Friday, September 4, 2015

The nature of daemonic pacts: the real and the raw.

I gather through the high volume of queries I am receiving  on the nature of daemon pacts that  some one or some ones on my list of usual  fraudster/moron suspects are claiming to offer "pacts" with demons.

My first piece of advice concerning this subject... if the individual offering to pact you in with a spirit comes from or is connected to anyone claiming to be a "Living God"... run, run fast and far.

All true pacts are blood pacts
These unclean ass-clowns are laughably the most atrociously misaligned pseudo-occultists are degenerate scum bags on the internet and their current, prior, and most certainly, future bizarre troubles both personal and legal is irrefutable proof of that.

For the love of fuck's sake.

I advise you all to take note of the date of this posting as you will notice what I type here will become to "new" norm of how daemonic pacts work.

My April 8th 2015 posting on the pact with the Nfumbe is now being copied and pasted onto Palo Mayombe websites and forum threads word for word with no mention of where it came from... and trust me these other so-called Tatas did NOT learn it from their shitty preschool level Palo ramas (traditions).

The same will happen on Goetic/Ceremonial magic websites, and forum threads with what is about to follow.

A pact with a daemonic pact is a BLOOD pact.

If you are told no blood is needed you are being lied too, the person is either purposely lying to you, or they where lied too and taught the same corrupted line of bullshit they are trying to feed you.

Why blood?

In most pedestrian terms, blood IS life... duh.

However it has deeper implications.

Imagine the Tree of Life Glyph/Qaballa as a back yard with a swimming pool.

Eight planetary spheres or sephirot (Neptune/Chokmah, Saturn/Binah, Jupiter/Chessed, Mars/Geburah, Sun/Tipareth, Venus/Netzach, and Mercury/Hod) float like beach balls in the pool.

The concrete that makes place for the pool is Earth/Malkuth.

Uranus/Kether is the potential that allowed this all to happen.

Now... the water in the pool... that is the astral realm, and the Moon/luna or Yesod, where the Goetic daemons reside.

If you compare yourself, your body to the same diagram... the astral realm of your body is blood... the fluid which your whole your life floats on.

This is why blood is fed to the Goetic spirits in the case of pacts, as you are giving them both the energy and the "space" required to occupy the premise of your pact with them.

Are you selling your soul to the daemon?

Sure, if you are an idiot, and the Goetic daemons will accept it. Its your life, its your soul, and you can do with it what you will, and that includes squandering it away.

The Goetic daemons are not there to baby sit you, or encourage you to think about your actions. That is your job, your responsibility and why only a mature well-reasoned mind should have anything to do with REAL magic.

This is one of many reasons Christianity and the other two nanny style religions headed by the Demiurge of Abraham (Jews and Muslims) do it's best to co-opt and demonize the Goetic daemons.

The Goetic daemons are intelligent non-physical applications of effective power.

You can make shit happen with them.

Mr Nanny Jehovah mad you think too much!
You don't need the big Hebraic Mr. Nanny in the sky (YHVH-Jehovah) for anything, but like any despot or illegitimate State (all States are illegitimate.... fuck Romans 13) he/it will make it seem otherwise.

However the ONE benefit is you do not need to think, all your choices are made for you, and it is better if you do not think for Christianity, Jew-tianity and Islam are NOT for thinking or the free willed.

The Goetic daemons on the other hand pre-assume that you have well thought and reasoned your decisions with them.

It is NOT their fault if you have not.

Goetic Magic is freedom.

Freedom means experiencing the consequences of your actions, and all that entails.

So if you offer your soul, or go to the uninitiated twit offering to sell your soul to a Goetic daemon for you, then well... that sucks.

I can fix this for you, but I will warn you it is expensive and there are hoop to jump through.

Or you can offer your blood.

Part of the TRUE mysteries of the Goetic Magical Tradition is the realization concerning just how valuable you as a human being are (see Clauneck). Your blood is precious and a highly prized commodity (YOU are a precious and highly prized commodity).

So fucking treat your blood as such!

The Goetic daemons (expect for Caluneck and ONLY if asked... thus his priceless rarity) will NOT tell you the staggering worth of even a drop or your blood freely given, as they are not required to do so and it is YOUR responsibility to discover the grand merit of your own self worth.

I have seen the conditions of pacts where people agreed to which require them to other three to nine drops of there own blood a day!!!


What sub-human loaf (I have my suspicions) would batter such an awful pact for someone else? Someone who does not know true Goetic Magic and a person who does not understand the value of human life... that is who (the same suspicions apply)!

A blood pact gives a small drop (one to three) at the time of the initial pacting, and then a single drop of blood to maintain the agreement, once a month!

That is it!!!! This is HUMAN blood, and YOUR blood to boot!

So ask yourself, what are you worth? Is your life of great value (hint-hint... it is) or is your life the equivalent of the going rate of a Hungarian toilet stall hooker?

I don't know if there is such thing as a Hungarian toilet stall hooker, but you bet for damn sure I would pact he and or she with a Goetic daemon with just as much value in respects to their blood as a I would say a United States President (talk about a group of men who are mostly Hungarian toilet stall hookers).

What do you get from a pact with a Goetic daemon?

I shudder to think of the weapons-grade stupid surrounding what people have pacted with Goetic daemons for.

In my tradition this is what you ALWAYS receive:

1. The daemon's protection.
2. The daemon's influence, dominion, and principalities directed towards benefiting your life.
3. Access to some of the lesser daemons that make up the legions under the daemon you are pacting in with.
4. Some form of permanent steady monetary gain.
5. Improved health and vitality.
6. Longevity.
7.  Increase of psychic ability.
8. Dreams concerning the daemon and the increase of lucid dreams.
9. Premonitions of the future.

There will be differences in how say the Goetic daemon King Bael does the above as opposed to how the Goetic damon Fruitimere fulfills the above.

In exchange you are required to feed the Goetic daemon and give it payment for it's work (law of equivalent exchange... yep Full Metal Alchemist got that from the Goetic Tradition).

Is a pact for life?

If you offer your soul... then yes.

If you offer your blood...then no.

Once you stop feeding the Goetic damon, the Goetic daemon stops working for you, and it is no longer bound by the terms of the pact.

Almost always when you begin feeding the Goetic daemon again, the pact begins anew and the benefits resume.

How do I make a pact?

You don't.

Only someone initiated into the Goetic and Grimoric Traditions, and with intimate knowledge of these traditions can make a safe and effective pact for you.... that is a SLIM number of people.

There are protocols one must follow, those protocol I cannot reveal and those receiving the pact from me are sworn to secrecy concerning it.

I will say this, a special sigil is made, kept and usually carried on or near your person.

This sigil will become a vital part of the person's Goetic spiritual and or sorcerous practice.

There is A LOT I have to pass on in respects to it.

If you are interested in pacts with Goetic daemons contact me, as a pact can either be one of the best or worst things to ever happen to you and you and I both want it to be among one of the best.

-Papa Crocodile.


  1. Do you compromise yourself by offering your own blood? What is blood to a goetic daemon, just astral lifeforce? What do they gain by you offering your blood, it must be staggeringly valuable for one drop a month in return for the sheer general benefits and personalised agreement. And you know full metal alchemist you are a million times cooler

  2. Yes your own blood freely given is have great value. There is a method to close the wound with no ill effects toward you and purify it however that is a secret part of the pact.

    1. Thanks, also, those 9 benefits you listed, are they good "side effects" per se of the Pact because there is the main desire that is pacted for right? Be it knowledge of a certain area and those 9 other benefits are just side effects.

  3. Is there any private way we can contact you?

  4. Your posts are absolutely mind blowingly hilarious and packed with diamond style content! LOVE!

  5. Your posts are absolutely mind blowingly hilarious and packed with diamond style content! LOVE!

  6. Is information on pacts something you are willing to teach? Can you do a pact at a distance? I am outside the US.

  7. :)) :)) Are you talking about E.A. Koet with the 'living god' thing ? :))