Tuesday, April 23, 2019

PUBLIC RITUAL: Love conquers all with Matresas Nation and the Slave commission of spirits.

Matresas Erzulie-Our Lady of Sorrows
Templo del Machete que gana todas las Batallas has just finished its official spiritual opening with a 21 day working with Papa Legba and Legba Nation. Miraculous doorways opened for the temple, both collectively and individually. Last night I had a visitation from one of the seven chief Loa. This temple is highly charged with Ogun energy. We prepare ourselves physically and spiritually to attain victory in all our pursuits.

This Loa reminded me that water is needed to temper the flames and wash away the ash and soot from so much fire.  She reaffirmed the power of the river. The river will eventually wear down even the mightiest mountains, and ultimately love conquers all. My primary focus, and that of the Loa I share the most durable bond is the continuous betterment of the human condition for all.  I do not mean the run of the mill outreach such as feeding and clothing the poor. Though this is essential, I leverage my strength against the real villains of humanity and seek to eliminate them...thus freeing all people from their murderous, vampiric stranglehold.

Matresas Erzulie, chieftess of the Matresas Divison and keeper of the River,  also known as Gran Erzulie cries for humanity and sees that a difference can be made. Under Matresas Nation is the spiritual commission of the Slaves. A commission comprised of all people who lived the majority of their lives, or in some cases all of it, as a slave. The slave commission is sadly among the most ancient commissions as the institution of slavery is as old as humanity itself. The slave commission has grown very concerned as nearly all people who die in this modern age can justifiably be part of the slave commission as almost all people are debt slaves to the elite.

Chains of slavery now chain of liberation!
The slave commission also acknowledges that as of today, this very moment, more humans are kidnapped, trafficked and sold into bondage than in any other point in human history. Just as tragically, fewer people are aware this is happening than in any other point in human history.

Something MUST be done. Matresas Erzulie has spoken, she will begin a new procedure. Where I am currently seeking to stoke the fires of a global slave revolt starting in Lybia, Matresas Erzulie will support that work by creating a greater sense of hope, self-worth, and love in the slaves. This will give them strength and healing, making them ready and able to fight for liberation when the moment comes. Love conquers all. At the same time, the Matresas Division will use their powers of glamour and influence to popularize and make sexy the idea that modern slavery is real and total abomination humanity.

The slave commission will in turn aid the work and do all that is possible to limit the number of individuals joining the slave commission, as well as bring healing, comfort, and when possible, liberation to all those who are presently slaves.

For all who contribute to this essential and great work, the Loa and the Spirit Commissions will bless you with intercession, love, prosperity, health and spiritual progress.

I will begin preparations this Friday, April the 26th 2019 and start the working on Friday, May the 3rd 2019. The working will run for seven days and come to completion on the auspicious 10th of May.

First-tier: $15 donation I will set a specially prepared candle on my temple's veve for Matresas Erzulie as well as the Matresas Nation. I place the prepared candle on your behalf and ask Matresas Nation to bring their particular light and guidance to your life, as you have brought light to them. This translates to health, protection, love, and increases in abundance.

Second-tier: $20 donation provides all the benefits of the First-tier. Also, I will make an offering to the commission of the Slaves, so they may physically and spiritually liberate you from both evil and harm. Also, send me a list of five questions.  I will ask your questions over the veve, in the presence of the Matresas Nation and the Slave Commission.

Third-tier: $25 donation provides all the benefits of the First and Second-tier. Also, I give a specially prepared rose directly to Matresas Erzulie on your behalf and request her personal intercession in your life for any reason you want. Gran Erzulie is "mom" to all the Erzulies, Erzulie Freda and Erzulie Dantor included. There is nothing Matresas Erzulie cannot positively impact.

Fourth-tier: $25 donation brings all First, Second and Third-tiers benefits. Choose either Erzulie Freda or Erzulie Dantor, and I will make a specially prepared offering to on your behalf asking for either Dantor' or Freda's unique intercession in your life.

Fifth-tier: $30 donation brings the benefits of all previous tiers, however, instead of choosing between Freda or Dantor, I will make specially prepared offerings for both Loa to intercede in your life and as always, for any reason you want.

Upper-tier 1: $150 donation brings the benefits of all lower tiers. Also, I will make and send you a prepared "point" for either Dantor or Freda.

Upper-tier 2: $250 donation brings the benefits of all lower tiers. Also, I will make and send you a prepared "point" for both Dantor and Freda.

If you donate, please use Paypal HERE Include questions and personal requests.  You may also email me at templeofthemachete@gmail.com

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Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends ALL who follow.