Saturday, January 31, 2015

Goetic Energy Work and Circulation.

It is no surprise that magic is a practice where “energy” is the primary focus. Ask any occultist what magic is and you will no doubt hear some variation of this: “magic is the bending or manipulating “energy” to the will or desire of the occultist”.
It seems that answer is good enough for most, as it has been rehashed and regurgitated Ad-nauseam, but rarely ever effectively expanded upon.
The reason?
I believe because few have any real grasp of that answers implication.
It is true that magic is the bending/shaping of energy to mirror the will/desire of the occultist. Nothing wrong with the answer on the surface as it is wholly correct. The problem is that occultists use that small bit of knowledge (a dangerous thing) as a goal post for occultism, rather than the starting line for which it really is.
Magic is the energy of “response to stimuli”.
Thereby in order to conform to any sort of bending to will, or shaping to meet desire, there must be sufficient will or desire in order to correspond too.
The greater majority of modern occultists are weak.
They do not transmit their own will or desire strongly enough to stimulate a response from the magical linage they practice (sadly made worse that much of those magical lineages are from what I have termed the “hodgepodge lodge” a piece mail collection methods held in various different organized systems patch worked together into a disorganized ineffectual method of getting nowhere fast).
When I call most modern day occultists weak I do so without apology.
If someone is energetically weak, they are first weak both mentally and physically.Modern day occultism especially that of Western based mystery traditions, and steadily increasing include the African based mysteries, have become havens for the pseudo-intellectualist, the self-entitled, and limp wristed passive-aggressive idealist.
These people tend to be soft, easily rattled, impulsive, talk but no action, thought but no deed, theorist but no application based individuals.
It is small wonder why they can never seem to have any real interactions with spirits, their magical work is sub-par and their lives are mired in fantasy rather than reality.
Magic responses to what you bring to the table.
By virtue of still breathing you have a certain energy field however it is the grade, and condition of that energy field which needs to be addressed.Just because you stand in front on an altar and make demands, does not mean that anything will feel compelled to response.So what is energy?
Energy is the result of movement carrying mass.
All physical matter is super compressed empty particles, or “energies” condensed to give the impression they are inert. However these practices still hum and vibrate which gives off frequency, or sound. That sound being high pitched or low in pitch still have physical effects because of the movement of the weight behind it.  Your thoughts have a sub-atomic mass, a weight, which moves at the “speed of thought”, which now has in some cases been measured.The move structured-vivid-defined a thought is the heavier (in terms of sub-atomic weight) that thought is, and the more energy will be produced when driven by speed of thought.
Imagine a small marble hitting a wall at 180 mph; now imagine the energy produced by a 16lb cannon ball hitting that same wall at 180 mph.
The difference in effect would be notable to say the least.Many modern day occultists have not, and do not, perform ANY type of structured energy work.
Why? I feel it is primarily laziness. Energy work is well work, and if there is anything soft, self-entitled people hate its work.I also believe that cogitative dissonance plays a role too.
For so long these occultists have defended their position that no one can tell them what to do, and to just do whatever feels right. Seeing that doing just whatever you want and whatever feels good is the perfect road map to nowhere, they would rather continue down the road to nowhere rather than admit they were wrong.
The purpose of energy work is to take undeveloped thoughts, gradually build weight behind them and move and or sustain them for durations of time.You are effectively taking that marble sized thought and transforming it into a 16lb cannon ball in respect the type of response you will get it that type of stimuli.
I will introduce the first “circulation” of the energy work method I inherited from my Godfather in the Goetic linage held in my house.
You might “think” you know it or already perform it. I ask you not to make that mistake. For while you may in fact be at least familiar with it I invite you to really get to know the many components and refinements which have been lost on so many others. It could be that after you see the many different considerations that go into just this simple circulation, the method itself might be altogether new for you.The base: Stand. Relax. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to a sphere of soft white light the size of a basketball a foot above your head. Breathe in and as you exhale the sphere circulates down the left side of your body under you feet, and as you breathe in the sphere floats up the right side of your body back to above your head. Repeat 10 times.Consideration one: Your breath needs to remain absolute soft and silent. You should not hear your own inhales or exhales.Consideration two: You should not hold your breath. It is a tendency for many to hold their breath on the end of inhales or exhales. Your breath needs to be natural cycles; the exhale is the beginning of the inhale and vice verse. The rhythm needs to be developed and sustained.
Consideration three: The duration of the inhales and exhales should be mirrored and need to be built up to 10 seconds each of soft comfortable cycles of inhales and exhales with no breath holding. 20 seconds for each inhale and exhale.
Consideration four: The sphere of light must mirror your breath. The sphere of white must reach underneath your feet exactly when the next inhalation begins. The sphere of light must also be in transit over your head and down the left side of your body as your exhalation begins.
Consideration five: The sphere of light must be of steady shape, size, brightness, and speed throughout the entire process.Consideration six: the orbit of the sphere of light must be smooth and with no stops as this indicates interrupted breathing patterns or irregularities in breath.
I have not ever once meet anyone who can meet just two of these considerations starting out, and rarely is there anyone who has met even just one consideration.Energy work takes work, and it takes time.
It is a refinement process.These considerations make the work more effective and thereby the energy stimuli put out by a magician more likely to generate a stronger response from their magical system.
This makes more a more demanding but rewarding system of energy work.
I can honestly say that the energy work in the Goetic linage I inherited is light years beyond anything else I have found within the Western Mystery tradition widely practiced presently.
While there are even more considerations of just the first circulation, those will be enough to take the great majority of even so term occultists to a new level.
The body of energy work in my system, and its metaphysical composition is staggering.However is terms of just this circulation, simply read the exercise and apply “consideration one” to the base line. Once you can sustain “consideration one” apply “consideration two”, and so forth.
You will attain a very profound, power and refined energy circulation of which has tremendous carry over to all aspects of the occult.

-Papa Crocodile.


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  3. I hae got to say man, I wish I had read this before attempting some of the exercizes in the Horn Above Hooves Below. I used to try to imagine that slowly roating purple sphere detailed in the first swirling, but the rotations would jerk at first. I could tell IMMEDIATELY that it should not be this way and I would attempt to "let" it rotate in stead of trying to force that bird of paradise. I think much of the misinterpretation of these practices have come from the genetic deconstruction of visualization capabilities. It is very much apart of cognitive dissonance, as the imbalances can be most notably recognized in the disruption of the saturnine current within the magicians formulation of the circle. Within MYSELF I know that it is because in my childhood, I was taught that the HOLY trinity was the father, son, and holy spirit (yhwh, jesus, and a bird) when in truth the HIGH holy trinity is that which creates the circle (uranus, zodiac, and saturn).

    The religion my bloodline has been indoctrinated into has literally replaced the structure by which thought forms come to be.