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Daemonic etymology: Serguthy from the Grimorium Verum. The Dark Mirror of the self.

Excerpt from an e-mail I received:

"The name of the demon SERGUTHY means "water from a well". I Googled SERGUTHY and found out he has power over women. I asked another occultist. I know you call this guy an idiot all the time but I took a chance. He said that no one can say what the names of the demons really mean. I am confused. SERGUTHY means "water from a well" but he has power over women? This all sounds made up". 

There is a reason daemonology falls under the classification of occult. Occult denotes a thing, generally a body of knowledge, which is hidden, or secret. The reason for secrecy can be for ill or will, but no matter the moral heading, occult or mystery tradition is meant to preserve knowledge and ensure when it is passed down, it is done so correctly. The occult arts contained in Grimories, such as the Grimorium Verum, where purposely left incomplete. Without proper transmission the dabbler (someone not ready to commit themselves to the art is a dabbler) is unable to do more than spook him or herself.

Pick every grain of spilled meth out of your carpet! GUARANTEED!
The names of daemons are integral to the occult arts preserved (more or less...mostly less) in daemonological  Grimories. Both the nomenclature and etymology concerning daemon yields even deeper secrets regarding their individual nature. Let me say this, that "idiot", if it is who I suspect the e-mail is referring too, is beyond the descriptive limits of the word "idiot. This person (?) is a sexually transmitted as well as intravenously transmitted diseased pathological liar, a junkie, a sociopath, a thief, a danger to themselves and others, deserving of his impending incarceration. This person (?) has ZERO authority to speak and should be mocked into oblivion. Now, having said that, this person is once more grievously incorrect. One can in fact say what the names of the daemons really mean. 

In respect to the daemon SERGUTHY, the Grimorium Verum says this: "has power over maidens and wives, when things are favorable". In the hierarchical structure of the Grimorium Verum  SERGUTHY is a grand chief among daemons, under PUT-SATANICA who is subordinate only to LUCIFER. This places SERGUTHY high on the shelf in terms of authority and influence. A powerful daemon indeed. What does "water from a well" have to do with SERGUTHY? Until I received the above mentioned e-mail, I had not heard that SERGUTHY meant "water from a well", however there exist parallels between what I was taught and "water from a well". 

In an effort to share legitimate information (which will soon be confabulated into meaningless drivel as has happened so many times. My blog posts have been copy and pasted, and my work plagiarized for years now. If you are seeing occult information multiple cuts above the usual moronic rigmarole on the internet, I feel very comfortable stating that 7 out of 10 times, I am the sole source of it) I will offer this; the name SERGUTHY  has its etymology linked to "water trickling in a cave or cavern". The phrase"water from a well", fits nicely into the same vein. However the question remains; what does water from a well, or cave, or cavern, have to do with SERGUTHY and power over maidens and wives, when things are favorable?

Neither the author of the Grimorium Verum, nor the ferocious daemonological tradition contained therein, cares about your sensitivities, your gender bias, or your identity politics. Should you somehow visit the Grimorium Verum's field of fucks concerning your triggers and aggressions, micro or otherwise, you will find this field appallingly barren, or in a word" fuckless", as to mean, not a single fuck to be given. If this offends you, I direct you towards my personal field of fucks. There you shall find my field equally troubling in it's absence of fucks to offer you as condolence. 

Now that the dismal level of concern the Grimorium Verum has for anything you hold sacred is established, it will be easier for me to bridge for you, the meaning of SERGUTHY "water trickling in a cave or cavern" and SERGUTHY "has power over maidens, and wives, when things are favorable".

The secret and true power of the daemon SERGUTHY is to manipulate the chemical and fluidic response in a woman.  Whether this be her glandular secretions, the moisten of her eyes via tear duct, the salivation levels in her mouth, the drip or trickle within her vagina. Concerning women, the wetter the better, and ideal conditions exist when roads are slippery. SERGUTHY "water trickling in a cave or cavern" or "water from a well" or water from deep or secret place, should now be clearly evident.

Women are likely to peel off their panties after a cry and or emotional release. They feel vulnerable, require validation, and they find that through sex. A woman who just had decent sex is also more agreeable to ideas, and suggestions. While the majority application of this true and secret power will be geared towards sexual conquest, this is no by means it's only utilization. The emotional tinkering of a woman is how it begins, but where it ends is based on the magician's intention. There exists a plethora of reasons a magician may wish to make a woman cry tears of either happiness or sorrow, send her salivary glands into overdrive, or increase her pineal gland secretions. 

The power over women SERGUTHY has is, "when things are favorable", and those favorable conditions are brought about via the manipulation of her "water works". It should not go without saying that herein the true and secret power of SERGUTHY lies, inherently, a great potential for extortion of women. However simply because such inherent potential exists does not mean a magician need make evil use of it.

It is not SERGUTHY, nor SATAN, nor LUCIFER, nor BEELZEBUB, nor ASTRAROTH, nor any other daemon who actually makes evil happen. Evil is done by man alone. For all the world's evil, it is man/woman-humans who are to blame. The black arts and vice laden daemonic powers are employed by man and to meet the desires for which man has employed them. Claiming the devil or daemons made you do it is pointing a finger at your own dark mirror's reflection. All the daemon did was fulfill the request you made of made of it. But I digress, that line of teaching leads to the true and secret powers of the daemon PUT-SATANICA from the Grimorium Verum,  and the spiritual, and magical implications of the accuser. That is a whole other blog post and one that is not coming anytime soon. 

I have employed the daemon SERGUTHY to release deep trauma in women, bring about cathartic cleansing, lessen depression, and brighten emotional outlook. If one reads this blog post carefully, they will discover a potent and beneficial method for stimulating a woman's psychic development using the true and secret powers of SERGUTHY.  

I do not fear my reflection in my dark mirror, nor will I tremble when I hear the accuser's words accounting my deeds to the Most High. I will not shrink at the hour of my trial. My relationship with the adversary is not adversarial in the common way. 

The spiritual, mental and physical maturity required to stand before daemons of the European daemonological tradition and be healed not harmed, be cleansed not singed, and be dominate not dominated, is a maturity that is both genuinely rare, and worth attainment. 

If you are to commit yourself to this method of spiritual development you need know this; as rewarding as it is, this path is fraught with great and deliberate difficulty. I mean that in the most real way. You will either make yourself or break yourself against this cruel and unforgiving rock, and do so while treading a crooked path, along a razor's edge. 

To paraphrase Levi, for as soon as you being this path you will be assaulted by blind and ignorant forces. Lesser persons and lesser spirits a like will assail you. Even stones will rise up and hurl themselves at you. The gloom of the earth will send phantoms and astral larvae to attack you. Unfortunately too many individuals have wrongly assumed those words to be archaic mumbo-jumbo, or purely symbolic, somehow not applicable to them. They did this at their own peril. The internet (YouTube in particular) is rife with mentally unstable and unhinged lunatics insanely babbling about the occult, demons, and magic as evidence of this. May they be eaten quicker to quell both their noise and their suffering. 

Do not be one of them. Tread lightly but with purpose. Strive to know thy self and do not be a fearful of what you discover, instead seek to understand it without self loathing. Surround your with the light of the Most High before entering the lower realms. Do not be repulsed by your reflection in the dark mirror. What you see in the dark mirror is perhaps your greatest source of power on this earth, and you cannot ignore it, run from it, or wish it way. You must exercise not exorcise your daemons, and you must eventually negotiate with the devil for the key to heaven.

Do this and you shall never tremble at the words of your accuser. 

-El Patron

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