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Commission of the Angels: Seven prayers for Seven Archangels.

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Court of the Angels.

The Court of the Angels is an essential addition to New World Voudou from the White John mysteries, and especially Sanse or Puerto Rican Voudou. Archons or Angelic beings are a cornerstone in the Western Occultism, including and most recognizably, Christianity. However, Angels are detailed in Kabbalistic texts pre-dating Christianity. It's a lesser-known secret the Jews of the Bible "borrowed" Angels from the theurgic practices they encountered in Babalon and from the Zoroastrian sects. 

The word "angel" creates confusion. Angel stems from a Greek word meaning messenger. "Angel" was adopted by Christianity and liberally applied to a myriad church approved of supernatural beings by those who understood the nomenclature and those who did not. This is seen in Sanse or Puerto-Rican Voudou, by the term "guardian angel" which is used frequently and interchangeably.  

You have a personal spirit guide we call your "sentinel." This spirit guide is always human dead and serves only you and your highest good. The sentinel spirit is often called your guardian angel. However, the terminology is incorrect. Angelic or Archonic beings are not human, nor are they spirits of the dead as they never experienced a physical existence. 

Everyone has a personal guardian angel just as they have a sentinel spirit. They are not the same, but their work parallels each other. Knowing you have a sentinel spirit and a personal guardian angel is usually enough. Neither desire notoriety past, acknowledging you know they exist and have accepted the task of guiding you for the sake of doing good deeds. However, there are benefits to discovering elements about each, mainly connecting in more personal ways. 

Our lineage of Voudou has rites, rituals, and ceremonies to suss out specifics regarding each. Sanse sees great value in discovering your personal sentinel spirit, but you are not required to know your angel. The angel does not care if you know who they are, but I personally see value in it. I encourage temple members to go through the process of finding out eventually. 

Your guardian angel works as a "Legba" or door opener for you to the Commission of Angels. Through their mediation, you can be connected to the mighty Seven Archangels and petition their aid, something you should do daily. Near all the Voudou Loa have a Saint who walks with them. A more profound mystery is that the Saint is learning from and advancing by understanding the mystery the Loa exemplifies. The Loa Tinjo Alawe and Belie Belcan (two of the seven Chief Loa) are known to be on par with the Archangel Raphael and Archangel Saint Michael. But I suspect that all of the five remaining Chief loa are also on par (or extremely close to it) with Archangels as well, but this is just my own supposition. 

The Seven Archangels correspond to the seven heavens and planetary powers. Part of real esoteric understanding is knowing each heaven and planet holds an active sway over the Earth for 24 hours (a day) before returning to a 144 inactive duration. 

Calling for the intercession of the Archangel of each specific day prepares a table for you within the heaven they hold dominion. Each Archangel interacts with one of your seven major energetic bodies, acting as conduits for you and their associated planetary force. This mediation incurs deep healing, psychic awakening, and the strengthening of your energetic bodies, or auras.

Anytime during the associated day (morning is best), make the sign of the cross over your body and speak aloud the prayer. A white candle is also best to have lit but not required. These prayers address God to petition for the Archangel's instruction to intercession into your life, also the altar of God's is everywhere and anything.

The level of etheric protection and spiritual progression garnered and enjoyed through a regular regiment of these daily angelic prayers cannot be overstated.


Archangel Michael

Almighty God, Papa Buen Dios, in the name of your Son who rose from the dead on the first day of the week, I come to you in thanks and praise for your glory. I ask you to look after my mind and my body, my health and in all matters of success and fortune. I ask also for illumination in matters of knowledge I may seek, and that you send the Archangel Michael to be my guide and our protector. I ask this through my personal savior and guardian angel. 


Archangel Gabriel

Papa Buen Dios, Almighty Living God, I glorify you this day in all my work, and ask that you help me to be in the right place at the right time for opportunity, to help me understand whatever messages you send me in my dreams, and send your Archangel Gabriel to defend me, and to help me understand both the messages and the opportunities you provide. I ask this through my personal savior and guardian angel. Amen.


Archangel Kamael

Papa Buen Dios, God of Strength and Power, this day I thank you for all the graces you have bestowed upon me, and I ask that you help me to edge out competition in my endeavors, grant me the energies to see my project through to completion, the strength of will to persevere to the end, and lend me the sword of your Archangel Kamael against all who would see me undone. I ask this through my personal savior and guardian angel. Amen.


Archangel Raphael 

Papa Buen Dios, Lord of Hosts, I give you praise for your bounty throughout creation and ask that my communications with my fellow human beings be accurate and effective, that my technology continues to work without fail, that I reach my destinations while traveling, and that I learn the lessons of today’s experiences toward building a better tomorrow. I also ask that my body continues to work without fail and that my health should not falter. That my mind stay clear and sharp, so I am able to steer my course in life. With the staff of your Archangel Raphael to guide me, protect me and teach me, I seek to praise and glorify you forever. I ask this through my personal savior and guardian angel. 


Archangel Sachiel

Papa Buen Dios, I come before you this day in a spirit of love and jubilation. I give thanks for the abundance of your creation and praise for your giving me life to be part of that abundance. And I ask that you help me increase that abundance in my live and my possessions, and that your righteous Archangel Sachiel will assist me in my defense, growth and prosperity. I ask this through my personal savior and guardian angel. 


Archangel Anael

Papa Buen Dios. You are holy, Lord of Hosts, and I praise the majesty of your victory and glory. I ask also that you will watch over and strengthen me and my relationships: personal, romantic, and professional. Make my relationships strong and help me to reach out and form new ones not only for my happiness and prosperity but also for the glorification of your name. I request the intercession and pure love of your Archangel Anael to shield me and help me in this endeavor. I ask this through my personal savior and guardian angel. 


Archangel Cassiel 

Papa Bon Dios, on Saturday your Son waited in the tomb before rising up from the dead, and on that day he descended into Limbo to free the noble souls who were there constrained. I see in this that a flower’s beauty is constrained within a seed, and for it to become a flower the seed must be ended and changed forever. Create in me this change, bringing about an end to old conditions that no longer suit me that I may blossom in new life. Send forth your Archangel Cassiel to end my enemies, my loneliness, my sickness, my poverty, and my ignorance, that I may live a life filled with love, with health, with prosperity, and with knowledge, in so doing I may glorify you day by day, more and more. I ask this through my personal savior and guardian angel. Amen. 


Papa Machete que ganas todas las batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow. 

Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batalas is a world-renown circus trained Strongman, Occultist, Martial Artist, Remote-Viewer, Psychic Investigator, researcher, Voudou and Palo Mayombe Priest, author, activist, and adventurer. Spiritual Father of the Temple of the Machete Who wins all Battles, and offers services through his Online Shop. Papa Machete welcomes all people, of any race, gender, orientation, or ability. His only conditions are that you love God, love humanity, and are willing to stand for what is truly right, not just what is popular.

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