Thursday, January 22, 2015

How and when I employ black/aggressive magic in both Palo Mayombe and within my Goetic linage.

I recently completed a serious working in which I not only broke the dark enchantment over a client who was being targeted by an Indonesian sorcerer in the employ of an ex-lover, but also did great injury against both the sorcerer and his patron in return.

My client simply wanted to be free of her ex, and she could show me absolute proof (video evidence) of his physical abuse against her.

I am a true priest of Palo Mayombe, my only concern is the healing, protection and obtaining justice for good people. I am sick to fucking death with these fakes, frauds, and charlatans who "claim" to align themselves with Palo Mayombe but look like Halloween store rejects. Also within the Goetic tradition I inherited, and while it is linked with the infernal, it truly is the righteous side of hell.When it is time for me to protect others, know that I am coming to fight and hell is coming with me.

The fact this this Indonesian sorcerer would harm my client simply for the money forked out by this abusive and possessive ex, is abhorrent. 

I have no pity for him, and I have less for the ex.

I can, will and I do practice black/aggressive but ONLY under these terms and conditions.

"If you do me a favor, I will return to you an even greater favor. 

However if you harm me (or the innocent), I shall never offer the other cheek. 

You insult me, I will punch you in the mouth that insulted me. You punch me, I will break your arm which punched me. If  break my arm, I will break your leg. If you break my leg, I will put you in a coffin. You put me in a coffin, my ghost will devour your spirit and possess your body."

Magic means global reach.

It doesn't matter if they are in Indonesia, or say.....Kalamath Falls, Oregon.... I can and I will strangle my target with a terrible spectral hand.

I believe an armed society is a polite society, and that self entitled, sociopathic behavior is so rampant because people no longer fear the possibility of repercussions for their actions. If the result was to be held and made accountable for bad behavior, most would instead be polite and think long and hard before insulting, and committing or threatening violence against others.

The theology that revenge is wrong, I am of the opinion, is only preached by those most deserving of it.

If you commit wrong, then apologize and make it right.

Its called being a decent human being.

If a person acts like a rabid dog, I and anyone else who has any common decency will should have no problem putting them down for at that point they are a danger to themselves but more importantly a danger to others.

Papa Crocodile

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