Monday, January 26, 2015

Guland and the Adam Kadom of the Goetia.

In the structure of my Goetic magical linage the spirits of the Goetia are not just non-physical astral intelligences but also dominional frequencies which broadcast across an extremely wide spectrum of receivers in respect to their influences.

Simply put, the Goetic spirits have an associated place within the human being's spiritual, mental, and physiological matrix.

These in my linage these associated places is termed a spirit's "governance".

As the magician builds their astral temple, he or she will utilize each Goetic spirit as an essential building block expressed in their associated Grimorie's  tradition as the blue prints to it's construction.

 The 72 Goetic spirits of the Ars Goetia, The 18 Goetic spirits of the Grimorium Verum, and other associated configurations, represent such astral temples. It is vital the the magician keep each each Grimorie tradition pure and not cross one into another. This ultimately creates confusion, not only mentally, and spiritually, but energetically. These temples crumble easily, and their magician architects become increasing unstable themselves. 

Your physical body exists only because their is an astral body foundation (Yesod/Luna or "Foundation") to give instructions in how to build and maintain the physical body.

By making alterations to your  astral body your psychical body will follow course.

In truth nothing in the physical world can exist without its astral pre-component. Actively engaging the astral world will cause reflections of these actions to manifest in the physical world.

This is the truth in the axiom, "As Above, So Below".

Each spirit of the Goetia serves as an integral trigger inside ritual format which mimics the body of "man". This is the constructing/awakening what is called the "Adam Kadmon", the Goetic spirits come to have governance over bodily functions, and reside in the personal astral matrix/ Adam Kadmon of the magician. 

Building the astral temple making changes your astral body (Adam Kadmon in miniature) expanding it's capabilities, and broadening it's scope.

In respect to the Goetic spirit Guland of the Grimorium Verum, Guland's governance in the Adam Kadmon of the magician of his or her stomach, its associated functions and its trigger is the sensation hunger.

Guland's sigil is crudely reminiscent of the human stomach organ.
Sigil of Guland

The most base introductions of Guland state that Guland, "causes all diseases and illness". Seeing Guland's placement within the Adam Kadmon, this is actually a very profound statement, however it is sadly lost on the greater majority of the "so-called" avant-garde these connections are noticeably absent from their many ridiculously over priced leather bound books (thankfully my Kimbanda connections are actually legit and I don't need to thieve from the Exus and Pombagira de astrals to figure out the spirits of the Goetia).

Most if not all diseases or illnesses have root in the stomach. Undigested food fermenting in the stomach  spawns all types of infections and other pathogens, from blood problems and neurological issues, and certainly will aggravate any present conditions.

However, Guland also being the frequency of hunger, his catabolic nature may also be amplified to clean and purify the rot and waste. 

Bearing all that in mind, any occultist with half a mind might realize both how frighteningly deep arcanum Guland is, and possibly how Guland's mysteries might be utilized.

It is probably apparent Guland's arcanum constitutes a large portion of the vampiric mysteries supported by any legit Goetic linage. Secrets like these can only be transferred via initiation as anyone brought into this tradition knows the cost of their breaking oaths, his or her magical lodge would collectively turn them into grey babbling husks of former humans before their book (or blog) could get published.

The vampiric nature of Guland is extremely dangerous and will always result in the full unhinging of the non-initiated mind psyche,  leading them to be devoured by the same vampiric powers they delusionally purport to have.

The sensation of hunger can "relatively" safely be meditated on to psychically connect with the Goetic spirit Guland. That sensation might also be amplified to create a specific resonance field for unspecified reasons for use within Guland's arcanum.

Once again touching on Guland's catabolic nature, the medium of controlled fasting may also bring about splendid health and healing benefits by ridding the body of built up toxins through purification. This does bring up the near completely forgotten aspects of Goetic medicine and something I might write more on in the future.

Suffice to say, the above information is enough to spark a great deal of "re"thinking the "modern" excuse of most Goetic/Hermetic traditions and practices.

I hope this serves to unapologetically stomp on the toes of certain fraudulent magicians who have become minor occult celebrities through their dismally low level "checkers" version of Goetia. It is high time to remind the masses that the Goetia is not a "checkers" minded magical tradition, but rather 7 layer chess.

Papa Crocodile. 


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