Monday, April 18, 2016

Palo Mayombe GENERAL tooth and mouth care for the uninsured and or until payday.

Not too long ago I posted N'gurunfinda's cue for a man's abscessed tooth.

Toothaches i.e infections are awfully painful and can, overtime, become more threatening than just the constant pain. The infection can spread, and cause not only pain throughout the entire line of teeth on that side of the mouth, but even reach the sinuses.

It can get really bad.

I am of course NOT a doctor, nor a dentist. So, please consult one of either for all your tooth care needs.

That being said, as a spirit wellness coach... (yeah... that) I can relay an experiment that yielded seemingly beneficial results.

I was contacted by someone who read the previous blog about N'gurufinda's remedy for that particular man's accessed tooth (which by the way, he says, is better and does not at all bother him.... he does however continue with the coconut pulling a few times a week).

I was whispered too by my Nfumbe that, while effective, that specific recipe and method is not suited for everyone.

This person had an abscessed tooth and canker sores in the mouth as well.

They had very little money, and no insurance.

A dentist had told her she could come in for greatly reduced in price work, but that was scheduled for three weeks out.

She could not sleep and her whole life was suffering.

I went back to my Nfumbe, and in trance mediumship, this recipe came down:

Half cup of Coconut oil
5 drops of Tea Tree oil
5 drops of Clove oil
5 drops of lavender oil

Alternatively if you cannot afford or have access to all those oils, Tea Tree oil and cheap olive oil is still effective.

Half cup Olive oil -or- Coconut oil- if possible.
10 drops Tea Tree oil

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Take as much of the mixture in your mouth as you can comfortably handle.

Swish the mixture in your mouth in a slow methodical fashion for 10-15 minutes. Maybe 20 minutes if the pain has been very bad, and do so three times a day...especially right before bed so you can sleep.

Do not swallow.

After your chosen time, spit out the mixture in the trash or outside.

Risen your mouth with warm water.

This practice seems to greatly reduce or even eliminate the pain, stave off or even kill the infection, and allow life to become normal again.

Still of course see a dentist when you can, and or when you can afford to do so... but until then... in my personal experience and from the experience of another, this will help you until then.

-Papa Crocodile, or Doc Croc as I was recently called.

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