Sunday, August 27, 2017

Secret Seal of Solomon & Conjuration of King Asmodeus. Update on Solar Eclipse.

The secret seal of Solomon and conjuration of King Asmodeus event. This night is made exceedingly auspicious as September 23rd, 2017 reveals the 12th Sign of Revelation within the celestial canopy. For this semi-public ritual I will not only draft the secret seal of Solomon in accordance to the Lesser Key but also arrange an audience with King Asmodeus. This without question is a once in a lifetime event. The 12th Sign of Revelation contains global implications; being held in collective human subconscious for over two-thousand years. Never again shall the opportunity arise to obtain an authentically prepared seal under such impactful circumstances. In addition the extraordinary force behind summoning King Asmodeus during these conditions cannot be overstated. Personal items may be place on his sigil to be enchanted by the strength of King Asmodeus's influence and dominion. Astragals, or dice, will be cast over his seal to divine answers of past, present and future. Lastly King Asmodeus shall be petitioned to grant boons of wealth and prosperity to all in attendance and all who have paid to be astrally seated among his audience.

$200 for the Secret Seal of Solomon.
$50 to have an item placed on the sigil of King Asmodeus.
$25 to be astrally seated at the event.
$20 for ten Yes/No questions via astragals cast over the sigil of King Asmodeus.
$20 for two questions with detailed answers via astragals cast over the sigil of King Asmodeus.

$300 for the full package.

I am willing to accommodate personal requests, special circumstances or workings of a sensitive nature. E-mail injuries at

My direct Paypal link is here.

But wait...there is more.

Here are the results (what I can publicly show) of the August 21st, 2017 Solar Eclipse Palo Mayombe rite. My nfumbe, wearing the skin of the Four Conquering Winds M'pungo, was fed and sent out on winds of fire to win all battles and solve all problems.

At the aforementioned Palo Mayombe rite I began the procedure to authentically craft the "To See Spirits of the Air" formulary contained in the Grimorium Verum. The heads of three roosters cultivate in the well of a particular tree in order to bring about the strongest results. This preparation will be ready after the 23rd of September.

To See Spirits of the Air formula- $20

-Papa Crocodile.

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