Thursday, April 27, 2017

A temple within my temple. The conditions and protocols of Solomonic Magic within my temple.

My prior blog post laid bare uncomfortable realities of the Solomonic tradition, primarily concerning the virtue and truth behind the secret seal of Solomon. It is true that without the secret seal of Solomon, a magician is lacking covenant with the Almighty and Most High One. Without covenant the seventy-two daemons of the Lemegeton are neither bound by oath, nor under compulsion to obey the summoner. The secret seal of Solomon is not easily made (rightly so), and not having a covenant could discourage preforming magical operations of Solomonic magic, especially from the Lesser Key.

However, be not afraid..for not all is lost.

Through sustained conjurations, and using lesser known exorcisms, a magician (without the secret seal of Solomon) may beguile daemons of the Lemegeton to appear with a good and helpful nature towards the conjurer. In addition daemons like Prince Seere or King Paimon are known for their amicable and friendly attitudes towards magicians. A magician without the secret seal of Solomon is still likely to be successful in both conjuring and making arrangements for the aid of these more pleasant (but no less powerful) daemons.

Also, via my covenant with the Almighty and Most Hone One (my secret seal of Solomon), a magician can find footing within the temple of Solomon that I maintain in my spiritual temple. In this way, a magician of my temple may effectively conjure, consult and make pacts with the seventy-two daemons of the Lemegeton. In order to do this I must feed my secret seal of Solomon (if it was just me I would not need to feed the secret seal any more than the initial blood offering in its making) to replenish it's strength and make payment for the added strain on the spiritual frame of the secret seal of Solomon that is specifically linked to me.

As the magician of my temple grows in strength of word and deed, prayer and purpose, they become ready to make their own covenant and begin operating within a temple of Solomon of their own make. However their is no rush or urgency to do so for as long as my secret seal of Solomon is kept fed it will remain as strong as ever...and it definitely gets fed.

For those of you I have instructed to evoke daemons of the Lemegeton, I have already placed you in the temple of Solomon I have built, and which resides in my personal spiritual temple. Please continue your work with these daemons. For those of you interested in being in my temple, please contact me and we will see what we can make happen.

-Papa Crocodile.

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