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Grimorium Verum Daemon "Haristum" Inner Oven and Herbal Apothecarist "Ginger and Garlic" Philter, Sryup and Paste.

The Goetic Daemon Haristum is mentioned only once in the Grimorium Verum, and then only briefly.

Haristum is not one of the Eighteen Servitors, but rather a ranking general among the Goetic Daemons falling under the line of the Daemon Nebirous (Feild Marshall and Inspector General) then falling under the daemons Hael and Sergulath (or subordinate too).

The accounting is such: " Haristum can cause anyone to pass through fire without being harmed". 

A bold statement with a grand number of both implications and applications. 

The Grimorium Verum, like grimories of its time, was not written to reveal but rather conceal through omission or through encoding. 

The esoteric practices governed by the Goetic Daemon Haristum are concealed through omission, and unfortunately his grand alchemical mysteries have nearly been lost to time.

In my Geotic Tradition this alchemy of Daemon Haristum has been preserved and contains a grand internal alchemy of inner and outer heat/fire manipulation which border in on "supernatural" and psychic powers development. 

The body of Haristum's work (much like the alchemy of many other Goetic Damons) is directly linked to the Geotic Daemon Xaphan's mystery tradition of energetic breath work.

Also like Xaphan's alchemy, Haristum's bare some semblance to Tibetan and or Chinese Qigong/Chi-Kung.

However, these similarities distance themselves quite quickly as their respective practices deepen.

The Goetic Daemon Haristum looks very much like the stereotypical "devil", a large beefy beastly figure shaped from an ominous red-orange light, and wreathed in fire. His demeanor is friendly, and genuine but a little edgy.

Haristum is quick to explode with long bouts of thunderous laughter.

Recently I was consulting a Goetic Daemon and I was warned of a possible disastrous Flu situation this winter.

Is it wrong to postulate that an industry which profits from people getting sick wouldn't conceive of ways to make or keep people sick?  I think anyone with an ounce of sense would think that such a notion is at least worth considering.

I regularly consult Goetic Daemons on possible future time lines.

Their predictions are regularly uncanny, and have saved me and others a lot of grief.

DISCLAIMER--- I am NOT a medical doctor. I cannot prescribe nor diagnose. I offer no medical advice. I am making no medical claims. I am simply sharing with you what exists in my Goetic tradition for  curiosity or and informational purposes only. 

Both the alchemy and apothecary of Haristum is thought to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, alleviate stress, deepen relaxation and promote all over body warmth.

Seems like something that would come in handy for the fall and winter months.

The Inner Oven of the Daemon Haristum can be used in addition too to the Xaphan breathing exercise, or a stand alone practice.

Inner Oven consists of breath holding with controlled exhale and strong visualizations.

I find the "Inner Oven" to be an immersive practice, and I often preform it for 20-30 minutes with ease.

You however are under no time obligations nor are you under any specifically numbered breath protocol.

You simply practice the Inner Oven until you decide you are done.

Sitting or laying down make two soft fists with your hands and rest them on your lap if sitting or comfortably on your stomach if laying down.

Breathe in through your nose slow and deep into your Astral psychic center with is mid-way below your naval and just above your sexual parts.

Do not focus the Inner Oven on your genitals, as this will make you a "fire crotch".......okay.... Daemon humor.... its hit and miss.

The Inner Oven steps with the appropriate visualization for each step follow.

1.Gently and silently inhale through your nose softly and deeply.

You should  "see" (imagine) your inside of your lower abdomen. Inside your lower abdomen you should "see" an active oven of hot flaming coals, or even the scene from this video, going on in your lower abdomen.

As you inhale "see" the hot coals, and or the fire, glow and or raise and get hotter.

Breath in until your lungs are comfortably full.

2. Gently hold your breath. Feel that breath compress into your lower abdomen and see/hear the fire or oven  coals flames burn away your stress, obsessive thoughts, doubts, fears, and the flames or fire grow bigger and brighter (the snap, crackle and pop of the fire).

You will feel heat begin to generate inside you.

3. On your exhale "see" smoke raising up up from the fire or flames, and up out your mouth or nose rising up in front of your face and above your head. Allow your self to fully exhale.

4. Hold your "empty" breath for as long as comfortable (meaning do not immediately inhale). While you are holding your "empty" breath "see" both your softly held fists as if they where holding a hot coal in each hand.
You will feel a tangible increase of heat in your hands.

5. Repeat steps 1-4.

Preform the Inner Oven of the Goetic Daemon Haristum for as long as you want.

Each of the Goetic Daemons of my Grimoric Tradition has ascribed to them certain herbal apothecaries in the form of elixers, pliters, pills, pastes and balms.

The herbal formularies of the Daemon Haristum warm, cleanse and invigorate.

They detox, purge, and stimulate digestion.

These concoctions are also strong, so do not over indulge.

Haristum's Throat Syrup

Lemon Juice

In a pot, add 3-4 spoonfuls of honey and the juice of 2-3 lemons (squeezed, turned or juiced). Place the pot on a burner and turn the burner to low.

Wait for the honey and lemon juice to warm and begin steadily stirring the mixture.

Add 1-2 spoonfuls of Molasses and continue stirring the mixture.

Now add 1-2 shots of of Rum, and stir that into the mixture.

Add 1-2 spoonfuls of Cinnamon, and stir.

Finally add 1 spoonful of Cayenne and stir.

Take off the heat and pour into a container to let cool.

You can sip at it still warm, or you can take spoonfuls of it throughout the day.

For me personally this syrup fights off the flu and colds, lessens their symptoms, creates body warmth, and aids in sleep.

Haristum's Paste

Whole root of ginger
One full bulb of garlic
Three dried red chili peppers
Olive oil

Preheat an oven to 400 degrees.

Peel the cloves of garlic in the bulb, and cut or break the root of ginger into smaller pieces. Place on a sheet of tin foil, the garlic with ginger and set the red dried red chili peppers on top.

Drizzle some Olive Oil over the ginger, garlic and dried red chili peppers.

Wrap the tin foil up and over the mixture, making sure the tin foil covers all of it, and it is sealed.

Place in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

Take out and let cool for 10-15 minutes.

You can take out the red chili peppers, or leave them in, and in a bowl mash the mixture into a paste, or "spread".

Drizzle a little move Olive Oil, and mix well.

Eat alone, or put it on whatever you like.

For me personally this paste is delicious, but also knocks out the cold, the flu, infections, and feeling of weakness. It is very warming, and aids in full body relaxation.

Haristum's Rum/Philter (Base)

Dried Red Chili Peppers

In a clean bottle add 4-5 peeled and bruised cloves of garlic, 5-6 pieces of ginger root cut to fit into the bottle, small handful of whole cloves, and 9 dried red chili peppers.

Now pour rum into the bottle over the contents and nearly filling the bottle.

Place the lid firmly on the bottle.

You might even wish to seal the lid on the bottle with red candle wax, by taking a lit red candle and tipping it to allow the wax to drip into the crevices between the lid and the bottle as with the other hand you turn the bottle to get a nice even wax seal.

Place the bottle in a dark place for 21 days, once a week turning it upside down, and back over for the contents to resettle.

After 21 days it is ready to drink.

You can pour the rum out of the bottle through a strainer and pour it into another container or leave the rum in the bottle with the contents to get only stronger.

SIP this, as the heat and taste is something most people are not initially prepared for.

You can add a pinch of brown sugar and some lemon juice to each shot glass you sip on to sweeten and take the edge off.

It is spicy to say the least.

This I personally find to aid in all the ways of the other formulas above, just in a slightly more aggressive way.

Haristum's Rum keeps for about a year.

In this fall and winter season stay warm, healthy and skeptical of flu scares and panics to get you jabbed with vaccination or flu shot needles which are "questionably" effective and make certain people A LOT of money.

-Papa Crocodile

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