Wednesday, June 28, 2017

9/23/2017 ONCE IN A LIFETIME Secret Seal of Solomon preparation and "To See Spirits of the Air" concoction from the Grimorium Verum.

I am not surprised no other Ceremonial Magician or Occultist have mentioned the astounding astrological conjunctions in the near future. So much for your contributions to the Arte. My temple however will go down in the annals of the occult.

Let it be known! At least one temple has long been preparing for August 21st and September 23rd, 2017 . We will align our work with the great heavenly canopy and forge a more prefect union between the above and the below.

Where the Umbra falls there is Kalunga.
Aug 21st will be dedicated to the religion of Palo Mayombe. On the open plain, somewhere Pacific Northwest, and in the Umbra shadow of a Solar Eclipse (the biggest in 88 years) I will make blood offering to the scariest female spiritual force in the universe: Centilla N'doki. I will be asking her to empower my Nfumbe with her hyper-ferociousness to defend my temple, destroy it's enemies, change the sick to well, poor to rich and weak to strong.

Centella N'Doki
If you would like work to be done during these unrivaled conditions contact me immediately.  

On Saturday, Sept 23 I will lead my temple in a Solomonic rite that is possible only every 2000 years. If you are smart, you disregard the Bible as a religious book and see it as a magical grimorie. Contained in the Bible is a Jewish based magical system using parable as keys to rites and ceremonies. The magic of Solomonic fits perfectly within the context of the biblical grimore.

Saturday, Sept 23 will be the literal 12th sign as given in the Book of Revelations.

The constellation Virgo will be in the heavens clothed in the sun, and wearing a crown of 12 stars (nine from Leo, the symbol of authority, and accompanied by Mercury, Venus, and Mars). The Sun and the Moon will be at Virgo's feet, and the planet Jupiter will circle inside her womb and come out as if she was giving birth to the priest/king of all nations. The constellation Draco (also crowned by stars) will be waiting to devour Jupiter the Priest/King the moment Virgo give birth to him.

No other time in the next 2000 years will be as powerful for making covenants between a magician and God as this day! The link between Isreal-Jewish Magic-Solomonic Magic is unquestionable in respects to this astrological alignment and to create a pact in accordance to Solomonic tradition is unprecedented!

I will be making as many Secret Seals of Solomon as people provide the funds for. As ALWAYS I will prepare each seal under the rigid guidelines presented  in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Not only is the auspiciousness of the heavenly events astounding, but all other astrological requirements for making the sea,l will also be satisfied.

Below are the requirements from the Lesser Key of Solomon.

The Secret Seal of Solomon

"This is the Form of the Secret Seal of Solomon, wherewith he did bind and seal up the aforesaid Spirits with their legions in the Vessel of Brass. This seal is to be made by one that is clean both inwardly and outwardly, and that hath not defiled himself by any woman in the space of a month, but hath in prayer and fasting desired of God to forgive him all his sins, etc. It is to be made on the day of Mars or Saturn (Tuesday or Saturday) at night at 12 o’clock, and written upon virgin parchment with the blood of a black cock that never trode (fucked) hen. Note that on this night the moon must be increasing in light (i.e., going from new to full) and in the Zodiacal Sign of Virgo. And when the seal is so made thou shalt perfume it with alum, raisins dried in the sun, dates, cedar and lignum aloes."

Anyone wanting a Seal it is $200, and will be finished 9/24/7. I will accept payments!

Brain of a rooster? Check. 
This auspicious day will however see another authentic preparation. A concoction contained in the Grimorium Verum, under the title "To See Spirits of the Air", which is a direct reference to the astral (airy) daemons of the grimorium itself.  The procedure is as follows:

"Take the brain of a cock, the powder from the grave of a dead man (which touches the coffin), walnut oil and virgin wax. Make all [this] into a mixture, wrapped in virgin parchment, on which is written the words: GOMERT KAILOETH, with the character of Khil. Burn it all, and you will see prodigious things. But this experiment should be done only by those who fear nothing." 

I will have ALL the called for ingredients in their TRUEST form.

It will be $20 each,

-Papa Crocodile.

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