Sunday, August 30, 2015


Nsala Malecun-Malecun Nsala Zarabanda
"Where iron seduces steel, or metal finds rapture with mettle, I see him there. The train of destiny rolls on forever. His is an unstoppable locomotion, cheered ever onward by the crowing of the cock, and the echo of baying hounds. His whistle pierces the night's veil of silence, its shrill blast chases away the lingering ghosts haunting the dark, and shatters my illusions of doubt. He rumbles across creation with impunity over the backs of the wicked with a champion's roar. The tracks are open he bellows. The way is made clear. The machete leads the way and defends all who follow. He is Zarabanda!"

-Papa Crocodile

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  1. "Nsala Malecun" looks like it could sound similar (and is about the same spelling as) to "Salam Alaikum". Both are said forwards and backwards in sequence. Another case of old abrahamic religions taking pieces of the neighbouring traditions perhaps?