Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Goetic Daemon Clauneck: The price of merit.

All things have merit or a weight of measure that a value placement can be assigned and once a value has been discerned anything can be made a commodity for trade. Even we people are price assessments to each other, and should esoteric lore be correct, we find our value actively assessed by non-physical entities also.

This is how we start investigating the principalities of the spirit Clauneck”, a prominent spirit of the Grimorium Verum, and member of the Goetic spirits proper.

Dominant to magical themes of Europe’s dark-ages was estimating the worth of a soul, and haggling what could be gained in respect of wealth or supernatural powers in selling it to an agent of, or the “Man Downstairs” (the Devil) directly.
The Sigil of the Goetic Daemon Clauneck

The Grimorium Verum says this about Clauneck , “has power over, goods, money, and finances”, “can bestow great wealth”, and finally, “he is much loved by Lucifer”. The last entry is auspicious knowing that Europe’s magical practices saw the Devil, attributed to being Lucifer, as a spiritual pawnbroker.

A quick aside; Lucifer is not a name but a title, and contrary to common erroneous belief, there are thousands of entities holding that title not just one.

Any Lucifer is an intercession entity, and cardinal to the fixed position solar mysteries (astrological Leo) at the center of the crossroads, universal or otherwise. In the earliest Kaballa based Christian cults was the Jesus-Lucifer solar dichotomies both being sons (suns) of God and equally representing, “the light, the truth and the way”.

Lucifer opens or closes the doors of destiny, and blocks or unblocks the roads of progress.

The many European Lucifers have shaped the Exu legion of the Kimbanda cult of Brazil and Lucifer’s counter parts are the many caminos (roads) pertaining to Ellegwas, Eshus, and Luceros of African Diaspora religions.

Clauneck much loved by Lucifer” is an agent thereof, and so entrusted with accessing astral bank vault. Clauneck is who a myriad of modern day Hermetic occultists demand or beg money from, and while rightly so this is where their understanding of Clauneck’s vast dominion begins and ends.

Principle to the mysteries of Clauneck is decreeing of value.

In the Grimorium Verum Clauneck is first or “numero uno” in the ordering of the eighteen servitor spirits.

This is not happenstance.

Cauneck’s numbering demonstrates his supremacy within the legion’s hierarchy, and denotes the respect held for him by Lucifer. However even more importantly the number one is the first indication of value by which all value is essentially an addition or subtraction of 1 or a sum totals of 1s.

It is through Clauneck that the tradition contained within the Grimorium Verum can go from “0” or un-manifested to “1” meaning manifested, or a no-thing to a some-thing.

A brief dissection of Clauneck’s sigil helps glean insight into his nature.

The sigil of Clauneck is an amalgamation of the brain, eye, and heart with a hint of the male phallus (the function is the same in respect to female genitalia).

The brain, eye, heart and phallus are four weighing scales by which merit is assessed.

1. The brain with knowledge and experience.

2. The eye deciphering ascetic and contour.

3. The heart through emotional reactions.

4. The phallus by way of sexual charge or interest.

While these scales are separate, they do not operate independent, and full evaluation is the result of tallying all the final registers together.

Clauneck’s sigil illustrates how we weigh the merit of whom and what we interact with. This illumination is not meant to initiate exercises in going against our natures, nor trying to deny what we have always done. Making assessments are paramount to our wellbeing and survival. Rather we should use Clauneck’s sigil to make these value judgments with amplified clarity through our source of new found insight.

As a spirit of acquisition, commerce, and wealth, Clauneck is “free market” in the most extreme sense. Just like the “market” Clauneck has no moral objections, and will offer advice on trafficking humans as dispassionately as he would if queried on the selling of cupcakes. Clauneck cares nothing for the product it’s self, but instead its worth.

As off-putting as this seems it terms of unnerving frankness and uncorrupted honesty, Clauneck is priceless in his unbiased counsel.

All initiates of the Goetic tradition I inherited must willingly stand on Clauneck’s “auction block”.

What transpires is a mentally arduous and physically excruciating ritual in which Clauneck
evaluates the potential of the subject. A rough but fair rendering is issued and the seeker is left to consider his or her options. Those truly desiring strength will heed the verdict and commit themselves to the labors handed down to remedy the discovered short comings. Those who ignore Clauneck’s ruling possibly find themselves bought and sold, but I can say nothing more about this.

Undoubtedly the Goetic tradition I practice demands the forging of a resolute and uncompromisingly stiff upper lip.

Luckily you do not have to occupy the rank and file of my Goetic tradition to benefit from consulting Clauneck. You will however need to prepare yourself for the brazen unsweetened truth Clauneck will spoon feed you when asked for his adjudication.

Clauneck pulls no punches in detailing what it is about you, or what is in your life which either devalues, or increases your own personal merit.

The mystic or magician would gain much by taking advantage of Clauneck’s unflinching authenticity, and petition Clauneck to make a full assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses.

There is no other Goetic spirit who can tell you with such exactitude what you ought to either ditch or apply ample spit and polish in order to better sell yourself to potential employers, friends or lovers than Clauneck.

In my spiritual temple Clauneck is conjured with regularity so that all members can best promote their own health, wealth and wellbeing. Clauneck sees that this temple’s merit supports and is supported by an abundance of successful workings and people who consistently increase the value of this ever growing community.


  1. Thank you. You're so on point. Clauneck is straight up & brutally honest but he's only trying to help you get the best possible results from his assistance. He helps those who are willing to help themselves & work on needed self improvements. He won't waste his energy assisting those who are too lazy to work on their own goals. If you work on balancing your energies and improving yourself on all fronts, he will bestow you with an easy, comfortable life and financial security. Remember that he is a king, and not a servant. He's willing to work with you and offer you his friendship if you're willing to show strength & will power. If you follow his advice & show him that you're determined to be successful, he'll be a good friend to you. Always keep your word with Clauneck, & follow through on everything you need to do to benefit optimally from his blessings. He takes care of all of his children & delights in their successes like a proud father. Be respectful to him.