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Die dienstbarsten Pygmaeen/Pygmaea Afrika or The Most Serviceable of African Pygmies: Harrowing of Hell Grimorie by Dr. Johann Faust.

Among the more obscure grimories my Godfather  introduced me too some decades ago was the Harrowing of Hell by Dr. Johann Faust (the same Dr. Johann Faust of Miracle and Magic Book also known as the "The Threefold Coercion of Hell" a.k.a "The Black Raven" fame). A true hidden gem in terms of both kabbalistic black magic and goetic based magical operations. 

Seal for the Most Serviceable of African Pygmies.
The Harrowing of Hell contains a "master" magical circle and then a number of spiritual seals which are portals for specific legions or configuration of "serviceable" spirits. Serviceable in this context meaning, spirits generally helpful to the magician or at least more so agreeable to the magician then other spirits... 

These seals so illustrated in this magical codex compel complex spirit legions (all of which could express a stand alone "religious" cosmology and in some cases might have for isolated peoples) of "Air", "Fire", "Earth", "Water", and a legion of "Familiars".

However wholly unique is the spirit legion consisting of "Pygmies Afrikan" (not all translations of the Harrowing of Hell include the term "Afrikan", but my Godfather's did).

Other than the names of the spirits making up these legions, no other information concerning individual principalities nor their specific dominions within their legions are provided, and this is true of the Pygmy legion as well. 

I believe this to serve a twofold purpose. 

One, within the Fascist/Corporatocratic governments of Europe (Europe run by royal families/firms, banks and the Catholic Church Inc) it boded better for the "learned" men, and Catholic priests who dabbled in the occult, to leverage "demons" concerning work they'd rather not sully the hands of saints with by way of Christ, so it mattered not what the individual daemons might do but rather the collective legion set to task. 

This also helped avoid harassment from Catholic Church by means of imprisonment, property seizures, torture and death. 

While the occultist might command legions of demons in Christ's name, their knowledge was not so in depth as to know individual demons by function. That level of insight could easily make them a little "too" knowledgeable in the ways of demonology for the Catholic Church's liking. 

Second being all grimories are initiatory manuals, and do not contain anything more them basic templates. Most of which are complete wastes of time at best or dangerous spiritual booby traps for the uninitiated at worst (summoning Lucifuge Rofocale of the Grand Grimoire/Red Dragon is a prime example, the amount of people he has brought to near or complete ruin is noteworthy). 

The Harowing of Hell is no different in this regard. 

While I do not think the the Harrowing of Hell grimorie was peppered with road blocks and dangerous spiritual pitfalls, the information presented is minimal. The student of this sorcerous manual was meant to be taught directly from linage holders. 

What the inclusion of a spiritual Pygmy legion means in respect to a Germanic grimorie concerning Kabbalistic black magic and Daemonology is a great deal more than what may or may not appear as a mild intellectual curio. 

This helps structure a better framework for knowledge of the old world. 

Communication between cultures was not so limited as the Rockefeller funded Education system (at least here in America) would have you conditioned to think.

Rome occupied a large portion of North Africa, and did rather extensive explorations of the rest of that massive continent.

There where Africans, usually Moors living in and exploring Europe also. 

European magic and African magic has crossed paths a number of time before the Haitian slave revolt placed French occult grimories firmly in the hands of mostly Congolese former slaves.

Case in point.

Caliban, a character in the 1611 Shakespeare play, "The Tempest" was the son of Sycorax a powerful witch banished from her home in Algeria, Africa, and the "devil" who could very well be Eshu , Ellegua or Nkuyu (Lucero).

Caliban confronted by Prospero and his daughter Miranda.
Caliban was made a servant and thereby a slave by Prospero an Italian Ritual High Magic Magician.  

Sycorax was said to have been so powerful a sorceress, she could control the moon.

Sycorax was also said to have blue eyes.

Interesting and auspicious note to make, and I can only assume that the phenomena of black skinned Africans with blue eyes was being acknowledged. 

Early into Prospero's exile on the deserted island when he first came to meet Caliban son of the witch Sycorax, he freed an Air Emental/Sylph/Spirit named Ariel, who had been imprisoned in a tree by Sycorax presumably for being disobedient.

The summoning, pacting, cajoling and even imprisoning Elemental beings a stable of Western Occultism.

Ariel on the night wings of a bat.

The Tempest (1611...?) expresses a exceedingly rare old world glimpse into both Western and African based magical religious systems.

The Harrowing of Hell which is said to have been first openly published circa 1505 (presumably the grimorie it's self could have been written even a hundred years prior its first mass publishing) had not only knowledge of African Pygmy peoples, but developed a magical seal by which to summon a configuration of eight "serviceable" pygmy spirits.

Its clear that Europe and Africa had at least in isolated occurrences, deep knowledge of each other's spiritual and magical practices.

The "black man" at the crossroads in Europe and the "horned devil" figures which appear in both Europe and Africa (Eshu/Lucifer) are from a same source origin.

In respect to The Most Serviceable Pygmies, the Harrowing of Hell, presents a method of conjuration which is necromancy, as the magician will be summoning the spirits of dead pygmies to his or her aid.  The majority of Western Ritual Magic is astral based, which is NOT necromancy, so this becomes a rare multifaceted gem.

In the way I was taught by my godfather, the pygmies are more than likely from the Bantu, Congo, or the Bayaka Pygmies and linked to the spiritual practices of Mayombe and sorcery of Angola.

Human trafficking Zionist sub-human psychopath PRETENDING to be a Jew.
*I am purposely ignoring the Zionist/Rothschild family's undeniable participation in the African Slave trade in this post as to include here I would explode into a ultra-violent Anti-New World Order rant. Also, it needs to be mentioned that the pygmy spirits contained in the Harrowing of Hell are not "esclavo" or spirits of slaves in the traditional view. A number of pygmies are slaves to some of the Bantu people of the Congo. Slavery is a detestable practice with needs to be globally ABOLISHED. 

**I am fully aware Zionists PRETEND to be Jews. I ferociously HATE Zionists, NOT Jews.

My godfather graciously passed on to me the individual natures and dominions of each the eight of the Most Serviceable Pygmies of Afrika, which not only allow for deeper spiritual participation with the pygmy spirits themselves, also adds width and breadth to the magical-spiritual applications available.

For the first time ever and anywhere I will give a brief synopsis of each pygmy.

Now, not for reasons of elitism but rather for the purity of the tradition I will say this; You Try as hard as you can to find the information posted prior and following but alas it is NOT there. Any other information pertaining to The Most Serviceable Pygmies found ANYWHERE else past the date of this posting will have come from THIS source.

The Most Serviceable Pygmies

Twogor-A strong and wise tribal chief. He watches and officiates over all matters of house, family and domestic existence. This includes regular offerings and prayers to ancestors (at the foot of trees), peace in and protection over the home, and making sure children are being taught their ancestral customs. He is generally very kind, but as he is a chief is his also THE war chief, and he will become aggressive towards threats against home, and family. He chases away bad spirits, as he will let not evil beings stay within a house he watches over. Twogor makes amulets, and other fetishes to create stability in the house, protect children from injury and abduction, as well keeping the spiritual pathways open between the living and their ancestral dead. He also maintains health of both humans and their animals. Twogor is also to be called on when entering into legal battles, as he has influence over institutions of law.

I'Hagathor- A mighty and extremely fearsome warrior. Second ONLY to Twogor in terms of strength, I'Hagathor is the right hand of the chieftain spirit Twogor. I'Hagathor is the keeper of weapons, and a master in their usage. He can be called upon to bring retribution to enemies, and hired out as a type of spiritual body guard. He too will chase away evil beings (spiritual or otherwise) and add tremendous power to ANY magical-spiritual working the magician is engaged in. He blesses and makes charms for men to return their vitality and virility. He also makes amulets to ensure courage, and confer his protection. 

Phywolet- A strange and paradoxical spirit. He lurks at the edges of the river and shore... silently treading through the wet mud. Phywolet walks in the in-between, betwixt between the worlds, and answers none other than The Most High. He is an infiltrator, spy and thief, but also a type of psychopomp. Phywolet walks between the worlds of the physical and spiritual, magical and mundune, life and death. The crocodile, water snake, hippopotamus, and river monsters are seen as the gateways into these other worlds from the material world, and Phywolet is said to be friend to all those animals. He is very strong, and anyone wanting their enemies or problems to disappear into absentia is directed to call upon him. Phywolet teaches the mysteries of lucid dreaming, trance and even spiritual possession. In magical-spiritual work he aids the magician is intuitively feeling astral undercurrents, stepping between different realities and preforming sorcery between the worlds.

I'Howoheh- A sly, and very strong tribal hunter. I'Howoheh is a tracker and stalker who never leaves a trail himself, and never losses sight of his quarry. He maneuvers effortless through the dense psychic forest and a tangled thicket of the collective sub-conscious of humanity known as the astral world. I-Howoheh aids the magician in uncovering the mysteries of astral projection, soul hunting, and discovering the location of missing peoples and objects. As such, I'Howoheh is invaluable in the dispensing of justice to and discovering hidden enemies, and offenders to and of the magician. I'Howoheh is friend to all animals, and can be asked to enlist the aid of an animal spirit for the purposes of attack, defense or lending talents for any working the magician is engaged in. He can be asked to make amulets, and other fetishes which hide the identity of the magician, and make them invisible to their enemies. Finally I'Howoheh has divination qualities of both exploring the past and scouting ahead into the immediate future to report back on likely happenings.

Ykolow-A wild woman and powerful sorceress of terrible but undeniable beauty. She and Xathori (see below) share many of the same mysteries. Both are stern but effective spiritual mentors, and both are deeply concerned with a traditions protocols. Ykolow is intimately connected to the plants, and animals, as well as astrological and atmospherical conditions. She can make potions, and elixirs, some you can drink but some are just for spirits as they would be deadly to the living. Unlike Xathori however, Ykolow is deeply vested in pregnancy, and child birth, as such she is a bit of a match maker. Ykolow has a knack for love work and helping attract suitable mates for romance and companionship. 

Molphoe- A mostly blind, but insightful priestess and sorceress. Molphoe is both an oracle and seer with few peers, who can bestow on the magician the ability to invoke visions of prophecy. All forms of divination can be done with her assistance which is of tremendous benefit to the magician. Molphoe too knows the mysteries of astral projection, and soul travel. She can help ignite the magician's latent remote viewing capabilities and scrying potentials. After the magician has spent significant time with Molphoe, he or she will notice they can see the auras of others as well as the dead and astral entities. 

Xathori- A principle, determined and stern medicine man.  Xathori maintains the occult tradition of his people and can be petitioned to understand and develop the occult tradition he is being called through. He is the wearer of masks and assumes the form of animal, plant and deity alike. Xathori represents spiritual-magical tradition made manifest be becoming one's spiritual tradition. He strongly commands all spirits and entities to either do his bidding or flee from his presence. A master of exorcism, purification and cleansing. A master herbalist healer and poisoner. Xathori is a magician with few equals and a master occultic intellect who can mentor a magician into excellence and empower all his or her work. He teaches ALL magical arts, occult secrets and do so often at the end of his boot. Xathori teaches one to make ALL manner of amulets, masks and fetishes to empower and sustain any magical-spiritual workings the magician is focused on. 

Taxhog- Like Phywolet, Taxhog is another confusing and potential dangerous pygmy spirit. Taxhog is a "filth eater", devouring all that is dead or dying, sick and or decaying. Taxhog is both sane and insane, sick and healthy, weak but strong, fragile but yet indestructible. He hobbles but with the speed of lighting, and he struggles to lift his arm, but yet mightily sweeps away mountains. All insects are under him, as well as all carrion eaters... Vultures, Hyena, and wild pigs. Taxhog can be a great friend or terrifying enemy which a smart magicians will do what they can to gain his favor. He can be petitioned to eat away all sickness in the magician and the magician's energies bodies, leaving behind only what is useful and healthy.  This can also be applied to where the magician lives, works and preforms his or her spiritual labors. Taxhog eats away bad energy around the magician like how the vast majority of maggots only eat decaying/necrotic flesh but leave what is healthy alone. 

In many of the above descriptions of the Most Serviceable Pygmies it states they can make amulets, fetishes or potions. What is meant here is that the pygmy spirit, through practiced mediumship, will reveal the process to the magician and aid him or her in the construction.

The process is the same for the pygmies spirits in teaching their mysteries to the magician. These are not secrets the pygmy spirits give up lightly and the magician must spent time with a particular pygmy spirit for an extended period of time before those mysteries are taught.

Building a relationship with a particular pygmy brings their blessing into the magician's life and work.

The pygmy spirit may be be placed inside a very specially prepared doll, and or summoned via the Seal of the Most Serviceable Pygmies and both tasked and asked to preform works and or lend their influences to the magician.

The first number of summoning it probably will feel as if NOTHING is happening as this is why:

It must be understood these pygmy spirits where once living on this planet. They where part of a world both geographically, socially and culturally the vast majority of us could never relate too. As pygmies they where notably unique even among other African/Congo tribal peoples who both feared and revered them. Pygmies are a rare peoples, and even more rare in modern day. They have very specific genetics, suffered from very targeted diseases, and even possess spiritual/psychic functionings which are assuredly different from the rest of the world.

The western magician is most definitely not "on-point" with pygmy spirits concerning their mannerisms and world view. It will take time to build a solid relationship with one, however the pygmies are willing to lend their own talents and influences to the magician from summoning one, even if the magician is not yet able to perceive their presence.

To summon the spirit of one or all of the Most Serviceable Pygmies you will need to draw or print the Seal of the Most Serviceable Pygmies and if one is inclined follow the opening summoning sequence of the Harrowing of Hell by Dr. Johann Faust.

There are two ways to approach the Harrowing of Hell grimoire.

One is the stand within the master seal (drawn on the ground) after it's consecration, and preform the preliminary evocation to the Most High to act, speak and commend it's it authority.
The Master Seal of the Harrowing Hell Grimorie

With the Harrowing of Hell names, titles, and phrases such as "God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost", Adonai, Zabaoth, and other of Hebraic Abrahamic origin do occur, but such things are common in the grimories written during the height of Catholic/Christian tyranny.

In truth such admonishments work, and do so because of a spiritual hierarchy. YHVH-Jehovah is a high ranking demiurge (false creator) who wields a great deal of authority.

However because i refuse to stand in the current of YHVH-Jehovah, I will not use "his" title to confer/empower my authority.

* As a side note YHVH is an ancient CAANITE understanding of Yod (superior man) Heh (superior woman) Vah (inferior man) Heh (inferior woman), in essense a God/Goddess Man/Woman, with the "Heh" remaining the same word denoting the unchanging divinity of woman. The sandy little butt holes better known as the Israelites (the first and eldest of Abraham's retarded children) went all misogynistic wanting no cosmic mother, only a cosmic asshole father god named Yahweh Jehovah Elohim (whose name(s) still denotes male and female and multiple... go figure).

Once you have established you authority under the Abraham current you hold a plate, or tablet, or parchment with the seal drawn of whatever spirits you desire to appear and work for.

Name the supporting citation spirits  of Biblical Arcana and lead with the spiritual coercion found in the 6th and 7th Books of Moses.

The magician will now focus his or her attention on the seal and with full conviction calling out loud the name or names (in respects to the formations of spirits such as the Most Serviceable of the Spirits of the Air, or Water, of the Familiars and of course the Pygmies), adding come, come in the name of God after each.

The magician will make his or her demands.

Finally the magical operator will speak the names of the "spirits of dismissal", and unite again with the "Elohim" and praise Amen or the "invisible power behind all things".


You can do as I and the successful conjurers of my tradition's line have done.

I will say this ALL aspects of the Harrowing of Hell are used, and each seal has it's place and time. However because the tradition I learned developed through a strong Congo to Haitian and Jamacian Obeah practices who latter adopted the spiritism of Alan Kardec, the spiritual transmissions taught my forefathers to apply a far more interactive operational base.

Draw the Seal of the Most Serviceable Pygmies on the ground or on a cement slab (you can buy a square foot stone tile at Home Depo for a $1.25) in chalk or pencil.

In the middle of each circle (there are nine) affix a white candle, with the middle candle preferably being the tallest white candle and also within the middle circle next to the white candle, a clear glass of cool water.

Have a cigar, and some rum handy.

Light the middle white candle, make the sign of the kabbalistic cross, and speak this evocation to the Most High and true creator force.

"Who that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the the Holy of holies, who is my refuge and my fortress, my creator, in the Most High will I trust. Surely it shall deliver me from the snare of the foul and from the noisome pestilence. The Most High shall cover thee with feathers, and under its wings shalt thou trust. Its truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, nor for the arrow that flieth by day. Because thou hast been made in the image of the Creator, which is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habita­tion. There shall be no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come near thy dwelling. Because it hath set its endless love upon me, therefore will I deliver unto it. I will set the Holy of holies on high because it hath always known my name. It will call upon me and I will answer; I will be with it in troubles, I will deliver it and give honor. With long life will I satisfy it and show it my salvation, even so help me and all them that seek thy Holy of holies. Shall I be filled with its eternal and ineffable brilliance forever".

Light the candle of one of the eight satellite circles, and speak the name of one of the eight Most Serviceable Pygmies, saying "come, come" and blow cigar smoke over the candle and dip your fingers in the cup of water and sprinkle the circle to welcome them.

Work CLOCKWISE lighting each of the other seven candles, and speaking one of the names of the Most Serviceable Pygmies offering cigar smoke and water for each.

Soon you will have evoked the Most High and all the Most Servicable Pygmies as well as given them offering and honor.

Now speak to them, ask them questions, ask that you are able to see them and hear them.

Place a feather, or light stone on the cement slab and ask them to slightly move it for you.

Practice all your psychic development exercises with them.

Ask them for better health, more money, revenge or protection.

Sit quite and just listen to them.

This is the TRUE method of developing spiritual relationships and one that VERY VERY VERY few so-called occultists have ever even started to develop or even know to do.

This is practice which will take at least a year of weekly (2-3 times a week) sessions.

The first time they moved the penny I put on their seal I almost fainted, and it took almost a year of continual asking for them to move it before it happened (they have done it a few times since then too).

This is a WORK and a SCIENCE as well as an ART.

There is SO MUCH MORE to do, but until someone accomplishes this task it is not productive for me to say more.

You will NOT develop by jumping from grimorie to grimoire, to tradition to tradition. You MUST get grounding and establish a REAL base in one or two, and consider that each tradition is a LIFETIME of work to refine and grow stronger in.

Over time you WILL see, hear and experience the Most Serviceable Pygmies, and they will make themselves known in both subtle and paranormal ways.

They will teach you to make amulets, talismans, and all manner of items as well as how to preform all manner of supernatural feats (by yourself or assisted by them) and rituals to carry out.


I am 20 years in and I am still building, a developing, and I am told it wont be until I am in my 50s that I will be really at the level I need to be...however I need to build that foundation now in order to support what will truly be my Great Work.

Spend about an hour with the Most Serviceable Pygmies.

Now in a COUNTER CLOCK wise fashion offer a pygmy spirit water and cigar smoke with your thanks over the circle the candle is affixed to, and snuff the candle dismiss the pygmy.

Continue until all the pygmies have been dismissed and only the middle candle remains.

Acknowledge the place of the Most High, the source of divinity of all things, ask that your body remain filled with it's divine light and that day by day step by step you are lead deeper and deeper into its most holy of mysteries.

Snuff the middle candle.

You are done.

If you are interested in specific pygmies spirits let me know, but practice this method diligently, and with great conviction for at least a year.... you will be SO happy you did.

The Most Serviceable Pygmies are a great force within my Temple, and it is to increase their influence and share their blessing that I write this.

I thank them for all they have done for me, and I ask in the name of the Most High, the great intelligence of Afrika, Beelzebub and the ancestor spirits of the pygmy people that they continue.

-Papa Crocodile.

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  1. Interesting... Forgive the random derail but continuing off your Tempest line of thought, I am reminded of the ancient race of pygmy men in Tolkiens mythos, aka, rebranded fantastical world history, In one of the connected works, I think "Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth" a farmers land is raided by orcs during the night and an ancient statue constructed by the pygmy men on his property and set to ward mysteriously comes to life and slaughters them. And is a statue again by morning.

    "...represented by Tolkien as Púkel-men,[3][4] which includes the Anglo-Saxon word púcel "goblin, troll."

    The term Púkel-men used by the Rohirrim was also applied to the fearsome statues constructed by the Drúedain to guard important places and homes; some evidently had the power to come to life.

    The appearance of the Drúedain is entirely different from the appearance of the other races of the Middle-earth legendarium. They are a bit like Dwarves in stature and endurance, stumpy, clumsy-limbed (with short, thick legs, and fat, "gnarled" arms), had broad chests, fat bellies, and heavy buttocks. According to the Elves and other Men, they had "unlovely faces": wide, flat, and expressionless with deep-set black eyes that glowed red when angered. They had "horny" brows, flat noses, wide mouths, and sparse, lank hair. They had no hair lower than the eyebrows, except for a few men who had a tail of black hair on the chin. They were short-lived and had a deep hatred of Orcs. They were known to have certain magical powers and to be still in meditation for long periods of time."

    Once in a luciddream I was shown my reflection in a mirror, and I was an ugly little dwarf with a googly eye, perhaps these spirits are longlost kindred spirits, lol, I shall experiment. Thankyou. See you, out there..........