Friday, September 25, 2015

Death of Ghost Hunters: Tragic yes, but lessons can and ought to be learned.

Mark and Debra Consantion, contributors to the Travel Channel's hit Paranormal Show "Ghost Adventures" and EVP (electronic voice phenomena) specialists are now dead, plus one other.

The couple has a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, and Mark's strange erratic behavior was becoming common place (Debra also had also started exhibited similar traits too).

Mark shot the roommate of his estranged wife Debra, and proceeded to kidnap Debra.

Latter confronted by police, Mark fired at them through a door, and held Debra hostage as hours of negotiation ensured during the stand-off.

Prior to killing Debra, Mark and his daughter Raquel (who is also the daughter of Debra) attacked her while she was getting out of her car in front of her house, and dragged her into the residence.

While inside Mark and Raquel savagely beat Debra, breaking her nose, and Mark strangled her into unconsciousness.

Both Mark and his daughter where charged with kidnap and battery.

I believe, as do others, the behavior Mark and Debra came as a direct result of the irresponsible, and fame-hounding methods of paranormal investigation both employed.

Divination by way of my M'paka, throwing the N'kobo (shells), and consulting select Goetic Daemons, confirms for me that Mark and Debra both where plagued by malicious earthbound spirits who compelled Mark into obsessive violent actions.

This unfortunate situation illustrates the dangers of what can happen when you provoke spirits or other entities, and even worse does so without:

1. Proper initiation.

Initiation into a spiritual tradition is vital to delving into and exploring the reality of spirits and the afterlife.

Anyone telling you that you do not need initiation to safely approach, and or make regular communication with entities residing in the spirit world, they either grossly misinformed or worse and more likely, despicable liars.

Stay away from these people, they are not in right relationship with the spirits, and they cannot put you in right relationship with the spirits.

Initiation means you have been properly introduced to the spirits of a religious tradition.

The process of undergoing initiation is an act of self sacrifice showing the spirits you are willing to follow rules and protocol.

Spirits of a tradition who have been feed a certain way, pacts made a certain way and summoned a certain way for THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of years by MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people are not willing to make exceptions in how they interact with humans, and even less so to make exceptions just because someone thinks they are "special".

Initiation finalizes an agreement with the spirits, and they in turn keep their agreements with you, as you keep your agreements to them.

Until you are initiated, to work effectively in the spirit world, you should get close to a spiritual temple run by a legit priest or priestess of the religion or traditions you feel called to.

Being in contact with an authentic spiritual temple provides certain spiritual blessing, protections, and offers benefits which will open the door and ease the road to initiation.

2. Knowing how to cleanse. 

Most everybody does some form of daily bathing.

The physical body gets dirty and needs to be washed. The same goes for your many grades of energetic and spiritual bodies that need washed for the exact same reasons your physical body does.

You step in dog shit, and especially if your barefoot, more people than not will RUN not walk to wash their feet.

What happens if you choose not to wash your foot?

Disease, parasites and possible infection are likely.

In my dealings with certain people and spiritual based situations, I sure as fuck feel like my astral body (or all my energetic bodies) stumbled into a steaming pile of dinosaur shit.

You energetic bodies collect all matter of astral filth, and psychic sludge.

Keeping your energy bodies clean prevents spiritual diseases, parasites and psychic maladies.

You probably out to be cleansing at least 2-3 times a week for general up keep purposes.

If you are a priest or priestess and heading a temple, preforming spiritual consultations, or cleansings for others you must cleanse yourself 4-5 times a week.

If you are engaged in spiritual battles or psychic warfare, you must cleanse yourself daily.

Paranormal researchers should cleanse before an investigation and right after. They should also cleanse every day for three days in a row after each subsequent investigation.

A paranormal researcher should carry on their person a prepared amulet or talisman which will strengthen their energetic defenses, and have a solid relationship with their true spirit guides.

Spirit guides from the ATR/African Diaspora religious perspective means knowing who your Met Tet (Voudu), Congo parents (Palo Mayombe), Guardian head spirit (Espiritismo/Sanse), Exu or Pombagira (Kimbanda) or Head Saint (Ifa, Ocha, Santeria, Lucumi) is.

Paranormal researchers should also offer light and elevation to their ancestor spirits on a consistent basis.

There protocol, which are what any serious spiritualist should follow, will almost guarantee the paranormal researcher will not have earthbound spirits pulling on the loose strings with their psyches such as in this tragic case.

This sad situation is on the heels of a consultation I have well over a week prior with someone very close to another high profile paranormal investigator.

He tells me of his disturbing self destructive behavior, his crisis of personality, frequent bouts of distorted thinking, night terrors, and long fits of maniacal laughter of which he claims not to remember any of it.

Spirits and daemons are very real.

If angered or just plain malevolent spirits or daemons can attack from the most peculiar of angles, and unlike you, they do not require rest nor sleep, meaning the can be restless in their press against you.

You cannot imagine spirits or daemons away and the popular New-Age White Light shielding does nothing to protect from these assaults.

Earthbound spirits are the dead who occupy some of the lowest levels of the spiritual world. They are responsible for the great majority of hauntings and tend toward violent desperate behavior.

Many (not all but close to) of the so-called "demonic" encounters are rightly that of a particularly strong and oppressive earthbound spirit who desires attention, and to feed off the fear he or she illicits from the living.

Earthbound spirits are known to attach themselves to people and places alike. In people they devour their vitality, and pull at loose threads in their psychologies, and in the worst cases leverage murders and suicides.

The newly dead come into death in the way they left the world of the living.

Those who meet their ends in extreme psychological distress, rage, or great terror are often who become earthbound spirits.

Because the Western world is widely disconnected from their ancestral roots, and do not develop relationships with authentic spirit guides, they rarely have familiar spirits waiting for them on the other side to guide them through the realm of the dead.

Its very easy to become lost, confused and even forced into servitude by much stronger earthbound spirits or even non-human entities.

Imagine an 11 year old Asian girl dropped off alone at a Las Vegas bus stop around 3 am. The potential for disastrous and vulgar exploitation is rife, such is the odds faced by most of the newly dead of the Western world.

In other words their is no shortage of malignant earthbound spirits, so when researcher go looking for troubled ghosts to entertain a large viewing audience with or to satisfy their own local chapter, they can sadly usually deliver.

I am not against paranormal research, and I regular engage in investigations and run spiritual experiments, however I adhere to strict protocol.

I do not provoke earthbound spirits, which is a sure fire way to elicit possibly violent encounters and reprisals.

Imagine someone barging into your "home", calling you names, challenging your life style, questioning your choices and poking fun at you and your family.

Good chance someone is going to the hospital... or morgue.

Why should speaking to the spirit of a dead person be any different than speaking with a living person? Are the consequences expected not to be the same?

I am an initiated priest of Palo Mayombe, I am on point with a number of Voudu Loa (spirits of Haitian Voudu) through a Bokor tradition, and I have made real pacts with the daemons of a few Grimoric traditions.

I regularly offer light and elevation to my ancestors.

I cleanse myself spiritual almost daily.

Even with all this protection, I treat the dead with their due and proper respect and conduct my work with dignity.

I cannot say the same about the typical paranormal investigator, and if things do not change it is likely we will see this kind of tragedy again.

I find it particularly out of line, and yet oddly in the same vein as the irresponsible fame-hounding method that got Mark and Debra assailed by earthbound spirits, researcher (??) Steven Huff claimed he would communicate with Mark and Debra Constantino with 24 hours of their deaths.

I suspect I might be making a cautionary blog post about Mr. Huff one day.

What ought to be done is a lighting of white candles, and an offering of elevation to a earth bound spirits, but instead I see the paranormal investigative community paying lip-service to the tragic event but scheming to be the "big shot" researcher who provokes Mark or Debra's spirit into a beyond the grave tell all.

If tragic ghost stories is what the paranormal community wants, with their flagrant disrespect of the dead, and psuedo-occult knowledge.... their will be plenty of them.

Remember, follow spiritualist religious protocols, venerate your ancestors, keep yourself spiritually clean, forego the fame-hounding, and you will make profound headway into your own investigations of the hereafter.

I will do a blog on how to cleanse soon.

-Papa Crocodile.


  1. How do you suggest that we get closer to a spiritual order / temple so that we can get initiated if you had no relations before? And are you open in anyway to initiate people?

  2. This is a powerful piece. Hadn't heard of this happening to the couple, not surprised though.

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