meditate on the Anima Sola. DO NOT sit and talk to the Anima Sola, DO NOT tell them your troubles or make specific requests of them. You are offering this act as an act of good will. You are saying you want what you have lost to be returned to you and that they should be your benefactor, but that is it. It will be up to the Anima Sola to decide to help you, and/or you will receive the blessing of higher level beings for giving the Anima Sola elevation.

If after a FULL year of honoring the Anima Sola is this EXACT way and you want to do more... you may contact me and we will discuss what more you can safely do in order to deepen your practice.

-Papa Crocodile