Sunday, December 29, 2019

Soul Retrieval: A Great Work for 2030.

The Temple's Botanica! More coming soon!
The Temple of the Machete who wins all Battles thanks the Court of the Physicians who blessed us with the following transmission. In 2020 the Temple of the Machete who wins all Battles, with the aid of the Commission of the Physicians, embark on an ever continuing, never-ending journey of soul retrieval and healing of soul fracture for its members, both individually and collectively. 

For the better part of 2019, I have been discreetly speaking and working with individuals all over the political, scientific, and metaphysical spectrums. Among all three, several general consensuses have been formed. 

  1. We are not alone in the universe, and we are ten years out to KNOWING that, not just understanding it. The implications and gravitas of what is coming will forever change humanity in the most fundamental ways and shake the majority of belief systems to their very core. Even those who think they are ready are nowhere near prepared. We as a species are a decade away from an integration that will either define us as humans/earthlings or sweep us away like we never existed. 
  2. We are about to have a full realization that we are not alone from a planetary perspective nor a dimensional one. The habitations of not only the seen but the unseen, all have a tangible effect, and we will no longer be shielded from either. 
  3. The heralds of this grand precession to Earth’s revealed place among the cosmos are primarily vibrational. They are attempts by many, many entities to manipulate and formulate for themselves more accommodating Earth and compliant earthlings. Through the projection of harmonic and resonant tones, they mean to create mental and spiritual cracks and fragmentations as well as an unraveling of the DNA. Piggybacked on to these frequencies are highly sophisticated programs that will embed themselves into the fractures and unraveled DNA. These will start executing re-coding protocols that will work with but ultimately against the human organism, altering it into a divergent species.
  4. Through re-anchoring and re-aligning ourselves with the nature and harmonics of this Earth, re-learning to live on and in this planet, re-focusing our attention back to earth customs, and reconnecting to our ancestral lineages, we can survive this soft pre-emptive attack. 

In my consultations with the Seven Chief Loa and the 21 Commissions of Spirits, the Court of the Physicians stepped forward. With the direct instruction of all the Seven Chief Loa, the Physician spirits have developed a method to cure this affliction. They call it the Four necessary components for Soul Restoration. 

The Four necessary components for Soul Restoration. 

Often people experience events or endure conditions that shut or slow down their spiritual development and progression. The more you understand these conditions, as well as the blockages they caused, the quicker you can integrate those fragmented parts and move forward towards your soul's great work. Generally, there are two types of soul fracture. 

  1. Multi-Generational.
  2. Trauma.

Both types are uniquely damaging to your spiritual matrix, as well as your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Healing assisted by spiritualist methodologies can prove exceedingly useful and mix well together. 


One's heritage plays a significant role in the health of his or her spiritual progress and matrix. There can be issues with anger, betrayal, shame, abandonment, or even addiction within a person's ancestral lineage. If left unresolved, these can influence a person into behaviors and/or cause them to live out the negative choices or emotions of their ancestors. A person might also choose to ignore their ancestral roots, creating separation, and eventual fragmentation of their soul.

To experience wholeness, one must aim to correct dysfunctions within their ancestor line. By offering yourself and ancestors the opportunity to both heal and reconnect, you solve multi-generational problems.


The damage caused by traumatic experiences can significantly hinder and even halt one's spiritual growth. By expanding awareness beyond the event and activating our dreaming capabilities, you gain access to spiritual teachers, healers, and guides. When sufficient trauma occurs, our souls can fracture and shard. Piece of ourselves can get lost and or left behind in a particular moment or moments in time. 

We have long known that time is not linear. Only our perception of it is. When parts of our soul become broken and imbedded into points of time, we establish a link to that experience. We continue feeling it, seeing it, and being affected by it because we are still actively a part of it. The concept of the past is an illusion. To truly make the past our history, we must bravely recapitulate, recollect, and restore the shattered pieces of our souls. We do this by enlisting the aid of dreams as well as personal spiritual guides, teachers, and healers. 

The Four necessary components for Soul Restoration.
  1. Nature is humanity's original and primary temple.
  2. Spiritual Guides.
  3.  Personal Power and its Source.
  4.  Healing across time and space. 

Nature is humanity's original and primary temple.

Do you feel guided by your dreams and intuition? Do you feel an affinity or even energy exchange between yourselves and natural objects or phenomena, such as rocks, rivers, wind, or trees? Do you share a particular relationship with plants and animals? Are you called to spend more time in raw or sparsely populated environments? Do you know, or at least feel that you know, the world is alive and all humans are part of it? If the answer is yes to most or all of the above, then the Earth is likely your primary spiritual temple. Within it, you shall find profound healing and restoration. 

Earth-based religions such as Voudou, Creole/Indio Spiritism, Palo Mayombe, and Osayin connect, or instead reconnect, you to the tools and guides you need to achieve full soul retrieval.

Spiritual Guides. 

For as useful spirit guides can be, they can be equally problematic. Spirit guides must be vetted and validated before their advice should be considered. It is common for a spirit, well-meaning or not, to offer sub-par or disastrous guidance. Neither is it uncommon for someone to have a false or delusional attachment to a spirit who is not their spirit guide. Some spirits are obsessive and relentlessly hound or vie for the person's attention. Even if their intentions are good, and seldom is that the case, they are not worthy of being a spirit guide. 

Aligning with legitimate spiritual guides is essential not just to soul recovery but lasting spiritual development and progress. Spiritism has effective protocols in both discovering and deciphering, which is and which is not a personal spirit guide. 

Personal Power and its Source.

Power is how we act and project upon the world around us. The more fragmented and dispersed our soul, the less focused our strength is. When one is suffering from Multi-Generational issues and or trauma, resulting in soul fracture, they experience a loss of personal power. They feel as if nothing they do seems to matter.

Having access to personal healers, teachers, and guides will allow an individual to discover their power source and how to lay the foundation to contain and build even more. As you collect and call back the fragments of your soul in restoration, you gain more and more personal power. All your mental, emotional, and physical bodies knit together stronger upon your spiritual matrix. 

The greater your power, the more self-control you can apply to all circumstances you find yourself. The stronger one is, the less slights, offenses, or tribulations will affect them. The more personal power you retain, the higher the degree of strength you can direct towards your great work. Personal teachers, healers, and guides will help you locate and fix holes or leaks in your power. Also, they advise you on how to increase your energy and how best to use it. 

Healing across time and space. 

As briefly stated above, we have long understood that time is not linear. Only our perception of it is. To engage is full-spectrum healing and soul restoration, it is vital to know you are capable of moving not only backward but forwards in time. It is possible that you can heal both your younger and older selves from where you are right now, as well as collect your scattered soul fragments across inner and outer dimensions.  

Through the intercession of personal guides, healers, and teachers, an individual can travel relatively freely and safely through time and space. We can call for doors to be opened, and paths made accessible, as well as ask for insights on navigating the labyrinthine universal mind while maintaining constant orientation. 

We lanch this great work in January 2020.


Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow.

Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batalas is a world-renown circus trained Strongman, Occultist, Martial Artist, Remote-Viewer, Psychic Investigator, researcher, Voudou and Palo Mayombe Priest, author, activist, and adventurer. Spiritual Father of the Temple of the Machete Who wins all Battles, and offers services through his Online Shop. Papa Machete welcomes all people, of any race, gender, orientation, or ability. His only conditions are that you love God, love humanity, and are willing to stand for what is truly right, not just what is popular

Friday, December 20, 2019

Commission of the Congo. You can't go wrongo with the Congo.

The Temple's Botanica! More coming soon!

In Puerto Rican/Voudou or Sanse, the Indio Commission is the waters by which the Cosmic Loa, Gran Simbi Rey del Aqua, also known as the Taino Skyfather, Yocahu, rains down his divine influence over the tradition. So prevalent within Puerto-Rican Spiritism, the Indio commission has within it a near stand-alone and separate tradition of Indio spirituals. However, as watery as Sanse is, Puerto Rican Voudo is not without its fire. 

Enter the Commission of the Congo spirits. 

The Congo spirits are the dynamic and oppositional force to the Indios. Rather than calm and still, the Congos are aggressive and often restless spirits, eager to work and prove their strength and well-deserved reputation. The Commission of the Congos is a large and diverse one. A giant spiritual court consisting of warriors, hunters, sorcerers-witch doctors, Kings, Queens, slaves, and herbalists. Many Congo spirits come through other courts such as the Slaves, Madamas and Madamos, and the Court of the Shamans. 

The Congo spirits are famous for their formidability, courage, and tenacity. The spiritual equivalent of Pitbulls. If there was a"left" hand path of Sanse or Puerto Rican Voudo (there isn't, but "if" there was), the Congos would be that path. The Court of the Indios are not to be trifled with, but there is something a wee-bit spicier, and the sting a little bit sharper when the Congos perform their labors.  

When you look at a traditional Puerto Rican Voudo altar, you will see Indios on the floor to the right of the table, and on the left side, Congos on the ground. These two mighty commissions act as the stabilizing pillars of Sanse, balancing and activating each other. The water and the fire, creating steam and steam the active agent for all the spirits to interact. The Congos make sure the Indios don't get too complacent, and Indios ensure the Congos don't just run wild.

Another interesting thing to consider is that Sanse is a Loa driven tradition, not Orisha. Most of the New World and African Diasporic slaves were from Western Africa. The mixing of Congo and Dahomey spiritualities gave birth to Voudo and Haitian Voudou being the lineage from which the Petro Loa came to earth. The Petro Loa are served through Congo means and with Congo inspired songs and drumbeats.

The inclusion of the Congo Commission and its placement within Puerto Rican Voudo is no mistake and undoubtedly no coincidence. Sanse does not deal specifically with the Petro Loa like Haitian or Dominican Voudo does and most definitely not as the secret societies of Haiti such as Makaya, Zobop, Loupgarou, or Bizango do. Still, their influence can be brought down by a Chief Loa and their flavor detected in the Congo Commission.  

Without the Congo court, Sanse would belong to the Orisha via the Court of the Africanos, and be more similar to Afro/Brazilian spiritists faiths such as Umbanda or Candomble. 

The Congos are breakers of black magic and curses par-excellence. They lift hexes and resolve causes with ease. Watching them defeat evil is like observing a big scary scorpion be unmercifully swarmed and devoured by thousands of Army ants. Enemies can throw their worst. It matters not. The Congo spirits overwhelm whatever is sent, then follow its trail back to whoever sent it. 

As a priest or Tata of Palo Mayombe, any Mayombe ceremony I preform is a Congo spiritism session in the purest sense. However, even those who are not initiated into Mayombe can still perform very effective Congo spiritualist sessions through Sanse, or Puerto Rican Voudou. After Baptism, one could receive a Cauldero Espiritual or Spiritual Cauldron. The Cauldero Espiritual is a bloodless version of the N'ganga or Prenda used in Palo Mayombe. A strong focal point for the Congo spirits and the counterweight to the Indio Pot. 

Similar to how I conduct weekly Indio Cordons, I do the same with Congo spiritist sessions and for the exact same reasons. I believe the cleansing and tempering with hot and cold energies, water (Indio), and fire (Congo) make me a stronger medium, priest, warrior, man, and ultimately human. This frequent application of alchemical temperance makes it damn near impossible to hurt me spiritually. I'll admit, I enjoy hearing about the continual mishaps and calamities which befall my enemies. In fact, ruination has become so commonplace for a few of my enemies I can now tell which is an Indio or a Congo version of returning their evil upon them.  

All they need to do it stop coming at me.  

The Court of the Congo spirits is served with red and black. They enjoy Tobacco, water, spiced rum, and okra. They really like hit black coffee with a little dark rum and three red chili peppers in it. 

Offer the Prayer to the Congo Spirit and start drumming a congo beat or turn on some Congo drum music. The Congo speak through the earth and fire, the flowing of the blood and the dripping of sweat. Rhythmically sway and use your hands and fingers to play different beats on your body (you are a drum... a profound mystery there). Through movement and heat, the Congo interface.

Prayer to the Congo Spirit

Oh Glorious Congo Spirit, for your virtues, you have entered the Kingdom of Heaven. You have obtained the Holy Blessings of God. You are a leader of the heavenly commission of spirits, and you are surrounded by Angels.

I an admirer of your strength and courage, knowledge, and wisdom, ask in the name of the Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit that you fill my body with your powers and help me in separating the evil thoughts my enemies send towards me.

Free me Oh Congo from the snare of the Devil, and the embrace of his demons. Vanish from me all evil spirits and bind their hands and feet, may they never reach me.

Oh, Glorious Congo, With you at my side, I shall defeat my enemies, and with your strength, I shall overcome all my obstacles. With your sublime powers that have been given to you by God, I ask that you help me with my daily needs.

Guard my home against envy, jealousy, and bad faith, and free me of all negative influences. I light this candle in your honor and ask that you illuminate my path. Amen.

Another prayer, lesser-known, but quite common in my temple, is the Prayer to the Black Christ. The world Christ mysteries have remained largely secret and little by little I will reveal what I can. However, any people who suffered have their own redeemers. These redeemers will hear the prayers of anyone and seek to help and give protection and elevation. The people of the Congo are no different. Speak this prayer too.

Prayer to the Black Christ Congo Spirit

Oh Divine redeemer from the Congo,
Oh Divine redeemer from the Congo,
Oh Divine redeemer from the Congo,
You who have suffered every ignominy,
I beg of you not to allow the same to occur to me, oh friend.
May my mate remain true. May my belief not be threatened,
May you guide my every step,
May all bad things stay away, and all good people come my way.
Grant me luck in all my endeavors.
Peace at work and in the street,
and keep my family on the straight path.

The Sanse practiced at my Temple is advanced, becoming better and more refined. My Temple and I will continue to revere the Commission of Congo spirits, developing and progressing spiritually while offering prayers for the advancement of everyone else. Interested in learning authentic Sanse, Puerto-Rican Voudou, and Congo Spiritism? Consider joining our Temple


-Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow.

Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batalas is a world-renown circus trained Strongman, Occultist, Martial Artist, Remote-Viewer, Psychic Investigator, researcher, Voudou and Palo Mayombe Priest, author, activist, and adventurer. Spiritual Father of the Temple of the Machete Who wins all Battles, and offers services through his Online Shop. Papa Machete welcomes all people, of any race, gender, orientation, or ability. His only conditions are that you love God, love humanity, and are willing to stand for what is truly right, not just what is popular.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Transitions from Fire into Light and the Sword of Authority to the Iron Rod of Rulership.

You have entered a rare kind of spiritual Temple. A temple where spirits of Ogun Nation act as principal guardians for the collective parish as well as primary motivators behind the spiritual progression inside the temple.

You may ask yourself questions such as:

  • What is the direction of this Temple?
  • What are the core tenets of this Temple?
  • What should you expect from this Temple, and what does this Temple expect from you?

As Priest and Spiritual Father of this Temple, I've had to ask and will continually ask myself those same questions. To find the answers, I regularly consult Ogun Nation, in particular, Ogun Balendjo, the chief of Ogun Nation and my crowning Loa, Ogun Fegai. To which they ask our Temple to prepare ourselves for hardships and war joyously. We are too ready ourselves, and each other with love and support. The Ogun Nation calls our Temple to fight, asking that we help incite modern-day slave revolts all over the world.

It not surprising that Ogun Nation, a spiritual division comprised of warriors, called our Temple to war and tasked us in a work of global proportions. However, the context of this request must be understood. The battle for which Ogun nation requests our aid is not limited to any specific time or place, nor is it purely spiritual warfare. We are required to prepare for victory in conflicts taking place on the physical and mental realms, as well. 

 Ogun nation is the driving force behind the virtues of:


We are asked to re-evaluate our relationship with these virtues and, if need re-establish positive connotations for those words and ideas. The attributes mentioned above have been manipulated to serve evil deeds and evil men. However, through spit, grit and elbow grease, that tarnish can be polished away and their meanings restored to original splendor. Ogun nation reminds us that:

Winning is a good thing. 
Ambition and the ability to ferry-forth are desirable traits that need cultivation.
Strength is a worthwhile skill to develop. 
The more power you have, the more good you can help support. 
Achieving victory over adversaries and overcoming difficult odds is a cause for celebration. 

Ogun Balendjo makes this next point: 

 There are distinct differences between cavaliers and thugs, benevolent leaders, and authoritarian tyrants. We strive to be champions, brave knights, noble warriors, and charitable leaders in our everyday lives. Ogun nation accepts nothing less from us but recognizes and rewards our struggles to be cavaliers. 

We do not win at any cost nor through deceit. 
We do not feel tall standing on the backs of others.
We do not feel strong by tormenting the weak.
We do not profit from exploiting the vulnerable.

We win through superior tactics and strategies. 
We feel tall standing on our accomplishments, looking out to see what more we can do and who we can help.
We feel strong by lifting others and supporting worthwhile causes.
We profit by demonstrating our strengths, helping others become active, and aligning with like minds.  

To win, we must train in the following ways:

The body: Exercise, martial arts, working with your hands, establishing a hard trade, and healthy living. 

The mind: The continual pursuit of learning and obtaining refinement of skills. Meditation, visualization exercises, creative flows, strategy drills, survival planning, and mastery an art or arts. Development and improvement of communication skills. 

The spirit: The discovery of your Great Work. Interacting and interfacing with non-physical intelligence and energetic consciousness. The exploration for God. Establishing a purpose and search for the meaning of life. 

Ogun Fegai placed his hands upon my head and spoke the following passage:

"And he who overcomes, and keeps my works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations— 'He shall rule them with a rod of iron; they shall be dashed to pieces like the potter's vessels'—as I also have received from my Father." 

Ogun Fegai spoke of God, Papa Bon Dios. God's energy is transferring through God to Ogun Balendjo. Through Ogun Balenjo to the Ogun nation. Through the Ogun nation to Ogun Fegai, and finally, from Ogun Fegai into our Temple. In keeping step with other nations, the Ogun nation started its march towards a new level of elevation and progression. This evolution further enhances the already exceptional capabilities of both the collective and individual Ogun spirits. They are gaining even greater awareness in their ascent towards Papa Bon Dios. God is bestowing this elevation because the Loa kept their promises to God. In return, the Oguns are prepared for the next step of evolution. 

The full evolution of the Ogun nation will not happen in our lifetime. Ogun Balendjo and Ogun Fegai liken this transmutation to fire becoming pure light. Fire sheds light. However, the fire must devour physical matter for fuel. Light requires no material sustenance as God is the source of light. By transitioning from fire to light, the Ogun nation lessens its reliance on physical offerings. They benefit more from spiritual devotion. In return, the Oguns can begin working through our higher refined and more subtle bodies. 

Our tradition of Sanse is already bloodless (animal sacrifice is not required), a great energetic elevation in its own right. But the Loa and the Commissions of Spirits still need varying grades of physical offering for equivalent exchange. 

"The transition of Fire into Light is also the exchange of the Sword of Authority for the Iron Rod."

The Oguns have a fierce and favorable disposition towards weapons of war. It will likely be a thousand or more years (a conservative estimate) before the Ogun nation will show signs of diminished interest in tools of battle. Ogun Balendjo and Oguan Fegai made a proclamation concerning our Temple's tasking and their ascension:

The Ogun nation is compatible with planetary Mars, or Geburah in Qabalistic phraseology. Their ascent is a trajectory closer to God, a merger planetary Jupiter or Qabalistically speaking, Chessed, on their journey back up the Tree of Life. 

For the next 1000 years, the sword of authority, expertly wielded by Ogun nation, will remain firmly in the capable hands of the Ogun Balendjo. Papa Bon Dios is pulling the Oguns' influence from its base in Mars (Geburah) upwards to Jupiter (Chessed) like a magnet. The metal of Mars pours forth, casting the scepter of Jupiter, the Iron Rod. The Iron Rod will be carried by Ogun Balendjo when his Nation is ready, and the sword of authority relinquished back to God. 

Sword of Authority is a weapon of conquest suited to killing. 
Iron Rod is a symbol of rulership that can administer justice without lethal consequences. 

The Iron Rod is a symbol of a Warrior-King who tempers might with mercy. No longer using the sword of authority, but the iron rod. Whosoever holds the Iron Rod does so, like Damocles, with the sword of authority dangling over their head by a string. He or she has power over all nations, realms, and entities. Its wielder bestowed great boons but swiftly judged by its use.  

"May I be as terrifying as Mars, merciful as Jupiter and brilliant as the Sun." Allow this axiom to guide the wielder of the Iron Rod in its appropriate use. 

Ogun nation recognizes we assemble from different backgrounds. We possess varying degrees of skill across a broad spectrum of talents, and all of us have current life circumstances dictating our availability. Our Temple's call to war and to incite modern-day revolts the world over is not without significant consideration on the part of the Loa to us. 

We shall be evaluated by our merits on an individual basis. We contribute to these efforts what and as we are able. Only God and Ogun Balendjo know the exact weight of your heart, and it is by that measure all other metrics are set. 


-Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batallas.

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow. 

Papa Machete que ganas todas las Batalas is a world-renown circus trained Strongman, Occultist, Martial Artist, Remote-Viewer, Psychic Investigator, researcher, Voudou and Palo Mayombe Priest, author, activist, and adventurer. Spiritual Father of the Temple of the Machete Who wins all Battles, and offers services through his Online Shop. Papa Machete welcomes all people, of any race, gender, orientation, or ability. His only conditions are that you love God, love humanity, and are willing to stand for what is truly right, not just what is popular.