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Airy Astral Goetic Energy Breathing and intro to the Alchemical Mysteries of the Daemon "Xaphan"

** The following information comes through my Goetic-Grimoric Magical tradition only. If it existed intact in anyone else's Hermetic tradition(or other wise) such as the O.T.O,  or The Golden Dawn (for example), this would have been both exploited and jabbered about ad-nauseum by now. I divulge this information to educate and empower you as an individual occultist, but not to boost or support the above mentioned impotent and dying Hermetic factions.**

The Tree of Life Glyph
It should be obvious to any marginally studious occultist that the Tree of Life Glyph is highly representative and reflective of the human body. The Middle Pillar path which is, in descending order, above the head linked with the third eye Uranus or Kether, at the throat the invisible Pluto or Dnaath, the heart center/solar plexus the Sun or Tipareth, at the groin and sexual reproductive organs is the Moon or Yesod, and placed on the feet is the Earth or Malkuth. 

These five sephirot or planetary spheres mark the primary psychic centers of the human body and denote the grand principle importance of the spine with it's reflection as the universal column or axis mundi. 

The development of the Middle Pillar path, or universal central column is far and away the single most important act a magician or sorcerer can do to become a super charged transmitter and transceiver of various frequencies as all as open themselves to notable increases of psychic, supernatural and paranormal talents. 

Because we are focusing on Goetic-Grimoric magical practice we find ourselves near fixed (not quite but very close) in the sephirot of Yesod also known as the planetary sphere of the Moon or Luna (Lunar from the masculine prospective), and collectively known as THE astral realm. 

This is not to be thought of a "confined" but instead think of this as a set of extremely beneficial saturnine boundaries. As we tend to the wonderfully fertile soil of the astral realm, we grow the miniature Tree of Life belonging the Luna sphere.  It is the puce hued prismatic emanations from this tree that through the astral staging ground sends vibrational influences back out to the Tree of Life Glyph representing the sum of you which then radiates out to the Tree of Life Glyph which represents the sum of the Universe (As above, So below).

Or something like that...

Qaballa's Naughty Parts
Yesod is the realm of refined air. Not the pure primal essence of air from Uranus or Kether (symbolized by the Ace of Swords Tarot card, yes I know A.E Waite flipped Sword and Wand meanings for the Tarot deck), and above the elemental realm of air where the slyphs reside, but an airy astral realm of  refined quality which is neither primal but steps above crude.

Yesod is  intersectioned at the humans groin/sexual-reproductive organs and midway below the naval .

Without giving away oath bound secrets I need to give glimpses into the cosmology of the Daemonic entities I inherited.

The conflict story of Lucifer vs. Jehovah is a preschool version of the actual story.

The daemon Lucifer was never in conflict with the Highest of the High, The Most High, or Creator Prime (who is supreme to all and Jehovah/YHVH is a dirty butt-hole of a demiurge and nothing more) however there was a violent ejection from the Highest of the High in which Lucifer made the trajectory of the falling star, rocking into the physical plane and star seeding life on all realms he passed through.

The daemons of the Goetia (who are all Yesodic or Astral daemons) are the ignited spirits of combustive air and support what is called the Kingdom of Darkness or burning embers.

It must be stated that the Kingdom of Darkness is NOT what Left Hand Path Satanic idiots portray it to be. Through Christian demonizing, it unfortunately is the source of the above mentioned stupidity.

What the Kingdom of Darkness really means is the "Hidden" Kingdom.

We live primarily in the physical realm and we can "see" the world we live in.

However the "Hidden" Kingdom is the world which comes before the physical world. Because Ritual Magic which includes Goetic Magic was largely a secret tradition until very recently (1960s), and the Astral realm was a dark or hidden place.

It is not until realization of the Astral realm occurs, does knowledge of it's existence act as Promethean fire, igniting the pyres of the Astral and the Kingdom of Darkness which now becomes the Infernal Kingdom.

Like the actual moon, the astral realm has no "light" of its own, only the light of the personality (the sun face) can make the Astral realm reflect in glorious displays of techno-colour.

This igniting spark in known as the daemon Ukobach (we will go over him in a future blog) and once the fires are lit it is the function of the daemon Xaphan to keep them burning high and bright.

Because the Astral or Yesod is nestled near the sexual-reproductive organs of the Magician, and because Yesod is the realm of refined air, deep breathing exercises focusing on this psychic energy center are an essential alchemy belonging to the daemon Xaphan keeping you sexual life force (fire) strong.

Xaphan. Note the curvature in the belly and his exhalation.
The Goetic daemon Xaphan is of a highly inventive mind, and came up with the plan to set fire to all of Heaven siding with Lucifer in the war with YHVH (not really but whatever). Before his plan could be enacted, Lucifer and his host where expelled from Heaven, cast into the abyss. Xaphan is said to be charged with keeping the fires of hell burning.

Xaphan is the inventor of the bellows, as well as any type of air compression systems.

In my Goetic Tradition the daemon Xaphan, through Goetic mediumship, transmitted the lifelong practice of energetic breath work for my magical order.

This art infuses the whole body with all grades (primal, refined, elemental and crude) of air energy, which includes the infusing of the body with astral air stimulating sexual energy (magic) and vitality.

These breathing excises are aimed at turning the Magician's lungs and diaphragm into a "bellows" which is mirrors Xaphan using his bellows directing fresh life energy (air) keeping hot the flames of the Infernal Kingdom.

In a past post we discussed the Astral realm's link to blood, however the second part of that connection is revealed here, its not just "blood" but oxygenated blood... or "breath over the waters"...
He bellowed for a bellows.

The first breathing exercise will latter become the cap stone of all the  breathing exercises contained in the mysteries of Xapahn (completing yet another mystery, but that is for another time).

For all its myriad of importance points I expect you to work on this for a full year before moving forward. I also will not be adding second installment for year so you really have no choice.

Some might notice that the breathing exercises of Xaphan  are similar to Daoist/Taoist practices. While there is a vague semblance that sameness will quickly fall away.

You will eventually want to preform 72 repetitions with this exercise. However that is not so easily attained. This exercise will force you to maintain both visualizations, and slow soft breathing, or you will get very dizzy and even throw up.

Whether you want standing, sitting, or laying down, that you choose for yourself. I prefer sitting tall in a chair but that is just me and my years of experience talking.

One your first long soft relaxed inhalation (USING YOUR NOSE)  you must "see" in your third eye, and from a bird's eye
view (midway below your navel and above your sexual organs) a circle with a dot in the middle. Timed with your inhale four arrows begin moving outward in the cardinal directions. This will help you inflate your lungs fully (front, back, right and left)  massaging your inner organs, and introducing copious amounts of oxygen to into your blood.

On the exhalation (USING YOU MOUTH) the arrows reverse back and move toward the center point. This will help you expel and empty excess energy. The lips of the mouth should be like blowing through a straw and you MUST exhale very soltly.

If you look at the picture of the Goetic daemon Xaphan, you will see his stomach pulled in noticeably toward his spine (see Xaphan's illustration above).

 This illustrates the importance of this act.

Now as you are exhaling you will in your third eye see a bight glowing image of yourself  (keep it yourself for now) directly in front of you and "feed" that image with your exhalation making it a tinge bright with each exhale.

Inhale again and begin a new repetition.

Once you have reached your number goal or simply reached your limit (I reached my limit many times in the past), on what is to be your last inhalation, inhale the image of yourself through your nose and compress it gently in your psychic center midway below your navel and above your sexual organs letting it dissolve away as your exhale.

Give yourself a moment's pause to ground and center.

You are done.

This a developmental practice and as such takes time to develop.

The higher the level of refinement, the more you are served with you practice and quality of life.... in other words don't fucking ask me for exercise number two any time soon....

-Papa Crocodile

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  1. So Lucifer really was at war with Yahweh, but the popular story is wrong...

    Anyone of true courage and a good heart will admire, respect and look up to Lucifer for his bravery and heroic rebellion. It's funny how so called "Truthers" who are meant to be standing up for good can be a Christian when their tyrannical, slave-condoning, genocide-condoning, immoral bully shit hole toilet hungarian stall hooker of a God is in line with the Elite... Everyone has it backwards!!!!!! Here's to the truth!!!