Wednesday, October 28, 2020

PUBLIC RITUAL: King Djinn takes offense to Operation Dark Winter.

King Djinn!

The following is part of the YouTube public ritual to arouse King Djinn, Ruler of the Elemental Realm of Fire, and end the threat of Dark Winter.

This shall be a big working so it is essential that all four elements and their Kings are called. This will ensure the magician retains his or her own energetic balance, while also safeguarding the work and maintaining the component of complementary forces and dynamic-tension opposition which is the most vital metaphysic of elemental occultism. 

Our primary focus is to gain an audience with the King of the Fire Realm, King Djinn, and to rouse his often over reactionary nature to benefit our cause. Our cause is the burning down and away of the COVID-9 take-over of America, the reducing to ash all probabilities of Operation Dark Winter being successfully implemented, and finally the spiritual and mental (at the very least) immolation of Joe Biden, and actors within the Deep State, through wrathful but righteous flames. 

The magician should prepare themselves to conduct this work continuously for the next seven days once he or she has begun. They should erect a simple altar with a red table cloth and upon it in the middle, a red candle.  This altar should be situated so the magician must face south to see it. The magician, should he or she wish, may place three Tarot cards, preferably from the Rider-Waite deck, on the altar in a triangle shape, the uppermost apex pointing to the red candle. 

  1. The uppermost apex is the Ace of Wands (the power of fire in it’s most pure and raw form).

  2. The right side point is the King of Wands, who is King Djinn.

  3. The left side point is JUDGEMENT, the containing and forming shape in which this working is to take.

In incense is desired, the magician is urged to use scents such as Dragon’s Blood, Cinnamon, Tabacco, or Carnation. 

As far as sigils for King Djinn, I am aware that the Golden Dawn offers one, but I find it suspect and urge the magician to forgo its use. No special preparation for the candle is needed either. A red glass-encased candle is ideal for this work. It is stressed the magician keeps this work as clean, simple, and direct as possible. 

You will make consecrated water in this work. Keep a glass or jar of water for the work but do not place it on the fire altar. Simply flick the water in the cardinal directions after dipping your fingers into it for the exorcism of the water.

Once the work starts please perform this ritual once a day for seven days. This means you will reciting The Kabbalistic Prayer three times a day, once in the morning, as a beginning to the work and before bed. 

If possible wear red, like a shirt or head wrap (bandana) during the working. 

Lastly, there is a notable deviation from the standard east to south to west to north. You will turn clockwise, however, it will be to different cardinal points throughout the working and rarely in order.

1. The Kabbalistic Prayer

Speak this prayer every morning and every evening, and recited as a preliminary to all grand magical and Kabbalistic ceremonies. Make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross over your body and recite this prayer while facing the east.

Be favorable to me oh ye Powers of the Kingdom Divine.

May Glory and Eternity be in my left and right hands, so that I may attain to Victory. 

May Pity and Justice restore my soul to its original purity.

May Understanding and Widom Divine conduct me to the imperishable Crown.

Spirit of Malkuth, Thou whom hast labored and overcame, set me in the Path of Good. 

Lead me to the two pillars of the Temple, to Jakin and Boaz, that I may rest upon them.

Angels of Netzach and Hod, make my feet to stand firmly in Yesod. 

Angel of Gedulah, console me.

Angel of Geburah, strike if it must be so, but make me stronger, so that I may become worthy of the influence of Tipareth. 

Oh, Angel of  Binah, give me Light.

Oh, Angel of Chomah, give me Love.

Oh, Angel of Kether, confer upon me Hope, Faith, and Charity. 

Spirits of the Yetziratic World, withdraw me from the darkness of Assiah.

Oh luminous triangle of the World of Briah, cause me to see and understand the mysteries of Yetzirah and Atziluth.

Oh, Holy Letter Shin.

Oh ye Ishim, assist me by the name Shadai.

Oh ye Kerubim, give me strength through Adonai.

Oh Beni Elohim, be brothers unto me in the name of Tzabaoth.

Oh Elohim, fight for me by the Holy Tetragrammaton.

Oh Melakim, protect me through Jehovah.

Oh Seraphim, give me holy love in the name Eloah.

Oh, Chashmalim, enlighten me by the torches of Eloi and the Shekinah.

Oh Aralim, angels of power, sustain me by Adonai.

Oh Ophanim, Ophanim, Ophanim, forget me not and cast me not out of the Sanctuary.

Oh, Chaioth ha Kadosh, cry aloud as an eagle, speak as a man, roar and bellow.

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh

Shadai, Adonai, Jehovah, Ehyeh asher Ehyeh.

Hallelu-Jah. Hallelu-Jah. Hallelu-Jah.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

2. The Exorcism of the Four

Make the sign of the Kabbalistic Cross over your body (with your right pointer finger touch your third eye, you naval, your right shoulder, your left shoulder, and finally your heart center) and then say in a strong voice the names of the four elemental kings:

1.Nicksa (Nick-sa)

2. Ghob, (Guh-Ob) 

3. Paralda (Pa-ral-dah)

4. Djinn (Gih-inn). 

2a. AIR 

Exorcize the Air by making a long slow inhale then exhaling by blowing out your mouth as if blowing out birthday candles, to each of the four cardinal directions (east, south, west, and lastly north). Facing east again recite the following exorcism:

Fiat firmamentum per Elohim

The firmament must persist through the Elohim. Submit ye Sylphs, or pass away by the current of my breathing.

The Spirit of God brooded upon the waters and breathed into the face of man a puff of life. Let Michael be my chief and Saltabiel, my servant in the light and by the light. Be my breath by the word, and I will command the spirits of this atmosphere. I will bridle the horses of the sun. By the will of my heart, by the thoughts of my mind, and the gaze of my eyes. I exorcise thee, oh creature of air by the Pentagram, and in the name of the Tetragrammaton, which is a firm will and a sincere faith. 


 Remain facing east speak the Prayer to the Sylphs

Prayer to the Sylphs

Spirit of light! Spirit of wisdom! Whose breath gives and takes away again the forms of all things! Thou, in whose presence the life of being is a shadow which changes, and a vapor which passes away. Thou who ascends the clouds and moves on the wing of the winds. When thou breathes forth, infinite spaces are peopled! When thou inhalest, all that comes from thee return to thee! Endless movement in eternal stability, be thou eternally blessed! We praise thee and bless thee in the changing empire of created light, of shadows, of reflections, and of images; and we long unceasingly for thine immutable and imperishable light. 

Let the ray of thy intelligence and the heat of thy love penetrate even to us; then what is movable will become fixed; the shadow will become a body; the spirit of the air will become a soul; the dream will become a thought, and we shall no longer be borne away by the tempest, but shall hold the bridle of the winged steeds of the morning, and shall direct the course of the evening winds that we may fly into thy presence.

Oh, the spirit of spirits! Oh, eternal soul of souls! Oh, the imperishable breath of life! Oh, creative inspiration. Oh, a mouth that inspires and respires the existence of all beings in the flux and reflux of thy eternal Word, which is the divine ocean of movement and truth. Amen! 


Turn clockwise until you face west.  

Make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross over your body. 

Exorcise the Water by flinging consecrated water in the four cardinal directions (turn clockwise to start in the east then, south, west, and north). Continue clockwise to face west again and recite the following exorcism:

*(consecrating the water) Fill a glass with cool water. With the pointer finger of your dominant hand, trace an equal-armed cross in the water (up to down, right to left) and say: 

"In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, this water is consecrated in the name of the Highest to do the work of God upon the earth".

Fluat udor per Spiritium Elohim. 

Let the waters flow on, through the spiritual energies of the Elohim, or ye Undines must roll back through the influence of this consecrated water.

Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate ­the waters from the water. That which is above as that which is below, and that which is below as that which is above, to the accomplishing of the wonders of the one thing. The sun is its father; the moon its mother, and the wind carried it in its womb; it ascendeth from earth to the sky and returneth again from the sky to the earth. I exorcize thee, creature of water, that thou mayest be for me the mirror of the living God in his works, the fountain of life, and the cleansing of sinners. Amen.

Speak the Prayer to the Undines

Prayer to the Undines

Terrible King of the sea! Thou who holdest the keys of the cataracts of heaven, and who enclosest the subterranean waters in the hollow places of the earth! King of the deluge and rains, of springtime! Thou who openest the sources of streams and fountains! Thou who commands the moisture, which is like the blood of the earth, to become the sap of plants! We adore and invoke thee! 

Speak to us, ye moving and changeable creatures! Speak to us in the great commotions of the sea, and we will tremble before thee. Speak to us also in the murmur of the limpid waters, and we will desire thy love. Oh, immensity in which all the rivers lose themselves, whichever spring up anew in us! Oh, ocean of infinite perfections! The height which beholdeth thee in depth! The depth which breathes thee forth in height! Bring us to true life through intelligence and love! Lead us to immortality through sacrifice, so that one day we may be found worthy to offer thee water, blood, and tears, for the remission of sins. Amen. 

2c. FIRE

Turn clockwise until you face south.

Make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross over your body.  

Continue facing south and speak aloud:

Fiat judicium per ignem. 

Let the decree be carried out by the Fire. Ye Salamanders, be calm or be coerced by the sacred fire. 

Speak the Prayer to the Salamanders. 

Prayer to the Salamanders

Immortal, eternal, ineffable and uncreated Father of all things I who are borne upon the incessantly rolling chariot of worlds which are always turning; Ruler of the ethereal immensity where the throne of thy power is elevated; from whose height thy awe-inspiring eyes discover all things, and thy exquisite and sacred ears hear all; Listen to thy children whom thou hast loved from the beginning of the ages; for thy golden, great, and eternal majesty is resplendent above the world and the starry heavens. 

Thou art raised above them, oh, sparkling fire! There thou dost illumine and support thyself by thine own splendor; and there comes forth from thine essence overflowing streams of light which nourish thine infinite spirit. That infinite spirit nourishes all things and renders this inexhaustible treasure of substance always ready for the generation which fashions it and which receives in itself the forms with which thou hast impregnated it from the beginning. From this spirit, those holiest kings who surround thy throne, and who compose thy court, derive their origin. 

Oh, Father Universal! Only One! O Father of blessed mortals and immortals! Thou hast specially created powers who are marvelously like thine eternal thought and adorable essence. Thou hast established them superior to the angels who announce to the world thy wishes. Finally, thou hast created us in the third rank in our elementary empire. Therefore our continual employment is to praise thee and adore thy wishes. There we incessantly burn with the desire of possessing thee, Oh Father! Oh, Mother! The most tender of all mothers! Oh, the admirable archetype of maternity and pure love! Oh, Son, the flower of sons! Oh, Form of all forms; soul, spirit, harmony, and number of all things. Amen.


Turn clockwise until you face north, make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross over your body and speak the following:

Maneat terra per Adam.

Let the earth remain through Adam. Work, ye Gnomes, as I will, or return to the earth in which I will imprison by the Pentacle. 

Speak the Prayer to the Gnomes

Prayer to the Gnomes

Invisible King who has taken the earth as a support, and who has dug abysses to fill them with the omnipotence! Thou whose name makes the arches of the world tremble! Thou who makes the seven metals circulate in the veins of stone; Monarch of seven luminaries! Rewarder of subterranean workers! Bring us to the desirable air and the kingdom of light. We watch and work without respite. We seek and hope by the twelve stones of the Holy City, for the talismans which are buried by the magnetic nail which passes through the center of the earth. 

Lord! Lord! Lord! Have pity on those who suffer! Enlarge our hearts! Let us be free and raise our heads! Exalt us! Oh, stability and movement! Oh, Day invested by night! Oh, Darkness veiled in the light! Oh, Master who never retainest the wages of thy workmen! Oh, silvery whiteness! Oh, Golden Splendor! Oh, Crown of Diamonds, living and melodious! Thou who bears the sky upon thy finger, like a ring of sapphire! Thou who hides under the earth, in the kingdom of gems, the wonderful seed of stars! All hail! Reign; and be the Eternal Dispenser of riches, of which thou hast made us the guardians. Amen.

3. The Conjuration

Turn clockwise to face east, make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross over your body and speak The Conjuration:

You dregs of matter, the Lord commandeth thee by the living and devoted serpent. 

Cherub, the Lord command thee by Adam Jol-Havah!

Wandering Eagle, the Lord command thee by the wings of the Bull.  

The serpent, the Lord commands thee by the Tetragram, the Angel and Lion! Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Anael.

The water floweth by the spirit of Elo-heem.

 The Earth remaineth by Adam Jot-Ha-vah. 

The Firmament was made by Ia-hu-ve-hu-Sah-ba-oath.  

Judgment is made by fire in the strength of Michael.

Angel with the dead eyes, obey, or flow away with this holy water.

Winged bull labor or return to the earth; if thou art not willing that I prick thee with a sword. 

Chained Eagle, obey the sign, or withdraw before this breath. 

Moving serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tormented by this sacred fire and be dissipated with the perfumes I burn therein.

Let the water return to the water! 

Let the fire burn! 

Let the air circulate! 

Let the earth fall upon the earth, by virtue of the pentagram, which is the morning star, and in the name of the Tetragram, which is written in the center of the cross of light. 


Now still facing east say:

Hail and welcome! King Paralda! Exalted Ruler of the elemental Kingdom of Air! In the name of the Highest, I request you send me a powerful Slyphs to aid me for the duration of this day — a Slyph who is most agreeable to my cause and committed to bringing me health, wealth, and protection. 

Turn clockwise to face the west and say:

Hail and welcome! King Nicksa! Exalted Ruler of the elemental Kingdom of Water! In the name of the Highest, I request you send me a powerful Undine to aid me for the duration of this day — an Undine who is most agreeable to my cause and committed to bringing me health, wealth, and protection. 

Turn clockwise to face the south. Approach the altar and light the candle if it is not already lit and light the incense. Now say:

Hail and welcome! King Djinn! Exalted Ruler of the elemental Kingdom of Fire! In the name of the Highest, I request you send me a powerful Salamander to aid me for the duration of this day — a Salamander who is most agreeable to my cause and committed to bringing me health, wealth, and protection. 

Turn clockwise to the north and say:

Hail and welcome! King Ghob! Exalted Ruler of the elemental Kingdom of Earth! In the name of the Highest, I request you send me a powerful Gnome to aid me for the duration of this day — a Gnome who is most agreeable to my cause and committed to bringing me health, wealth, and protection. 

Turn clockwise back to face the east and say:

In the name of God the Highest, this day and this work begins now! 

Now turn clockwise until you face south and the altar of Fire, say:

King Djinn, mighty ruler of the Fire Realm and fearless warrior. As much as it pains me, I must inform you that there is a plot to subdue you and render your influence impotent. A foolish mortal, and buffoon named Joe Biden seeks to implement a long duration of Dark Winter upon the earth. A time where darkness overtakes the light, cold cripples warmth and the air is made cold and moist, heavy with phlegm and disease. 

They laugh at your power King Djinn and belittle the awesome strength of fire. Great King Djinn, do not suffer this insult once second longer! I implore you, send forth your army of ferocious salamanders to teach these fools the grave error of their ways! Do this now! 

King Djinn, if the Dark Winter is defeated, and the oaf Joe Biden scattered like ash in wind by this time next year, I shall have had a prosperous year to contribute greatly to your war-chest. Offerings of goodly value shall be made unto you and your fiery realm King Djinn. This I swear in the name of God the Highest!

The work is finished

* There is no need to banish as the elementals shall return to their abode by work day's end. 

Now a few parting thoughts on the domination of Elemental spirits.

To control and subject elementary spirits, we must never yield to the defects which characterize them. 

A flighty and capricious mind can never govern the sylphs. 

An effeminate, cold, and changeable nature will never control the undines. 

Anger irritates the salamanders. 

Covetous and rudeness render those whom it enslaves the sport of the gnomes.

However, it is necessary to be as prompt and active as the sylphs. It is beneficial to be flexible and attentive to details as the undines. It is good to be as energetic and healthy as the salamanders. It is productive to be as laborious and patient as the gnomes.


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