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Recent success using the "The Queen of the Hairy Flies-She who aids in the discovery of precious things" AND Clauneck's blessings of treasure hunting.

Early in my occult training my godfather had me hand copy a very small and worn looking booklet entitled, "Queen of the Hairy Flies. She who aids in the discovery of precious things".

I cannot call it a Grimoire per-say, but it does contain a secret of natural magic which I have now on two occasions successfully employed.

This application of natural magic is relatively simply in it's utilization and I believe usable by anyone so inclined without much hassle.

I have spent time looking for this publication on-line and I have yet to come up with anything other than a few minor mentions.

If anyone knows where I can obtain an actual copy, I would be very grateful. 

I will for the benefit of my blog readers, post in it's entirety, what I hand copied all those years ago.

The Queen of the Hairy Flies

Among the many acrobatic winged insects, there is none more remarkable than the Queen of the Hairy Flies. 

Usually found in the summer months on the flower of the common water plantain, also known as mad dog weed. Common water plantain grows in ponds, lakes and on river banks. It is these places the reader is encouraged to look for the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

To catch her alive, chase it with a butterfly net.

When you have one in your possession, secure her away in a transparent glass box, or jar. 

Give her air twice daily and feed her with leaves from the plant on which she was on when you began to chase. She can live more than a month or more if tended too carefully.

To discover the locations containing precious objects, even those buried deep, you will need pleasant weather. 

Now, holding the glass box/jar containing the Queen of Hairy Flies in your hands, and go off exploring keeping your eye on the jar, noting her movements.

Common Water-Plantain
When you find yourself on a patch of land containing gold or silver, she will flap her wings. 

The more vigoiously she flaps her wings, the closer you are. The less she flaps her wings, the further you are from where the treasure lies

However, if the land contains precious stones, the Queen of the Hairy Flies trembling shall be in her feet and antennae.

But, if the land contains only common metals, which are lesser in value, she will simply walk without convulsions. The quicker she walks the closer you are, the less she walks, the further away you are.

She is the same fly that the Hindoos* use in their search for places abundant in riches

By using this method you can avoid often futile and expensive searches.

With perseverance, you can make a fortune a thousand times quicker than those who rely on chance alone.

As you see, this is a science of nature magic, inexpensive and readily employed.


I recently came across my hand written notes while re-organizing my belongings, and I was inspired to try my hand again at being lead to treasure by the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

I set off with a butterfly net and to serenade my Queenly guide.

Not disclosed in my notes above is a short but hauntingly pretty song to be sung while searching for the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

I believe this song was not to be part of the original criteria concerning the Queen of the Hairy Flies, but likely came through the multitudes of white or black table spiritism sessions conducted by my godfather and his godfather, etc.

I will not document this song as, like I stated it was likely not part of the original method, and there are things which are unique to my spiritual temple that I cannot openly reveal.

Upon capturing the Queen of Hairy Flies, I gingerly placed her in a mason jar which I had already made air holes in the lid, and had placed both a plantain leaf along with a moistened (not wet) ball of cotton.

What follows next is part of the Goetic tradition practiced in my spiritual temple. 

This is not part of the Queen of the Hairy Flies method, so do not feel as if you need to imitate it (the first time I used the Queen of Hairy Flies method I was wonderfully successful and I did not do what I am about to detail).

I include it only to document the tradition inherited by me, and kept by my spiritual temple.

The mason jar I decorated with pink, white and silver ribbons, and washed with blessed water letting it dry for 24 hours before housing the Queen of the Hairy Flies. 

Sigil of the daemon Clauneck
Latter that night I drew the sigil for the daemon Clauneck (Grimoirum Verum) on a cement floor, affixed a candle to its center and placed a glass of water next to the candle.

I prepared the ground with whiskey sprayed with my mouth, and cigar smoke. Next I dripped the blood of a pigeon I lanced through the neck and heart over the sigil of Clauneck.

I lit the candle and evoked the daemon Clauneck.

The glass of water looked as if I had poured champagne in it instead of tap water, with the amount of bubbles which quickly appeared. 

I sprayed more rum, and cigar smoke over his sigil and presented Clauneck the still warm body of the pigeon. 

I placed the jar containing the Queen of the Hairy Flies on top of Clauneck's sigil, and asked that his spirit intermingle with the Queen of the Hairy Flies, his dominion over treasure finding greatly influence her own natural magical talents, and amplify the power of the work.   

In mediumship I could hear Clauneck agree to the terms in return for the offerings.

I threw the astragals (divination dice, three(3) six(6) sided dice) to double check. 

The result was extremely favorable, validating my mediumship, and ensuring success. 

I let the Queen of the Hairy Flies sit on the daemon Clauneck's sigil overnight. 

Early next morning I retrieved the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

I headed to a location heavily trafficked by hikers and campers. 

The Queen of the Hairy Flies remained very still at first, but after 45 minutes of me walking around the location, she slowly began to beat her wings. 

I paid very close attention to the speed of her wing beats in relation to the direction I was walking. 

Finally her wings beat at a rapid clip and then...a fever pitch. 

I placed the jar on the ground and started shifting through the sandy dirt with my hands. 

After scooping away a few handfuls...lo and behold...a thin gold ring with a diamond setting. 

Satisfied, and a little stunned... I returned the Queen of the Hairy Flies back to where I captured her and I released her with praises of admonishment. 

The ring at its appraisal was valued at $500, and I was offered $425 for it. 

I decided I would keep it, as I have ideas for maybe bestowing it as a gift.

The daemon Clauneck will soon receive a small token of appreciation as well. 

-Papa Crocodile

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