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WARNING from daemon Trimasael: Weaponized SUPER Drugs produced by secret Military program & Yellowstone Volcano disaster.

As part of an unfortunately all to often "on again-off again" occult/medicinal collaboration project I am engaged in with a very talented Obeah and Voudou adept (consequently he is my Obeah initiator... so yeah I am an Obeah man as well); I was in the process of trance mediumship with the daemon Trimasael (Grimoirum Verum), creating philters (potions or elixirs) which would promote health, reduce inflammation and lessen pain for his lower income clients needing immediate relief from ills.

If you are not familiar with Trimasael here is a very easily found account concerning his dominion:

Trimasael teaches chemistry, alchemy, and all means of conjuring through deceit or sleight of hand. Trimasael also teaches the mystery of making the Powder of Projection, and the means of which base metals can be turned into silver or gold.

During the medumship session, the daemon Trimasael took the information being transmitted to me down an avenue I was not expecting.

In hindsight I believe that Trimasael, because I was asking the daemon about chemical/alchemical solutions to benefit the poor, the daemon divulged this information as it would not only be helpful to the lower class, but also because of the chemical/alchemical nature of the original discourse.

I was recording information coming through Trimaseal via automatic writing (an elixir of lemon, garlic, honey, red peppers and rosemary distilled in rum), my trance state shifted into a sudden daemonic assisted astral projection, and I was now looking at what was decidedly New York City.

Trimasael directed my attention down a manhole, then through a labyrinth of sewer tunnels and cordoned off old subway tunnels into a very modern lab underground lab.

The lab only had four people working in it, dressed in full protective gear, and hard at work.

This now is the EXACT words of the daemon Trimasael:

"Approaching prefect here in exacting detail is the near unconquerable potency of the vices which these workers' labor has produced. This is chemical warfare, and one who is run too, not ran from. This weapon, like poisoned water, will flood the lowest point of society first. Ravage the lives there, deplete the wealth there, and serve to eradicate all currently occupying this station as well as all who stumble into it. Stumble they will. Fire and then ash will push them, from the middle outward, push them out to the edge and then over it".

"From the middle outward, push them out to the edge and then over it". Trimasael's  words repeated over and over again in my mind.

I was now standing in a city I know very well.

Los Angeles.

Trimasael once again directed my attention down a manhole and through the twisting, crumbling underground of Los Angeles. There again, was a lab very similar to the one in New York City.

These are super drugs they make here...I intuitively understood this.

Far stronger and superior in their addictive quality then anything we have ever seen. They will be deployed with target precision to specific areas where their dissemination will be quickest, and their impact radius the longest lasting.

These areas are chosen by way of intensive behavioral analysis and personality profiling of the people living there.

These super drugs are a weapon.

They are meant to absolutely cripple the economical and societal progress of all living in and around these areas. These drugs will most assuredly produce hyper dependency, and create an environment of ultra-violence in order to obtain what is needed for the addict to get more of their choice drug.

Because of the increased hostility and desperation of the junkies, the hand picked dealers will need to be even more predatory and brutal which will lead to far reaching misery and death.

There will be overdoes en-mass as predicting the dosage of such potent drugs will be difficult.

Star of 5 stars worn by top General and Admirals
"The generals of the star of five pointed stars commissioned the labor. They served the true masters of this American facade, who's intelligence agencies now carry out those directives. They have run trials and learned from tests. They have targeted with selected ills upon unpopular populations. Measles, syphilis, H.I.V, influenza, and Alzheimer's are their concoctions. They are not physicians but priests of plague, harbingers of fetid decay and stinking death".

I could now see trucks and vans, some bearing government license plates, some not. They transport these super drugs from secret labs to regional storehouses, who then distribute to local dealers.

"The houses of black alchemy dot all along the western and eastern seaboards, the line all along the southern boarder serving the above and below (I think Trimasael means American and Mexico) and hold position across the northern boarder (which I know Trimasael means the Canadian and American boarder)." Trimasael says to me.

A nightmarish infrastructure is being built along the most outer edges of American society.

I could see and understand that.

"Look there", Trimasael points. "The Phoenix hatches, the red lion belches sulfur and life is renewed on backs of charred corpses. Earth's great alchemy to ready the springtime for a new humanity, but only after fifty years of winter".

Following with my eyes to wear Trimasael's long orange finger leads, I see a massive flash of light and felt before I heard, the great concussive shock-wave.

The Yellowstone volcano.

"Fire and then ash" said Trimasael.

The agenda was made clear.

The super volcano at Yellowstone is long over due. It is well established that it is not a matter of "if", but a matter of "when".

Yellowstone will erupt and the crisis have near immediate global repercussions.

If the elite are lying in wait for this event, they have laid a terrible trap for the survivors of this horrendous event.

"From the middle outward, push them out to the edge and then over it"
The eruption will push near all the survivors outwards from middle America to the furthermost of America's coastlines.

The overcrowding, competition for resources and struggle for power will be tremendous.

The trap will be easy accessible (the foundation is being lain right now) new super drugs which will render the population under the control of the supplier's who are actually working for the same quasi-governmental/para-military who devised this plot and commissioned the making of these weaponized super drugs.

People will die en-mass from overdosing, they will starve to death because they would rather get a fix than eat, they will kill each other to steal money to buy drugs, or take the drugs someone already has.

They will trade their time and labor for these drugs, and would be easily extorted into all sorts of vile acts to obtain them.

The children of these new junkies, who would be largely incapable of getting clean ever again, will be easily collected by a beefed up FEMA and CPS joint task force.

Hey Illuminati and you stupid fucking Christians get your hands OFF those kids!!!  
Such a task force was deployed ahead of the directed and Rothschild patented energy weapon which caused the earthquake in Haiti. The amount of Haitian child who disappeared is still unknown, but numbers at least in the couple thousands.

Near one third of the Haitian child population was orphaned.

Numerous "Church Groups" where either caught or suspected of kidnapping Haitian children to sell on black markets as well.

Taken for medical experimentation, sexual slavery, snuff films, CCTV gladiatorial sports (do not for a moment think that snatch who wrote the Hunger Games did so without outside help. That book and the movies that followed are part of a preconditioning program to excite the younger generation to child based gladiatorial events) and or organ harvesting for the elite's life extension technologies.

I am not meaning to alarm, worry or fear monger. The daemons speak prophecy for very likely futures but NOT definite ones.

I share this ONLY because the experience dictated I do and I have MANY people out there I deeply love and care about.

-Papa Crocodile or Doc Croc as is my Obeah name.

As of the publishing of this blog I can find supporting evidence for Trimasael's warning.

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