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Sulfurous Sorcery and Healing,Minor Musings of Lucifuge Rofocale, and Luciferian Break Down.

True understanding the Goetic magickal structure is rare in the extreme. Grimories are written to conceal, NOT reveal, the methods of Medieval (in truth much older) European Magicians and the magickal orders they occupied.

Anyone taking a Grimorie at face value ( be it the Grimorium Verum, The Book of Oberon, The Grand Grimorie/Red Dragon, the Black Raven/Book of Faust, even the Keys of Solomon/Ars Goetia) have instantly failed the "idiot" test.

True occult secrets are NEVER made public, and NEVER will be.

The Grimorie was a genius information/disinformation dissemination apparatus. For those INITIATED the information is readily available. For those who where not initiated... they read the Grimorie at face value and:

 1. Waste their time and yielded no results.


 2. In the case of the Grand Grimorie/Red Dragon, find themselves beguiled and thrust into possibly fatal outcomes.

I will release some DESPERATELY needed information to remedy the asinine and ridiculous falsehoods, concerning the wholly fabricated claims of nonsensical meth headed "living gods", and pseudo-intellectual/occultist high(?) minded scribblers of many criminally over priced leather bound books.

Lucifuge Rofocale is the full embodiment of  the dangers associated with"fool's gold". There is NO public information on how to approach him safely.
Lucifuge Rofocale

Those of us who know what the authentic workings with Lucifuge Rofocale entail would be pleading guilty to activities which carry the possibility of the death penalty or (like in my case) would NEVER give information to help individuals commit such atrocities.

Lucifuge Rofocale could give a flying fuck less about your intent, any delusional bargain you offer, or pact you mistakenly think you have entered into.

If you woefully happen to successfully summon him as laid out by the Grand Grimoire you are signing yourself away.

YOU are the prize, a sacrificial lamb to the spirit Lucifuge Rofocale.

Again, Lucifuge Rofocale could give a flying fuck less if you did not know you where being duped.

A spider doesn't care that the fly did not see its web.

He or she who draws up a tricky "devil in the details" contract doesn't not care one fucking iota if you did not obtain skilled legal council to read it over before you signed it.

It matters not.

Its not that I completely dismiss the lunacy behind a meth mouthed crack head's tale of successfully evoking Lucifuge Rofocale nor am I dismissing the loopy philosophical drivel spewed out by pasty bohemians rejects in respect to Lucifuge Rofocale, however what I am saying is should they be under Lucifuge Rofocale's directives I will avoid them with more dire urgency than I would a homicidal plague carrying syphilic super mutant.  

Summoning the Goetic daemons carries as much if not in some cases MORE dangers than non-initiates pestering Petwo loa, or Exus and Pombagiras into paying attention to them.

Goetic daemons are HOT spirits. In many cases they are the fiery point of origin for African Diaspora entities of the New World.

The correct formulation of the 72, 63, 54, 45, 36, 27, 18, 9 and 3 Goetic daemons configurations of each principle Grimorie when correctly assembled makes a Tetrahedron, a fire bearing shape influencing the airy astral world.
Chemistry IS alchemy, Science is Magic! 

I would ask that you treat the above and following information respectfully. 

If you are a member of the Golden Dawn or O.T.O, a modern Hermetic or part of Thelema this is leveled at you directly- I inherited authentic Goetic magic and Grimorie traditions. Nothing I have said or will say is known or understood by your shitty linage. 

If you use my information give credit back to this blog and my tradition and acknowledge where it came from because it sure as hell did not come from you, it is NOT available in any book, nor is it a part of the above mentions traditions(???).

Kindly re-direct your attention to the numeric sequences, 72, 63, 54, 45, 36, 27,18, 9 and 3.

These all express the number "9", which is the numeric frequency emitting from Yesod, the planetary sphere of Luna/Moon, the astral realm,  or the 9th sephiroth.

The astral realm is elemental air (Mercury-Hod is water, Venus-Netzach is fire and Earth-Malkuth is earth).

This is the sphere where the much fertted over and debated Lucifer "Prince of the Power of the Air", resides and rules over all the Goetic daemons who dwell ONLY in the astral realm (in truth all the planetary spheres have "a" Lucifer presiding over them) granting all who approach this Lucifer correctly the "power of the air" which is both a specific boon of supernatural powers and the license to command his airy legion.

Because the numerical configuration of "9" relating numbers constructs a Tetrahedron, the air of the astral realm now becomes hot or infernal and the Goetic daemons take on those heated qualities- blistering, scorching, a slow boil, or a warm breeze.

The rebellious European Lucifer shares much in common with the wildfire Eshu, or Nkuyu (Lucero) of the African magickal  religious traditions.

All are falling stars, comets, or asteroids who fell (or where thrown) from the heavens to smash into the earth. Trailing behind them was billions of tiny defiant sparks which became the multitudes of "personal" Luceros, Eshus, and yes even Lucifers who are the caminos or roads back to the main source from which they spawned.

Trajectory of the Falling Star
In my tradition of Goetic Magic, we are shameless unafraid of Christianity and the mental ill demiurge of Abraham (YHVH-Jehovah). We call the lighting bolt path on the tree of life what it REALLY is; the trajectory of the falling star, which shows that Lucifer touched each planetary sphere (leaving behind a residing a planetary Lucifer) and his volcanic rebel heart came to rest as the molten core of the Earth it's self.

The Goetic damons are spirits of combustible air set alight by his blazing heart.

They are spirits of sulfur, who's heat can warm or char with equal efficiency.

It is of vital importance that a true worker of Goetic magic understand his or her own place among the these daemons.

The astral realm is rife with dangers.

Any adherent of magical practice will inevitably find themselves infected with astral parasites- vampiric larvae, lemures, maggots, etc.

Being in proximity to the fervid influence of a Goetic daemon, acts as burning sulfur to these parasitic spiritual ticks. Their very nature is the cleansing power of fire; purifying a space like a Bunsen burner, sizzling off the filth and scummy film from your aura.

However, the Goetic Daemons DO NOT regulate their heat.

As a responsible adult you must know your limits.
Cleansing fire or consuming fire?

That same fire which just cleansed your energy field can very suddenly engulf and consume you.

That roasting fire which ate away the spiritual maggots eating you, can just as easily become a generative force which supports the birth of more vampire maggots.

The Goetic Magical Tradition is for the mature and responsible ONLY and you enter into the the infernal at your OWN RISK as you are quite literally handling many types of fire in your spiritual and magical journey with the Goetic daemons.

The Goetic tradition has been made mockery by the Golden Dawn and O.T.O. Goetic daemons are not spirit guides, they do not have your best interest at heart, and they are not especially forgiving.

Anyone making WILD claims about how much money, power or immortality that can be gained from evoking Goetic daemons are frauds, or lairs at best, or at worst under the direct influence of a particularly malevolent Goetic daemon who is forcing them collect other equally foolish souls to own and or feed from.

A Goetic magic can indeed gain handsome wealth, power and longevity through their spiritual alignment to the Daemons of the astral, however this is done through measured and calculated steps.

If you still stand resolute in your willingness to know this fierce path,  I urge caution and I implore you to tread carefully as the path you would choose to walk is razor thin.

However as a long time traveler of the Goetic landscape... I can honestly say it is the most brutally beautiful spiritual wilderness European sorcery as to offer.

-Papa Crocodile

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