Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A brief introduction to who I am and what I am about.

Nsala Malecun Malecun Nsala

I am Papa Crocodile, I am priest of Palo Mayombe.

I was formally initiated, or "scratched" into Palo Mayombe under a Full Scorpio Moon, on the night of May 13th.

My initiation into Palo Mayombe was the culmination of 20 plus years of being lead by both the right and left hand down a shadowy and intimidating path to what my first Godfather termed the "fire at midnight". A spiritual enlightenment that did not forsake, nor shun the physical body but instead recognized "God" in your guts, blood, semen, and tears while extolling the virtues of both the dark and the light.

My first Godfather was a Houngan Asogwe of Haitian Voudu, or highest ranking priest, as well as a master ritual magician of the High Magical Arte.

For over a decade I was, with measured steps, brought into the Goetic and Planetary Ritual High Magic of the European grimorie traditions under his tutelage.

I have fully initiated into the mysteries of the Grimorium Verum, The Black Raven (The Book of Faust), Ars Goetia, Red Dragon (Grand Grimorie) and Black Hen. These above mentioned codexes where purposely left incomplete or penned wrong to stymie the non-initiated and infuriate the "dabblers".

My Godfather inherited these grimorie traditions not via the droll, and over intellectualized Western Mystery schools, but rather a red hot sorcerous linage of Bokkors from Haiti.

During the Haitian slave revolt of 1790 while the French Plantations where set ablaze by the fires of revolution, the grimories of  former slave owners where pilfered and carried away into the jungles of Haiti.

A type of re-genesis took place as the gaze of African eyes fell on the sigils of European spirits. These former slaves realized that these grimories contained the true secret power behind the French, Spanish and Portuguese and sought to possess it for themselves.

These mostly Congolese former slaves applied the methods of African spiritism to contact the Goetia spirits.

They did not want to hide behind magical barriers, or isolate the spirits inside containment fields in order to inquisition them.

Rather like with their own tribal ancestor spirits and deities they desired full integration with the goetic spirits.

They delved head first into the mysteries of these European genies by inducing full spirit possessions.

Only by full immersion into the dominion of each goetic specter could the African sorcerers truly know the hidden power behind their once captors. Now not only could the goetic spirits be wielded against Europeans along with their own tribal magic, they had a deeper understanding of the European mindset that shaped western civilization from the shadows, and how to use that truth for their own benefit.

Many of the late 1800s secret societies of Haiti such as the Bizango, the Sanpwel, the Flying Men, and werewolf and vampire societies, even the tradition of Jamaican Obeah, has at their foundation the structuring of the magical orders and hierarchies as found in the European grimoric traditions.

 When I was first seriously introduced to the Goetia spirits it was the early 90s. There was no "Google", no "PDFs", and the internet was still largely the intranet...available to CEOs, college professors and members of Government and associated agencies.  

My mentor gave me the sigil and name of the goetic spirit only. I was expected to summon that spirit, converse with it and detail my findings. I was tasked with discovering what it looked like, sounded like, knowing it's temperament, what works it could preform, and what dominions it held.  After a month or more of daily evocation of the same spirit I would reconvene with my mentor and we would compare notes.

Over time my mediumship flourished and the information I would receive from these blind evocations was almost spot on.

Once I had come to know a spirit well enough I was brought into its particular Arcanum and alchemical practices.

Only after I could prove I had gained the blessing of the spirit did a process of inducing possession commence to seat that spirit into its governing place inside my physical and astral body. This effectively put me "on point" with each spirit that I would have full access to them and might do the same for others.

Most (near all) in the western mystery school have no inkling that each goetic spirit has its own large and unique body of rituals, charms, tools, herbal formulations and alchemical practices attributed to it alone.

In truth each spirit is a pertinent stone in the building of an astral temple.

The mystery story of King Solomon references this and contains a number of other essential mysteries to the goetia tradition which are all but extinct. In my house these mysteries are not only revealed but embodied by the initiates that they should be passed down intact to a new generation of magicians.

It is after 20 years that I finally have the spirit configurations of the 72 of the Ars Goetia, the 18 of the
 Grimorium Verum, and the 9 of the Black Raven fully integrated into my spiritual matrix.

Brick by brick each astral temple was firmly constructed, and foundations unshakably fixed into my astral frame work. 

Within my house the same "brick by brick" approach is adhered too.

There are no overnight magicians, and no 6 month masters.

These traditions are measured in terms of years, and through proof of mastery.

Should the powers granted by a spirit include "no injury by fire" then you are required to prove that you have attained the blessing of this spirit.

If you have then you will pass if not you will be burned.

 It’s that simple...pass or fail.

There are no subjective interpretations.

Nothing is taken on faith.

I passed, and so I know others can too.

The goetia spirits are highly present and very active non physical intelligences. They do what they say they will, and expect that you honor your pacts and agreements with them in return.

While I see a certain value in what the O,T.O, Thelema, and Gold Dawn offer, I have yet to anyone from these traditions who has any understanding of the goetia past the utmost surface level and none have ever passed any "proving” tests with their prior experience alone.

Like my godfather did for me, I will open all the doors of my house for all those seeking; however I do so only when they have demonstrated they are ready to have those doors opened. 

I say that not out of any sociopathic need to be elitist, as matter of fact I was initiated into these traditions on the condition that I ought to be an agent of topple against individuals and intuitions that spit and shit down on the so-called commoner from ivory towers, protected by temporal and artificial power structures.

I say that because the goetic spirits are not psychological aspects or constructs, nor they figments that can be unimagined or disbelieved whenever most convenient to the magician.

The goetic spirits cross the spectrum of psychological, physiological and spiritual in terms of their influence on a human being.

This must be accounted for as once contacted they initiate a contingency of effects that will run its full course on the magician.

If the magician is careless or not as prepared as they presumed to be, folly and mishap often are the result.
I serve as Magican, Priest and King of my house located in Boise, Idaho. I take that position very seriously. I protect my godchildren and members of my temple with true ferocity whether it is magically, spiritually or even as on a few occasions physically.

 Within my house the mighty traditions of Palo Mayombe, Goetia Necromancy, and true European Witchcraft and Daemonology reside alongside the magnificent practices of Sanse, Alan Kardec spiritualism and 21 Divisions Voudu.

The physical temple will be opening soon where healings, misas, white and black table events, rituals, meetings, gatherings and consultations will take place.

I am in constant contact to do blessings, healings, cleansings, soul retrievals, exorcisms, divinations, and consultations, protection work, past life, spirit guide readings and all other manner of spiritual and magical work.

Often times I am being asked to clean up the shoddy and most times downright shitty work of a few well known magicians of internet celebrity status, and to correct the missteps of certain “long in the tooth” neo-pagan influences sadly still here in Boise, Idaho.

If you are called to experience firsthand what authentic Palo Mayombe, Goetic, and African based spirituality is like, please contact me and I will let you know when our next event is taking place.

-Papa Crocodile