Monday, March 20, 2017

Kill Shot! David Rockefeller gets the lance!

*This post is best read with the Wu-Tang clan playing! Protect ya neck! Listen carefully.....

Shoulda learnt ta protect ya neck kid
Let Monday 3/20/2017 be known as the day which culminates a 10 year campaign of psychic warfare and black magick battles.  Today is the day the dragon named David Rockefeller fell to my Nfumbe, my Goetic magic and veneration of Warrior Saints. I have spent the last 10 years as an argent cavalier leading siege after siege, and charge after charge against the Illuminati stronghold. Today the lance finally tastes blood, and pierces David's black maggot infested heart. Today is the day an army of Congo and Native people spirits take retribution for the millions of lives taken, extorted, raped and ruined by this sub-human troglodyte villain. The day is OURS!

In case you did not know it was David Rockefeller I was referring too in my 1/10/17 blog post here and my 1/20/17 blog post here.

The new Rockefeller Plaza
Moments after I learned Rockefeller fell, I as War Chief of my Palo Mayombe temple, dispatched my Nfumbe, the Congo spirits, spirits of the sacred site Bear's Tipi (Devil Tower in Northeastern Wyoming), Anima Solas, and a very special Warrior Saint to bring before me in chains the twisted spirit of David Rockefeller who was still in the confusion found in the transition between life into death.

David Rockefeller now serves ME as my newest pet dog (named him Rocky), chained forever into service, to begin righting the incalculable wrong he has committed. Genocide, slavery, human trafficking, pedophilia, theft, extortion, war provoking, and murder...of MILLIONS, to name but a few. Believe me when I say I am going to put this bitch to ENDLESS work... trust that!

To war, to war, to war! 
Glory! Glory! Glory! To my fellow champions (you KNOW who you are) who have stood shoulder to shoulder with me in this fight. No one else and I mean NO ONE in the occult world had the backbone or balls to stand against the retaliations, and backlashes which came from pursuing such a hard and high level target. Our suffering was not in vain my friends! We shall be found on the right side of history.

Ever onward! Every forward!

-Papa Crocodile


  1. I have to say, I felt extremely psychotic over the joy that I felt when I read the news, but then again....

  2. Who's the next target and where do I sign up??

  3. I'm a few days late,buthttp ://

  4. The deepest honor and respect Goes to you my big brother! Since I don't have a hat I just want to give you three military salutes..... don't worry bro I'm working this s*** out right now f*** Rockefeller..... . I'm going to give my last breath to make this world a better place for my brothers and sisters. The biggest emotional I felt when I heard this news was that I felt like I should have been in this fight. Im working this out. Thanks big bro....Hats off to you....

  5. Did you have to use the necronomicon to take care of his protections?