Saturday, October 20, 2018

Important updates, last ones I will post, new email.

Important updates.

Outside of the Temple Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas (temple blog) and an extremely select few clients, I will no longer be making physical objects. I have been stolen from, I have had priests (who foolish considered themselves competition) order from me, or have their godchildren order from me, only to claim they never got their orders, and run all sorts of PayPal scams. This got extremely bad and created some real problems professionally. Absolutely pathetic. I know who some of individuals are now. There is one in the Southwestern United States with hospital worthy injuries and his prenda dumped out.I have no problems getting physical. I send my nfumbe to eat you until I get to your door. That is my promise. I also simply no longer want to arm people like this with truly authentic occult artifacts, and unfortunately that denies other good people access.

My online shop is still open, and while I offer only rituals now, for sure they are powerful. When you at one time where the most popular occult worker on Etsy, with close to 300 five-star reviews, you know you got the goods. But the jealous frauds all reported my shop to Etsy for guideline violations, and guess what you dumb-fucks? Now NONE of you can operate on Etsy either, and for the exact same guideline violations. That is how stupid these people are. If you can't understand basic human socio-political principles, how the fuck are you going to preform magic? But this is what the self-entitled, jealous, physically and intellectually lazy occult left does, and more of the pure cancer eight years of a socialist leaning into communism pig named Barrack Obama *cough* Barry Soetoro *cough* engendered into our culture.

I have been crowned into Vodou, a longtime goal for me and my first godfather, who was a Houngan Asowge of Haitian Vodou (RIP). I was brought in through the Dominican/Puerto-Rican side. I have one more initiation I must follow through with, but it is purely for personal reasons. My temple has finally fully manifested. Vodou, Palo Mayombe, and Solomonic Magic all under the same roof. The temple is nearing the point where it will be physically built. Once that happens we can really begin, and that is on top of all we have already done.

Because of my political leanings, the work I have done and actions that I support, I can never again use my old email address. If you think I still owe you something, or want to beg for forgiveness then send me a message here: Any messages sent to the old email will never be read by me, and will almost certainly put you on the radar of extremely bad people. That is the email I received video and picture evidence of inhuman sexual abuse and cannibalism happening in Europe, as well as the modern human slave trade. I actually fight against that kind of stuff. I am sure you all remember sitting in history class, hearing about the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Africans, and saying to yourself, "I'd never let that happen if was still going on". Well good morning sunshine, did you sleep good? Because you are waking up in a world where the human slave trade is STILL going on as well as a FUCKING global pedophile network. Ready to keep that promise to yourself about "I'd never let that happen if it was still going on"? Yeah, I now...everyone wants to be a lion until its time to do lion shit. 

This lion has some serious shit to do...

El Patron/Houngan, Papa Machete que ganas todas las batalla

"The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow".

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