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Anima Sola... it is best you don't...but since you are going too anyway...

Anima Sola
La Santisima Muerte, Saint Cyprian, La Madama, Black Hawk, Saint Expedite, and now introducing the newest flavor of the month for the cult of wanna-be sorcerers (CWS)...Anima Sola.  Maybe, just maybe, Anima Sola will give CWS what sever lack of dedication, zero practice and bewildering apprehension towards authentic initiation has thus far kept out of their reach...authority and credibility. And if not (a definite not) rest assured their will be (there WILL be) a new saint or spirit's mystery to exploit and tarnish.

Just like La Madama, Anima Sola comprises a vast legion of spirits. There is not an Anima Sola but an untold mass of millions and millions of dead who are Anima Solas. As stated Anima Sola are the spirits of earthbound (but more earthbound than earthbound) dead who are, because of a myriad of reasons, alone or lost and or trapped in the earth plane. Anima Sola suffer significant torrents, as such they are distressed and desperate...which means they are very dangerous.

Similar to how a drowning man can inadvertently pull his would be rescuers under alongside with him, Anima Solas can very easily become disastrous to those trying to offer them "light and progress", no matter what the intention is behind the act of kindness. Let that be a lesson to those sadly afflicted with the idiocy of the new-age... love and light does NOT inherently protect you from anything...never has and never will.

So what is the reason for attracting the attention of the Anima Solas?

This is largely answered by both your spiritual tradition and intentions.

From the perspective of Espiritismo-Spiritism (Scientific-Kardecian, Criollo and even Umbanda, Maria Lionza and to some degree Palo and Kimbanda) it is the oath and duty of priest or priestess to offer light and progress to the dead. It is the will of God, that all "his" children/creations eventually attain their highest potential. It is rewarding spiritual work as many times the dead you elevate offer help in return and will ask higher level spirits to also give you their blessing. In the Espiritismo-Spiritism Maria LIonza, and Umbanda traditions this progression is offered freely with no expectation of help in return (however its nice when the kindness is paid back and it usually is). In traditions like Palo Mayombe and Kimbanda pacts and bargains can be struck to ensure that aid is secured by the dead the Tata or Yaya (priest or priestess) offers light and progress too.

The initiated priest or priestess of those aforementioned traditions have been given the license and authority by very powerful high level spirits to safely work with the dead. But, even with that same license and authority, we priests and priestess still handle the Anima Solas with special gloves. If earthbound dead are seen as "hot" then Anima Solas are typically "lava hot". Individuals who are not initiated drawing the attention of the Anima Sola is generally egregiously stupid. All anyone needs to do is research the deteriorating mental health, and increase of domestic abuse and murder/suicides among so-called paranormal researchers...and  they are not dealing with Anima Solas... but earthbound dead.

From a black magic perspective, if the earthbound dead are known to work quickly (because of their close proximity to the material plane) then the Anima Sola work just that much faster. Also... where earthbound dead can often want specific things in return for their aid, and may or may not be willing to do the work you want it to preform (often for moral reasons) the Anima Sola are extremely desperate and willing work for just candle light and water. Also the desperation of the Anima Sola means they are willing to do anything to get that light and water. Imagine a man being slowly broken on a rack for hours upon hours. The pain caused by having his body pulled apart is also pulling apart his sanity. He can become so distressed and desperate that he would be willing to do or say anything to make the torture stop.

Anima Sola in this way are used as the "intranquil spirits" to dominate, control and destroy.

Light and water act as a reprieve to an Anima Sola's torment, and thus the Anima Sola becomes very dependent on them. A priest/ess or sorcerer using the Anima Sola for evil or questionable purposes is not elevating the Anima Sola out of their torment, only staving it off for a time, and keeping the Anima Sola in it's "hell" because in order to get the light and water it must do evil or at the very least questionable things. The sorcerer and the enslaved Anima Sola enter into a strange relationship. The Anima Sola wants the light and water that the sorcerer offers, but is kept imprisoned in its own hell by the acts it must do it order to get the light and water. The sorcerer, sooner than latter, becomes the target of the Anima Sola, and because Anima Sola is legion, he or she (unless extremely both powerful and knowledgeable) is now oppressed by many exceedingly angry vengeful dead to give them light and water, and now whatever else they want (generally vices like cigars, alcohol, drugs and porn...but also blood) with no aid in return, simply to alleviate the oppression...for a time.

A lay person, the internet trained spiritualist, the new-ager, is many, many more times than not, simply unable to handle the aggressive and desperate nature of the Anima Sola. These well meaning but misguided people, whether they are trying to elevate the dead or exploit them, will be quickly overrun and turned into a slave of the Anima Sola.

Because the Anima Sola will soon (assuming they are not already... I avoid YouTube like a plague of stupidity that is also somehow infected with AIDS... so I would not know) be the topic of numerous YouTube videos made by morons... I will detail the ONLY safe way to help the Anima Sola and "maybe", hopefully receive their grace and blessing for your good works.

First NO images! NONE. There is an iconic lithograph of a woman, often in chains, and surrounded by flames. This image is used by initiated priests and priestess, of which many of you are probably not, and this lithograph becomes a focal point... you are not ready to have this type pf energy "pool" and condense in your working/living space.

You are to offer the Anima Sola these three things and these three things ONLY:

1. A glass of COLD water.
2. A single WHITE candle.
3. Prayer.

"Hear mortal men, the cries of the imprisoned soul, alone and abandoned in a dark prison. Anima Sola, soul of peace and war. Soul of sea and of land. I desire that all that I have lost be returned.
Anima Sola, you who are alone and abandoned, I accompany you in your grief.
I take pity upon you.For I know of the grief and suffering you must endure within your harsh and long imprisonment. I offer you this prayer and glass of water because I desire to lessen your pain and quench your thirst. Sad Soul, Lonely Soul, no one calls you, But I call you. No one looks for you, but I seek you out. 
No one loves you, but I adore you. No one remembers you, but I keep you in my heart. I offer you this lit candle so that you may find your way into the light. In this moment I offer to you my meritorious labour, and all that I have suffered, suffer and will suffer in this life, even though it can never compare to yours. I humbly pray that you finish paying for your mortal sins of the flesh so that you may find the grace of God, and be lifted from your imprisonment, With your grace you shall be my benefactor."

You will do this only ONE time a week. You will make NO promises and you will NOT ask for anything specific.

Place a glass of COLD water on the ground or on a table with NO other religious symbols other than maybe a cross (One of the OLDEST religious symbols and not owned by any single religion... it is a symbol for among the highest understanding of "God", or the Highest of the High).

Place a WHITE candle next to the glass of water.

1. Make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross over your body (forehead, navel, right shoulder, and left shoulder).

2. Light the WHITE candle (which should not be a seven day candle but a 3-6 hour candle).

3. Offer the following prayer.

Now be done for the rest of the week. DO NOT sit in front of the candle and water and meditate on the Anima Sola. DO NOT sit and talk to the Anima Sola, DO NOT tell them your troubles or make specific requests of them. You are offering this act as an act of good will. You are saying you want what you have lost to be returned to you and that they should be your benefactor, but that is it. It will be up to the Anima Sola to decide to help you, and/or you will receive the blessing of higher level beings for giving the Anima Sola elevation.

If after a FULL year of honoring the Anima Sola is this EXACT way and you want to do more... you may contact me and we will discuss what more you can safely do in order to deepen your practice.

-Papa Crocodile


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