Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ngurunfinda's toothache relief paste. Yambaka the Malongo Sorcerer.

Recently while I was conducting a large Palo rite, my Nfumbe (a spirit of the dead all priests and priestess of Palo Mayombe pact with) got really loud in my ear about someone in my congregation who was suffering from an agonizing toothache. 

My Nfumbe even let me feel, for a couple seconds, what this person was experiencing. 

The upper right, most back molar.... the sudden searing sharpness took my breath away. 

I could feel myself begin to fade into a light trance, and a wild power step into the forefront of my consciousness.

It was the fierce Mpungo, Ngurunfinda, or Yambaka, sometimes called Bad Face when he is serving up "bad medicine" or poison. 

He is the father of the land, keeper of all the secrets of nature.

He is the warrior branch of the mighty nature spirit Osayin into Palo Mayombe.

A formidable sorcerer, he owns all the herbs, and minerals, and anything which keeps us alive, including food, shelter and money.

I stopped the proceedings and asked a loud, "who among my children is suffering from a toothache that has made it impossible for them to sleep!?" 

A man from the back of the semi-circle of people around me admitted it was him, although stunned I knew this and he was a little reluctant to approach me (latter I was told my facial features had changed slightly, as well as both my mannerisms and movements become short and quick). 

I pointed to the tooth which was causing him so much pain.

He nodded silently.

"Coconut oil!!!!", I screamed. 

My house scrambled to fetch a jar.

"Cloves!", I screamed again. 

My house produced essential Clove Oil. 

"Lavender" , I screamed.

My house produced essential Lavender Oil.

The spirit of Ngurunfinda guided my hands as I quickly added nine drops of Clove Oil, and six drops of Lavender Oil to about a cup of Coconut Oil. I stirred in thoroughly as I sang magical songs of Malongo, secret to my rama of Palo Mayombe.  

I blew tobacco smoke all over the right side of this man's face, and all over the mixture.

He was to immediately take a big spoonful of this and swish it around in his mouth for 30 minutes.

He was to do this twice a day, morning and night, 30 minutes each time until the mixture was gone. 

After the 30 minutes he was to spit it out in the dirt. 

After the very first application, he came to me in tears, and hugged me.

The constant mind twisting pain was gone.

I did not hear from him until four days latter.

He told me the pain was gone, the abscess/infection was pulled out and healed by the oils.  He swears to me there is no more pain, no more swelling, his teeth felt stronger and his mouth feels clean. 

I still recommend he go to the dentist.

He said he would, but until then asked if I would tell him how to make Ngurunfinda's toothache relief paste to use until he could afford the dentist visit.  

Who I am I to refuse?

My Nfumbe asked me that I share this so others can also get relief. 

Again, who am I to refuse?

Ngurufinda! Nsala Malecun! Protect us! We honor you!

Ngurufinda's Toothache Relief Paste

Coconut oil about a cup full.
Nine drops of clove oil
Six drops of Lavender oil

Mix very well.

Take a spoonful twice a day, morning and night. Very gently swish for 30 minutes and spit it out, preferably outside. 

You can repeat the process as need be and make more.

Daily coconut oil mouth pulls are an excellent form of dental health anyway. 

Alternatively you can ground up 2 tablespoons of dried cloves in a mortar and pestle. Add to a cup of coconut oil, and mix thoroughly. 

Take a spoonful twice a day, morning and night. Very gently swish for 30 minutes and spit it out, preferably outside. 

If you end up making Ngurunfinda's paste and it works for you, offer him a fruit or vegetable along with 3 pennies placed in a tree hollow or in the bushes, saying thank you Ngurufinda! 

-Papa Crocodile

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Goetic Daemon Guland predicts a Legionnaires disease outbreak.

Very recently (Yesterday as to the date of this posting) I conducted a consultation session for multiple individuals with the Goetic Daemon Guland. The consultation was for a woman who was being attacked by a mediocre magic worker, and ex-best friend. I was also constructing the amulet of Guland to provide another woman protection for a host of psychic vampires in her life, and to protect her from shadow people, and the malevolent dead who plague her apartment complex in an old, violent crime ridden part of Los Angeles.

I was using to spirit box to confirm the messages I was receiving for them from the Goetic Daemon Guland on an individual basis, but when the word "quarantine" rang out, and was not related to any question asked, as Guland being the Goetic daemon who"can cause all variety of disease", I took immediate notice of all the words which had come over the box.

The words, "carry", "troops", "northern", "yell", and "quarantine". 

"Carry" had been the answer for if she could just keep the amulet next to her bed. No, she needs to carry it. "Troops" was the answer to how Guland will defend her, the daemon will send a troop of daemons to fight for her. "Northern" was the response to a question to personal to share. "Yell" was the answer to if a daemon would answer back to their requests. They are not developed as a medium yet so the daemon needed to yell so they could hear. 

Then "quarantine"... but no question asked.

I saw a pattern.

Through mediumship I could see a respiratory disease, related or named after troops, or being carried by troops currently. 

I immediate began to search Google. 

This needed to be recent and relevant to the present moment or else it was not an oracle prophecy. 

I found this link, an outbreak and contamination of Legionnaires disease, which has been plaguing the northern and eastern parts of the United States as far back as April 2015.

In a post on a forum in early April 2015 I mentioned that the Goetic Daemon Buer of the Ars Goetia has warned of a respiratory disease outbreak on the East coast of the United States. 

On September 14th 2015 in a blog post about the Goetic Daemon Haristum, I also talk about keeping healthy and had strong leanings that something could be amidst. 

So now with Guland speaking about this on his own, and pre-using the words he answered individual responses with to create a prophecy which delivers a rather clear warning.... I find myself with interest fully piqued. 

Goetic Daemons speak in a multi-layered language and they can and often do, use one thing or word as a multipurpose tool. 

I unfortunately can see dark implications of that same message with yelling troops carrying out relocation (northern states?) quarantines. 

But nothing is confirmed yet, its all possibility right now... warnings to be considered.

I will keep you updated in my continuing research and investigations. 

-Papa Crocodile


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Goetic Daemon possession and medium's trance. Goetic Spiritism.

I am gracious my Godfather school me in the 72 configuration of the Ars Goetia, otherwise known as the daemons of the Lesser Key of Solomon,  but it is not the magical protocol of the Lesser Key of Solomon my temple nor I use to interact with the goetic daemons.

Instead I was grounded into the little known spiritualist tradition of the "Black Table", a Ceremonial or Ritual High Magic version of seance practiced by the White Table spiritualists via Alan Kardec, and with the Grimorium Verum as it's occultic foundation.

Why this is exactly is a secret to my temple, but I will provide one clue.

Should you compare the sigils of the goetic daemons contained in the Grimorium Verum to the sigils of any daemon in the 72 configuration of the Lesser Key of Solomon ( for example: Khil and King Asmoday), you will probably note that one of the two sigils would be easier to draw during a medium's trance and or under possession.

Possession by goetic daemons is a very real phenomena and serves to confirm and authenticate the practice itself.

Like the Loa of Voudu, or Simbis, Sambis and Mambis of my rama of Palo Mayombe, the goetic daemons are independent non-physical intelligences which operate/exist for all intents and purposes without the consent or conscious awareness of human beings.

What this means is that you cannot imagine goetic daemons away, and no matter how adept a mental gymnast you may or may not be, there are consequences to summoning them because they do not need your permission to leverage effect on the physical world.

During a Black Table spiritual session, it is desirable to coax a goetic daemon to take full possession of an attendee.

A full possession means that the personality and waking consciousness of the physical host is temporarily ejected while the goetic daemon interfaces directly with the brain (not the mind) of the physical host and, for a little while, assumes motor control as well as vocal and sensory directives.

In this state the goetic daemon may communicate directly with the Master of Ceremonies (who leads the Black Table) and the other attendees. The goetic daemon may also move about the confines of the ritual space, and or demonstrate supernatural and or psychic abilities.

The goetic daemon while interfacing with the brain of the physical host will usually, for the time it is utilizing the person's body, unlock the many startling potentials we all have hidden inside us, and use those latent abilities to administer to the attendees.

The physical host will have extremely limited, if any at all, knowledge or memory of what happened while possessed.

Not uncommonly when the personality of the physical host returns, after the goetic damon has departed, they will find these abilities still somewhat available to them and if they are smart the person will seize on maintaining and developing those abilities rather than letting them become locked away again.

Medium's trance with the goetic daemon Guland.
In my personal work with the Goetic daemons I will fall into a medium's trance, and establish what is sometimes called a "two-headed" possession.

In this state I am still in full control of my motor functions, and both verbal and sensory facilities.

However the goetic daemon is deeply intertwined and can strongly influence my actions, but it is still me who makes the conscious choice of what it is I will or will not do.

The goetic daemon is also very close to my brain and communication is greatly amplified.

Full possession to take place while I am alone is just unproductive as I would not be conscious to wittiness, nor will I remember it.

All full possessions have the sensation of dying attached to them as the personality of the physical host is being ejected.

The person feels distressed, a dizzying sinking feeling general follows, breathing starts to get difficult and their consciousness begins to fade.

It is never comfortable or particularly pleasant.

Now in full possession under a goetic daemon it gets even more eerie.

The goetic daemons have never been carnated, never been born and are not spirits of the dead.

They don't have experience being human and their minds/intelligence have never been anchored into a physical brain.

 They have a truly noticeable frequency that is airy, expansive and hot.

The physical host often experiences vertigo, if as they are being turned inside out physical and mentally.

I also hear a loud howling wind over what sounds like an old dial up modem when a goetic daemon is in the act of possessing me.

In a medium's trance is how I work my goetic practice, make goetic items, channel instructions, do divination, consultations, and ultimately any goetic sorcery.

In a medium's trance I feel the tell tale sensation of an outside energy slipping between my energy bodies closest to my psychical body.

Typically I feel this from up my back to the base of my skull.  No matter how many times I have have experienced this (hundred at this point) it has always felt disconcerting.

The goetic daemon assumes the role of an active backseat driver. I now perform tasks and functions with a great deal of compelling influences guiding my actions from the goetic daemon.

My energy matrix also becomes powerfully infused with that specific goetic daemon, and all things I make or "charge" become saturated with that goetic daemon's influence.

Any divination or consultation I perform will have the personality, view points and mannerisms of that goetic daemon liberally sprinkled over my own (which is sometimes a grand comedy).

I will not detail how my temple prepares or coaxes goetic daemon possession, either full or two-headed.

These are secrets that are only taught to the initiated for both esoteric and ethical reasons, as it would be irresponsibly to give out information that carries harmful implications.

I have read the few mainstream "pagan" books which attempt to explain the phenomena of possession, and how to bring it about.

These books are rubbish, and stand only to serve as further evidence that a "little" (I emphases little) knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Cleansing is of vital importance before and after possession.

Depending of the type of possession, you will need a water, fire, air or even earth born cleansing.

The opening cleansing will be used to remove energies that are conflicting to the type of "spirit" for which you desire t be possessed by, while the post-possession cleansing needs to be of a type which will remove the excess of energy the possessing spirit brought into the physical host.

In the case of goetic daemons and djinn, as they are fire and air, air or fire cleansing will make you more suitable to be possessed by them, but a water or earth cleansing will be needed to remove their influence when the working is complete.

Its common sense to my temple, but many houses, and Neo-Pagan/Hermetic circles have no such protocol.

There are also different grades of each elemental cleansing which change for each cleansing depending on the particular situation, and supporting circumstances.

A magician needs to become sensitive to the energy matrix of not only the goetic daemon, but the physical host, and environmental conditions as well.

I will in latter blogs include specifics in the interactions I have had and or encountered in goetic spiritism with individual daemons, their mannerisms, direct quotes and circumstances around their taking possession of me or others.

-Papa Crocodile

Friday, September 25, 2015

Another for a good friend.

Death of Ghost Hunters: Tragic yes, but lessons can and ought to be learned.

Mark and Debra Consantion, contributors to the Travel Channel's hit Paranormal Show "Ghost Adventures" and EVP (electronic voice phenomena) specialists are now dead, plus one other.

The couple has a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, and Mark's strange erratic behavior was becoming common place (Debra also had also started exhibited similar traits too).

Mark shot the roommate of his estranged wife Debra, and proceeded to kidnap Debra.

Latter confronted by police, Mark fired at them through a door, and held Debra hostage as hours of negotiation ensured during the stand-off.

Prior to killing Debra, Mark and his daughter Raquel (who is also the daughter of Debra) attacked her while she was getting out of her car in front of her house, and dragged her into the residence.

While inside Mark and Raquel savagely beat Debra, breaking her nose, and Mark strangled her into unconsciousness.

Both Mark and his daughter where charged with kidnap and battery.

I believe, as do others, the behavior Mark and Debra came as a direct result of the irresponsible, and fame-hounding methods of paranormal investigation both employed.

Divination by way of my M'paka, throwing the N'kobo (shells), and consulting select Goetic Daemons, confirms for me that Mark and Debra both where plagued by malicious earthbound spirits who compelled Mark into obsessive violent actions.

This unfortunate situation illustrates the dangers of what can happen when you provoke spirits or other entities, and even worse does so without:

1. Proper initiation.

Initiation into a spiritual tradition is vital to delving into and exploring the reality of spirits and the afterlife.

Anyone telling you that you do not need initiation to safely approach, and or make regular communication with entities residing in the spirit world, they either grossly misinformed or worse and more likely, despicable liars.

Stay away from these people, they are not in right relationship with the spirits, and they cannot put you in right relationship with the spirits.

Initiation means you have been properly introduced to the spirits of a religious tradition.

The process of undergoing initiation is an act of self sacrifice showing the spirits you are willing to follow rules and protocol.

Spirits of a tradition who have been feed a certain way, pacts made a certain way and summoned a certain way for THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of years by MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people are not willing to make exceptions in how they interact with humans, and even less so to make exceptions just because someone thinks they are "special".

Initiation finalizes an agreement with the spirits, and they in turn keep their agreements with you, as you keep your agreements to them.

Until you are initiated, to work effectively in the spirit world, you should get close to a spiritual temple run by a legit priest or priestess of the religion or traditions you feel called to.

Being in contact with an authentic spiritual temple provides certain spiritual blessing, protections, and offers benefits which will open the door and ease the road to initiation.

2. Knowing how to cleanse. 

Most everybody does some form of daily bathing.

The physical body gets dirty and needs to be washed. The same goes for your many grades of energetic and spiritual bodies that need washed for the exact same reasons your physical body does.

You step in dog shit, and especially if your barefoot, more people than not will RUN not walk to wash their feet.

What happens if you choose not to wash your foot?

Disease, parasites and possible infection are likely.

In my dealings with certain people and spiritual based situations, I sure as fuck feel like my astral body (or all my energetic bodies) stumbled into a steaming pile of dinosaur shit.

You energetic bodies collect all matter of astral filth, and psychic sludge.

Keeping your energy bodies clean prevents spiritual diseases, parasites and psychic maladies.

You probably out to be cleansing at least 2-3 times a week for general up keep purposes.

If you are a priest or priestess and heading a temple, preforming spiritual consultations, or cleansings for others you must cleanse yourself 4-5 times a week.

If you are engaged in spiritual battles or psychic warfare, you must cleanse yourself daily.

Paranormal researchers should cleanse before an investigation and right after. They should also cleanse every day for three days in a row after each subsequent investigation.

A paranormal researcher should carry on their person a prepared amulet or talisman which will strengthen their energetic defenses, and have a solid relationship with their true spirit guides.

Spirit guides from the ATR/African Diaspora religious perspective means knowing who your Met Tet (Voudu), Congo parents (Palo Mayombe), Guardian head spirit (Espiritismo/Sanse), Exu or Pombagira (Kimbanda) or Head Saint (Ifa, Ocha, Santeria, Lucumi) is.

Paranormal researchers should also offer light and elevation to their ancestor spirits on a consistent basis.

There protocol, which are what any serious spiritualist should follow, will almost guarantee the paranormal researcher will not have earthbound spirits pulling on the loose strings with their psyches such as in this tragic case.

This sad situation is on the heels of a consultation I have well over a week prior with someone very close to another high profile paranormal investigator.

He tells me of his disturbing self destructive behavior, his crisis of personality, frequent bouts of distorted thinking, night terrors, and long fits of maniacal laughter of which he claims not to remember any of it.

Spirits and daemons are very real.

If angered or just plain malevolent spirits or daemons can attack from the most peculiar of angles, and unlike you, they do not require rest nor sleep, meaning the can be restless in their press against you.

You cannot imagine spirits or daemons away and the popular New-Age White Light shielding does nothing to protect from these assaults.

Earthbound spirits are the dead who occupy some of the lowest levels of the spiritual world. They are responsible for the great majority of hauntings and tend toward violent desperate behavior.

Many (not all but close to) of the so-called "demonic" encounters are rightly that of a particularly strong and oppressive earthbound spirit who desires attention, and to feed off the fear he or she illicits from the living.

Earthbound spirits are known to attach themselves to people and places alike. In people they devour their vitality, and pull at loose threads in their psychologies, and in the worst cases leverage murders and suicides.

The newly dead come into death in the way they left the world of the living.

Those who meet their ends in extreme psychological distress, rage, or great terror are often who become earthbound spirits.

Because the Western world is widely disconnected from their ancestral roots, and do not develop relationships with authentic spirit guides, they rarely have familiar spirits waiting for them on the other side to guide them through the realm of the dead.

Its very easy to become lost, confused and even forced into servitude by much stronger earthbound spirits or even non-human entities.

Imagine an 11 year old Asian girl dropped off alone at a Las Vegas bus stop around 3 am. The potential for disastrous and vulgar exploitation is rife, such is the odds faced by most of the newly dead of the Western world.

In other words their is no shortage of malignant earthbound spirits, so when researcher go looking for troubled ghosts to entertain a large viewing audience with or to satisfy their own local chapter, they can sadly usually deliver.

I am not against paranormal research, and I regular engage in investigations and run spiritual experiments, however I adhere to strict protocol.

I do not provoke earthbound spirits, which is a sure fire way to elicit possibly violent encounters and reprisals.

Imagine someone barging into your "home", calling you names, challenging your life style, questioning your choices and poking fun at you and your family.

Good chance someone is going to the hospital... or morgue.

Why should speaking to the spirit of a dead person be any different than speaking with a living person? Are the consequences expected not to be the same?

I am an initiated priest of Palo Mayombe, I am on point with a number of Voudu Loa (spirits of Haitian Voudu) through a Bokor tradition, and I have made real pacts with the daemons of a few Grimoric traditions.

I regularly offer light and elevation to my ancestors.

I cleanse myself spiritual almost daily.

Even with all this protection, I treat the dead with their due and proper respect and conduct my work with dignity.

I cannot say the same about the typical paranormal investigator, and if things do not change it is likely we will see this kind of tragedy again.

I find it particularly out of line, and yet oddly in the same vein as the irresponsible fame-hounding method that got Mark and Debra assailed by earthbound spirits, researcher (??) Steven Huff claimed he would communicate with Mark and Debra Constantino with 24 hours of their deaths.

I suspect I might be making a cautionary blog post about Mr. Huff one day.

What ought to be done is a lighting of white candles, and an offering of elevation to a earth bound spirits, but instead I see the paranormal investigative community paying lip-service to the tragic event but scheming to be the "big shot" researcher who provokes Mark or Debra's spirit into a beyond the grave tell all.

If tragic ghost stories is what the paranormal community wants, with their flagrant disrespect of the dead, and psuedo-occult knowledge.... their will be plenty of them.

Remember, follow spiritualist religious protocols, venerate your ancestors, keep yourself spiritually clean, forego the fame-hounding, and you will make profound headway into your own investigations of the hereafter.

I will do a blog on how to cleanse soon.

-Papa Crocodile.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grimorium Verum Daemon "Haristum" Inner Oven and Herbal Apothecarist "Ginger and Garlic" Philter, Sryup and Paste.

The Goetic Daemon Haristum is mentioned only once in the Grimorium Verum, and then only briefly.

Haristum is not one of the Eighteen Servitors, but rather a ranking general among the Goetic Daemons falling under the line of the Daemon Nebirous (Feild Marshall and Inspector General) then falling under the daemons Hael and Sergulath (or subordinate too).

The accounting is such: " Haristum can cause anyone to pass through fire without being harmed". 

A bold statement with a grand number of both implications and applications. 

The Grimorium Verum, like grimories of its time, was not written to reveal but rather conceal through omission or through encoding. 

The esoteric practices governed by the Goetic Daemon Haristum are concealed through omission, and unfortunately his grand alchemical mysteries have nearly been lost to time.

In my Geotic Tradition this alchemy of Daemon Haristum has been preserved and contains a grand internal alchemy of inner and outer heat/fire manipulation which border in on "supernatural" and psychic powers development. 

The body of Haristum's work (much like the alchemy of many other Goetic Damons) is directly linked to the Geotic Daemon Xaphan's mystery tradition of energetic breath work.

Also like Xaphan's alchemy, Haristum's bare some semblance to Tibetan and or Chinese Qigong/Chi-Kung.

However, these similarities distance themselves quite quickly as their respective practices deepen.

The Goetic Daemon Haristum looks very much like the stereotypical "devil", a large beefy beastly figure shaped from an ominous red-orange light, and wreathed in fire. His demeanor is friendly, and genuine but a little edgy.

Haristum is quick to explode with long bouts of thunderous laughter.

Recently I was consulting a Goetic Daemon and I was warned of a possible disastrous Flu situation this winter.

Is it wrong to postulate that an industry which profits from people getting sick wouldn't conceive of ways to make or keep people sick?  I think anyone with an ounce of sense would think that such a notion is at least worth considering.

I regularly consult Goetic Daemons on possible future time lines.

Their predictions are regularly uncanny, and have saved me and others a lot of grief.

DISCLAIMER--- I am NOT a medical doctor. I cannot prescribe nor diagnose. I offer no medical advice. I am making no medical claims. I am simply sharing with you what exists in my Goetic tradition for  curiosity or and informational purposes only. 

Both the alchemy and apothecary of Haristum is thought to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, alleviate stress, deepen relaxation and promote all over body warmth.

Seems like something that would come in handy for the fall and winter months.

The Inner Oven of the Daemon Haristum can be used in addition too to the Xaphan breathing exercise, or a stand alone practice.

Inner Oven consists of breath holding with controlled exhale and strong visualizations.

I find the "Inner Oven" to be an immersive practice, and I often preform it for 20-30 minutes with ease.

You however are under no time obligations nor are you under any specifically numbered breath protocol.

You simply practice the Inner Oven until you decide you are done.

Sitting or laying down make two soft fists with your hands and rest them on your lap if sitting or comfortably on your stomach if laying down.

Breathe in through your nose slow and deep into your Astral psychic center with is mid-way below your naval and just above your sexual parts.

Do not focus the Inner Oven on your genitals, as this will make you a "fire crotch".......okay.... Daemon humor.... its hit and miss.

The Inner Oven steps with the appropriate visualization for each step follow.

1.Gently and silently inhale through your nose softly and deeply.

You should  "see" (imagine) your inside of your lower abdomen. Inside your lower abdomen you should "see" an active oven of hot flaming coals, or even the scene from this video, going on in your lower abdomen.

As you inhale "see" the hot coals, and or the fire, glow and or raise and get hotter.

Breath in until your lungs are comfortably full.

2. Gently hold your breath. Feel that breath compress into your lower abdomen and see/hear the fire or oven  coals flames burn away your stress, obsessive thoughts, doubts, fears, and the flames or fire grow bigger and brighter (the snap, crackle and pop of the fire).

You will feel heat begin to generate inside you.

3. On your exhale "see" smoke raising up up from the fire or flames, and up out your mouth or nose rising up in front of your face and above your head. Allow your self to fully exhale.

4. Hold your "empty" breath for as long as comfortable (meaning do not immediately inhale). While you are holding your "empty" breath "see" both your softly held fists as if they where holding a hot coal in each hand.
You will feel a tangible increase of heat in your hands.

5. Repeat steps 1-4.

Preform the Inner Oven of the Goetic Daemon Haristum for as long as you want.

Each of the Goetic Daemons of my Grimoric Tradition has ascribed to them certain herbal apothecaries in the form of elixers, pliters, pills, pastes and balms.

The herbal formularies of the Daemon Haristum warm, cleanse and invigorate.

They detox, purge, and stimulate digestion.

These concoctions are also strong, so do not over indulge.

Haristum's Throat Syrup

Lemon Juice

In a pot, add 3-4 spoonfuls of honey and the juice of 2-3 lemons (squeezed, turned or juiced). Place the pot on a burner and turn the burner to low.

Wait for the honey and lemon juice to warm and begin steadily stirring the mixture.

Add 1-2 spoonfuls of Molasses and continue stirring the mixture.

Now add 1-2 shots of of Rum, and stir that into the mixture.

Add 1-2 spoonfuls of Cinnamon, and stir.

Finally add 1 spoonful of Cayenne and stir.

Take off the heat and pour into a container to let cool.

You can sip at it still warm, or you can take spoonfuls of it throughout the day.

For me personally this syrup fights off the flu and colds, lessens their symptoms, creates body warmth, and aids in sleep.

Haristum's Paste

Whole root of ginger
One full bulb of garlic
Three dried red chili peppers
Olive oil

Preheat an oven to 400 degrees.

Peel the cloves of garlic in the bulb, and cut or break the root of ginger into smaller pieces. Place on a sheet of tin foil, the garlic with ginger and set the red dried red chili peppers on top.

Drizzle some Olive Oil over the ginger, garlic and dried red chili peppers.

Wrap the tin foil up and over the mixture, making sure the tin foil covers all of it, and it is sealed.

Place in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

Take out and let cool for 10-15 minutes.

You can take out the red chili peppers, or leave them in, and in a bowl mash the mixture into a paste, or "spread".

Drizzle a little move Olive Oil, and mix well.

Eat alone, or put it on whatever you like.

For me personally this paste is delicious, but also knocks out the cold, the flu, infections, and feeling of weakness. It is very warming, and aids in full body relaxation.

Haristum's Rum/Philter (Base)

Dried Red Chili Peppers

In a clean bottle add 4-5 peeled and bruised cloves of garlic, 5-6 pieces of ginger root cut to fit into the bottle, small handful of whole cloves, and 9 dried red chili peppers.

Now pour rum into the bottle over the contents and nearly filling the bottle.

Place the lid firmly on the bottle.

You might even wish to seal the lid on the bottle with red candle wax, by taking a lit red candle and tipping it to allow the wax to drip into the crevices between the lid and the bottle as with the other hand you turn the bottle to get a nice even wax seal.

Place the bottle in a dark place for 21 days, once a week turning it upside down, and back over for the contents to resettle.

After 21 days it is ready to drink.

You can pour the rum out of the bottle through a strainer and pour it into another container or leave the rum in the bottle with the contents to get only stronger.

SIP this, as the heat and taste is something most people are not initially prepared for.

You can add a pinch of brown sugar and some lemon juice to each shot glass you sip on to sweeten and take the edge off.

It is spicy to say the least.

This I personally find to aid in all the ways of the other formulas above, just in a slightly more aggressive way.

Haristum's Rum keeps for about a year.

In this fall and winter season stay warm, healthy and skeptical of flu scares and panics to get you jabbed with vaccination or flu shot needles which are "questionably" effective and make certain people A LOT of money.

-Papa Crocodile

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

For a dear friend of mine, who provides a great deal of gusto and inspiration to both my work and play.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Airy Astral Goetic Energy Breathing and intro to the Alchemical Mysteries of the Daemon "Xaphan"

** The following information comes through my Goetic-Grimoric Magical tradition only. If it existed intact in anyone else's Hermetic tradition(or other wise) such as the O.T.O,  or The Golden Dawn (for example), this would have been both exploited and jabbered about ad-nauseum by now. I divulge this information to educate and empower you as an individual occultist, but not to boost or support the above mentioned impotent and dying Hermetic factions.**

The Tree of Life Glyph
It should be obvious to any marginally studious occultist that the Tree of Life Glyph is highly representative and reflective of the human body. The Middle Pillar path which is, in descending order, above the head linked with the third eye Uranus or Kether, at the throat the invisible Pluto or Dnaath, the heart center/solar plexus the Sun or Tipareth, at the groin and sexual reproductive organs is the Moon or Yesod, and placed on the feet is the Earth or Malkuth. 

These five sephirot or planetary spheres mark the primary psychic centers of the human body and denote the grand principle importance of the spine with it's reflection as the universal column or axis mundi. 

The development of the Middle Pillar path, or universal central column is far and away the single most important act a magician or sorcerer can do to become a super charged transmitter and transceiver of various frequencies as all as open themselves to notable increases of psychic, supernatural and paranormal talents. 

Because we are focusing on Goetic-Grimoric magical practice we find ourselves near fixed (not quite but very close) in the sephirot of Yesod also known as the planetary sphere of the Moon or Luna (Lunar from the masculine prospective), and collectively known as THE astral realm. 

This is not to be thought of a "confined" but instead think of this as a set of extremely beneficial saturnine boundaries. As we tend to the wonderfully fertile soil of the astral realm, we grow the miniature Tree of Life belonging the Luna sphere.  It is the puce hued prismatic emanations from this tree that through the astral staging ground sends vibrational influences back out to the Tree of Life Glyph representing the sum of you which then radiates out to the Tree of Life Glyph which represents the sum of the Universe (As above, So below).

Or something like that...

Qaballa's Naughty Parts
Yesod is the realm of refined air. Not the pure primal essence of air from Uranus or Kether (symbolized by the Ace of Swords Tarot card, yes I know A.E Waite flipped Sword and Wand meanings for the Tarot deck), and above the elemental realm of air where the slyphs reside, but an airy astral realm of  refined quality which is neither primal but steps above crude.

Yesod is  intersectioned at the humans groin/sexual-reproductive organs and midway below the naval .

Without giving away oath bound secrets I need to give glimpses into the cosmology of the Daemonic entities I inherited.

The conflict story of Lucifer vs. Jehovah is a preschool version of the actual story.

The daemon Lucifer was never in conflict with the Highest of the High, The Most High, or Creator Prime (who is supreme to all and Jehovah/YHVH is a dirty butt-hole of a demiurge and nothing more) however there was a violent ejection from the Highest of the High in which Lucifer made the trajectory of the falling star, rocking into the physical plane and star seeding life on all realms he passed through.

The daemons of the Goetia (who are all Yesodic or Astral daemons) are the ignited spirits of combustive air and support what is called the Kingdom of Darkness or burning embers.

It must be stated that the Kingdom of Darkness is NOT what Left Hand Path Satanic idiots portray it to be. Through Christian demonizing, it unfortunately is the source of the above mentioned stupidity.

What the Kingdom of Darkness really means is the "Hidden" Kingdom.

We live primarily in the physical realm and we can "see" the world we live in.

However the "Hidden" Kingdom is the world which comes before the physical world. Because Ritual Magic which includes Goetic Magic was largely a secret tradition until very recently (1960s), and the Astral realm was a dark or hidden place.

It is not until realization of the Astral realm occurs, does knowledge of it's existence act as Promethean fire, igniting the pyres of the Astral and the Kingdom of Darkness which now becomes the Infernal Kingdom.

Like the actual moon, the astral realm has no "light" of its own, only the light of the personality (the sun face) can make the Astral realm reflect in glorious displays of techno-colour.

This igniting spark in known as the daemon Ukobach (we will go over him in a future blog) and once the fires are lit it is the function of the daemon Xaphan to keep them burning high and bright.

Because the Astral or Yesod is nestled near the sexual-reproductive organs of the Magician, and because Yesod is the realm of refined air, deep breathing exercises focusing on this psychic energy center are an essential alchemy belonging to the daemon Xaphan keeping you sexual life force (fire) strong.

Xaphan. Note the curvature in the belly and his exhalation.
The Goetic daemon Xaphan is of a highly inventive mind, and came up with the plan to set fire to all of Heaven siding with Lucifer in the war with YHVH (not really but whatever). Before his plan could be enacted, Lucifer and his host where expelled from Heaven, cast into the abyss. Xaphan is said to be charged with keeping the fires of hell burning.

Xaphan is the inventor of the bellows, as well as any type of air compression systems.

In my Goetic Tradition the daemon Xaphan, through Goetic mediumship, transmitted the lifelong practice of energetic breath work for my magical order.

This art infuses the whole body with all grades (primal, refined, elemental and crude) of air energy, which includes the infusing of the body with astral air stimulating sexual energy (magic) and vitality.

These breathing excises are aimed at turning the Magician's lungs and diaphragm into a "bellows" which is mirrors Xaphan using his bellows directing fresh life energy (air) keeping hot the flames of the Infernal Kingdom.

In a past post we discussed the Astral realm's link to blood, however the second part of that connection is revealed here, its not just "blood" but oxygenated blood... or "breath over the waters"...
He bellowed for a bellows.

The first breathing exercise will latter become the cap stone of all the  breathing exercises contained in the mysteries of Xapahn (completing yet another mystery, but that is for another time).

For all its myriad of importance points I expect you to work on this for a full year before moving forward. I also will not be adding second installment for year so you really have no choice.

Some might notice that the breathing exercises of Xaphan  are similar to Daoist/Taoist practices. While there is a vague semblance that sameness will quickly fall away.

You will eventually want to preform 72 repetitions with this exercise. However that is not so easily attained. This exercise will force you to maintain both visualizations, and slow soft breathing, or you will get very dizzy and even throw up.

Whether you want standing, sitting, or laying down, that you choose for yourself. I prefer sitting tall in a chair but that is just me and my years of experience talking.

One your first long soft relaxed inhalation (USING YOUR NOSE)  you must "see" in your third eye, and from a bird's eye
view (midway below your navel and above your sexual organs) a circle with a dot in the middle. Timed with your inhale four arrows begin moving outward in the cardinal directions. This will help you inflate your lungs fully (front, back, right and left)  massaging your inner organs, and introducing copious amounts of oxygen to into your blood.

On the exhalation (USING YOU MOUTH) the arrows reverse back and move toward the center point. This will help you expel and empty excess energy. The lips of the mouth should be like blowing through a straw and you MUST exhale very soltly.

If you look at the picture of the Goetic daemon Xaphan, you will see his stomach pulled in noticeably toward his spine (see Xaphan's illustration above).

 This illustrates the importance of this act.

Now as you are exhaling you will in your third eye see a bight glowing image of yourself  (keep it yourself for now) directly in front of you and "feed" that image with your exhalation making it a tinge bright with each exhale.

Inhale again and begin a new repetition.

Once you have reached your number goal or simply reached your limit (I reached my limit many times in the past), on what is to be your last inhalation, inhale the image of yourself through your nose and compress it gently in your psychic center midway below your navel and above your sexual organs letting it dissolve away as your exhale.

Give yourself a moment's pause to ground and center.

You are done.

This a developmental practice and as such takes time to develop.

The higher the level of refinement, the more you are served with you practice and quality of life.... in other words don't fucking ask me for exercise number two any time soon....

-Papa Crocodile

Friday, September 4, 2015

The nature of daemonic pacts: the real and the raw.

I gather through the high volume of queries I am receiving  on the nature of daemon pacts that  some one or some ones on my list of usual  fraudster/moron suspects are claiming to offer "pacts" with demons.

My first piece of advice concerning this subject... if the individual offering to pact you in with a spirit comes from or is connected to anyone claiming to be a "Living God"... run, run fast and far.

All true pacts are blood pacts
These unclean ass-clowns are laughably the most atrociously misaligned pseudo-occultists are degenerate scum bags on the internet and their current, prior, and most certainly, future bizarre troubles both personal and legal is irrefutable proof of that.

For the love of fuck's sake.

I advise you all to take note of the date of this posting as you will notice what I type here will become to "new" norm of how daemonic pacts work.

My April 8th 2015 posting on the pact with the Nfumbe is now being copied and pasted onto Palo Mayombe websites and forum threads word for word with no mention of where it came from... and trust me these other so-called Tatas did NOT learn it from their shitty preschool level Palo ramas (traditions).

The same will happen on Goetic/Ceremonial magic websites, and forum threads with what is about to follow.

A pact with a daemonic pact is a BLOOD pact.

If you are told no blood is needed you are being lied too, the person is either purposely lying to you, or they where lied too and taught the same corrupted line of bullshit they are trying to feed you.

Why blood?

In most pedestrian terms, blood IS life... duh.

However it has deeper implications.

Imagine the Tree of Life Glyph/Qaballa as a back yard with a swimming pool.

Eight planetary spheres or sephirot (Neptune/Chokmah, Saturn/Binah, Jupiter/Chessed, Mars/Geburah, Sun/Tipareth, Venus/Netzach, and Mercury/Hod) float like beach balls in the pool.

The concrete that makes place for the pool is Earth/Malkuth.

Uranus/Kether is the potential that allowed this all to happen.

Now... the water in the pool... that is the astral realm, and the Moon/luna or Yesod, where the Goetic daemons reside.

If you compare yourself, your body to the same diagram... the astral realm of your body is blood... the fluid which your whole your life floats on.

This is why blood is fed to the Goetic spirits in the case of pacts, as you are giving them both the energy and the "space" required to occupy the premise of your pact with them.

Are you selling your soul to the daemon?

Sure, if you are an idiot, and the Goetic daemons will accept it. Its your life, its your soul, and you can do with it what you will, and that includes squandering it away.

The Goetic daemons are not there to baby sit you, or encourage you to think about your actions. That is your job, your responsibility and why only a mature well-reasoned mind should have anything to do with REAL magic.

This is one of many reasons Christianity and the other two nanny style religions headed by the Demiurge of Abraham (Jews and Muslims) do it's best to co-opt and demonize the Goetic daemons.

The Goetic daemons are intelligent non-physical applications of effective power.

You can make shit happen with them.

Mr Nanny Jehovah mad you think too much!
You don't need the big Hebraic Mr. Nanny in the sky (YHVH-Jehovah) for anything, but like any despot or illegitimate State (all States are illegitimate.... fuck Romans 13) he/it will make it seem otherwise.

However the ONE benefit is you do not need to think, all your choices are made for you, and it is better if you do not think for Christianity, Jew-tianity and Islam are NOT for thinking or the free willed.

The Goetic daemons on the other hand pre-assume that you have well thought and reasoned your decisions with them.

It is NOT their fault if you have not.

Goetic Magic is freedom.

Freedom means experiencing the consequences of your actions, and all that entails.

So if you offer your soul, or go to the uninitiated twit offering to sell your soul to a Goetic daemon for you, then well... that sucks.

I can fix this for you, but I will warn you it is expensive and there are hoop to jump through.

Or you can offer your blood.

Part of the TRUE mysteries of the Goetic Magical Tradition is the realization concerning just how valuable you as a human being are (see Clauneck). Your blood is precious and a highly prized commodity (YOU are a precious and highly prized commodity).

So fucking treat your blood as such!

The Goetic daemons (expect for Caluneck and ONLY if asked... thus his priceless rarity) will NOT tell you the staggering worth of even a drop or your blood freely given, as they are not required to do so and it is YOUR responsibility to discover the grand merit of your own self worth.

I have seen the conditions of pacts where people agreed to which require them to other three to nine drops of there own blood a day!!!


What sub-human loaf (I have my suspicions) would batter such an awful pact for someone else? Someone who does not know true Goetic Magic and a person who does not understand the value of human life... that is who (the same suspicions apply)!

A blood pact gives a small drop (one to three) at the time of the initial pacting, and then a single drop of blood to maintain the agreement, once a month!

That is it!!!! This is HUMAN blood, and YOUR blood to boot!

So ask yourself, what are you worth? Is your life of great value (hint-hint... it is) or is your life the equivalent of the going rate of a Hungarian toilet stall hooker?

I don't know if there is such thing as a Hungarian toilet stall hooker, but you bet for damn sure I would pact he and or she with a Goetic daemon with just as much value in respects to their blood as a I would say a United States President (talk about a group of men who are mostly Hungarian toilet stall hookers).

What do you get from a pact with a Goetic daemon?

I shudder to think of the weapons-grade stupid surrounding what people have pacted with Goetic daemons for.

In my tradition this is what you ALWAYS receive:

1. The daemon's protection.
2. The daemon's influence, dominion, and principalities directed towards benefiting your life.
3. Access to some of the lesser daemons that make up the legions under the daemon you are pacting in with.
4. Some form of permanent steady monetary gain.
5. Improved health and vitality.
6. Longevity.
7.  Increase of psychic ability.
8. Dreams concerning the daemon and the increase of lucid dreams.
9. Premonitions of the future.

There will be differences in how say the Goetic daemon King Bael does the above as opposed to how the Goetic damon Fruitimere fulfills the above.

In exchange you are required to feed the Goetic daemon and give it payment for it's work (law of equivalent exchange... yep Full Metal Alchemist got that from the Goetic Tradition).

Is a pact for life?

If you offer your soul... then yes.

If you offer your blood...then no.

Once you stop feeding the Goetic damon, the Goetic daemon stops working for you, and it is no longer bound by the terms of the pact.

Almost always when you begin feeding the Goetic daemon again, the pact begins anew and the benefits resume.

How do I make a pact?

You don't.

Only someone initiated into the Goetic and Grimoric Traditions, and with intimate knowledge of these traditions can make a safe and effective pact for you.... that is a SLIM number of people.

There are protocols one must follow, those protocol I cannot reveal and those receiving the pact from me are sworn to secrecy concerning it.

I will say this, a special sigil is made, kept and usually carried on or near your person.

This sigil will become a vital part of the person's Goetic spiritual and or sorcerous practice.

There is A LOT I have to pass on in respects to it.

If you are interested in pacts with Goetic daemons contact me, as a pact can either be one of the best or worst things to ever happen to you and you and I both want it to be among one of the best.

-Papa Crocodile.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Nsala Malecun-Malecun Nsala Zarabanda
"Where iron seduces steel, or metal finds rapture with mettle, I see him there. The train of destiny rolls on forever. His is an unstoppable locomotion, cheered ever onward by the crowing of the cock, and the echo of baying hounds. His whistle pierces the night's veil of silence, its shrill blast chases away the lingering ghosts haunting the dark, and shatters my illusions of doubt. He rumbles across creation with impunity over the backs of the wicked with a champion's roar. The tracks are open he bellows. The way is made clear. The machete leads the way and defends all who follow. He is Zarabanda!"

-Papa Crocodile

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sulfurous Sorcery and Healing,Minor Musings of Lucifuge Rofocale, and Luciferian Break Down.

True understanding the Goetic magickal structure is rare in the extreme. Grimories are written to conceal, NOT reveal, the methods of Medieval (in truth much older) European Magicians and the magickal orders they occupied.

Anyone taking a Grimorie at face value ( be it the Grimorium Verum, The Book of Oberon, The Grand Grimorie/Red Dragon, the Black Raven/Book of Faust, even the Keys of Solomon/Ars Goetia) have instantly failed the "idiot" test.

True occult secrets are NEVER made public, and NEVER will be.

The Grimorie was a genius information/disinformation dissemination apparatus. For those INITIATED the information is readily available. For those who where not initiated... they read the Grimorie at face value and:

 1. Waste their time and yielded no results.


 2. In the case of the Grand Grimorie/Red Dragon, find themselves beguiled and thrust into possibly fatal outcomes.

I will release some DESPERATELY needed information to remedy the asinine and ridiculous falsehoods, concerning the wholly fabricated claims of nonsensical meth headed "living gods", and pseudo-intellectual/occultist high(?) minded scribblers of many criminally over priced leather bound books.

Lucifuge Rofocale is the full embodiment of  the dangers associated with"fool's gold". There is NO public information on how to approach him safely.
Lucifuge Rofocale

Those of us who know what the authentic workings with Lucifuge Rofocale entail would be pleading guilty to activities which carry the possibility of the death penalty or (like in my case) would NEVER give information to help individuals commit such atrocities.

Lucifuge Rofocale could give a flying fuck less about your intent, any delusional bargain you offer, or pact you mistakenly think you have entered into.

If you woefully happen to successfully summon him as laid out by the Grand Grimoire you are signing yourself away.

YOU are the prize, a sacrificial lamb to the spirit Lucifuge Rofocale.

Again, Lucifuge Rofocale could give a flying fuck less if you did not know you where being duped.

A spider doesn't care that the fly did not see its web.

He or she who draws up a tricky "devil in the details" contract doesn't not care one fucking iota if you did not obtain skilled legal council to read it over before you signed it.

It matters not.

Its not that I completely dismiss the lunacy behind a meth mouthed crack head's tale of successfully evoking Lucifuge Rofocale nor am I dismissing the loopy philosophical drivel spewed out by pasty bohemians rejects in respect to Lucifuge Rofocale, however what I am saying is should they be under Lucifuge Rofocale's directives I will avoid them with more dire urgency than I would a homicidal plague carrying syphilic super mutant.  

Summoning the Goetic daemons carries as much if not in some cases MORE dangers than non-initiates pestering Petwo loa, or Exus and Pombagiras into paying attention to them.

Goetic daemons are HOT spirits. In many cases they are the fiery point of origin for African Diaspora entities of the New World.

The correct formulation of the 72, 63, 54, 45, 36, 27, 18, 9 and 3 Goetic daemons configurations of each principle Grimorie when correctly assembled makes a Tetrahedron, a fire bearing shape influencing the airy astral world.
Chemistry IS alchemy, Science is Magic! 

I would ask that you treat the above and following information respectfully. 

If you are a member of the Golden Dawn or O.T.O, a modern Hermetic or part of Thelema this is leveled at you directly- I inherited authentic Goetic magic and Grimorie traditions. Nothing I have said or will say is known or understood by your shitty linage. 

If you use my information give credit back to this blog and my tradition and acknowledge where it came from because it sure as hell did not come from you, it is NOT available in any book, nor is it a part of the above mentions traditions(???).

Kindly re-direct your attention to the numeric sequences, 72, 63, 54, 45, 36, 27,18, 9 and 3.

These all express the number "9", which is the numeric frequency emitting from Yesod, the planetary sphere of Luna/Moon, the astral realm,  or the 9th sephiroth.

The astral realm is elemental air (Mercury-Hod is water, Venus-Netzach is fire and Earth-Malkuth is earth).

This is the sphere where the much fertted over and debated Lucifer "Prince of the Power of the Air", resides and rules over all the Goetic daemons who dwell ONLY in the astral realm (in truth all the planetary spheres have "a" Lucifer presiding over them) granting all who approach this Lucifer correctly the "power of the air" which is both a specific boon of supernatural powers and the license to command his airy legion.

Because the numerical configuration of "9" relating numbers constructs a Tetrahedron, the air of the astral realm now becomes hot or infernal and the Goetic daemons take on those heated qualities- blistering, scorching, a slow boil, or a warm breeze.

The rebellious European Lucifer shares much in common with the wildfire Eshu, or Nkuyu (Lucero) of the African magickal  religious traditions.

All are falling stars, comets, or asteroids who fell (or where thrown) from the heavens to smash into the earth. Trailing behind them was billions of tiny defiant sparks which became the multitudes of "personal" Luceros, Eshus, and yes even Lucifers who are the caminos or roads back to the main source from which they spawned.

Trajectory of the Falling Star
In my tradition of Goetic Magic, we are shameless unafraid of Christianity and the mental ill demiurge of Abraham (YHVH-Jehovah). We call the lighting bolt path on the tree of life what it REALLY is; the trajectory of the falling star, which shows that Lucifer touched each planetary sphere (leaving behind a residing a planetary Lucifer) and his volcanic rebel heart came to rest as the molten core of the Earth it's self.

The Goetic damons are spirits of combustible air set alight by his blazing heart.

They are spirits of sulfur, who's heat can warm or char with equal efficiency.

It is of vital importance that a true worker of Goetic magic understand his or her own place among the these daemons.

The astral realm is rife with dangers.

Any adherent of magical practice will inevitably find themselves infected with astral parasites- vampiric larvae, lemures, maggots, etc.

Being in proximity to the fervid influence of a Goetic daemon, acts as burning sulfur to these parasitic spiritual ticks. Their very nature is the cleansing power of fire; purifying a space like a Bunsen burner, sizzling off the filth and scummy film from your aura.

However, the Goetic Daemons DO NOT regulate their heat.

As a responsible adult you must know your limits.
Cleansing fire or consuming fire?

That same fire which just cleansed your energy field can very suddenly engulf and consume you.

That roasting fire which ate away the spiritual maggots eating you, can just as easily become a generative force which supports the birth of more vampire maggots.

The Goetic Magical Tradition is for the mature and responsible ONLY and you enter into the the infernal at your OWN RISK as you are quite literally handling many types of fire in your spiritual and magical journey with the Goetic daemons.

The Goetic tradition has been made mockery by the Golden Dawn and O.T.O. Goetic daemons are not spirit guides, they do not have your best interest at heart, and they are not especially forgiving.

Anyone making WILD claims about how much money, power or immortality that can be gained from evoking Goetic daemons are frauds, or lairs at best, or at worst under the direct influence of a particularly malevolent Goetic daemon who is forcing them collect other equally foolish souls to own and or feed from.

A Goetic magic can indeed gain handsome wealth, power and longevity through their spiritual alignment to the Daemons of the astral, however this is done through measured and calculated steps.

If you still stand resolute in your willingness to know this fierce path,  I urge caution and I implore you to tread carefully as the path you would choose to walk is razor thin.

However as a long time traveler of the Goetic landscape... I can honestly say it is the most brutally beautiful spiritual wilderness European sorcery as to offer.

-Papa Crocodile

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Goetic Daemon Clauneck: The price of merit.

All things have merit or a weight of measure that a value placement can be assigned and once a value has been discerned anything can be made a commodity for trade. Even we people are price assessments to each other, and should esoteric lore be correct, we find our value actively assessed by non-physical entities also.

This is how we start investigating the principalities of the spirit Clauneck”, a prominent spirit of the Grimorium Verum, and member of the Goetic spirits proper.

Dominant to magical themes of Europe’s dark-ages was estimating the worth of a soul, and haggling what could be gained in respect of wealth or supernatural powers in selling it to an agent of, or the “Man Downstairs” (the Devil) directly.
The Sigil of the Goetic Daemon Clauneck

The Grimorium Verum says this about Clauneck , “has power over, goods, money, and finances”, “can bestow great wealth”, and finally, “he is much loved by Lucifer”. The last entry is auspicious knowing that Europe’s magical practices saw the Devil, attributed to being Lucifer, as a spiritual pawnbroker.

A quick aside; Lucifer is not a name but a title, and contrary to common erroneous belief, there are thousands of entities holding that title not just one.

Any Lucifer is an intercession entity, and cardinal to the fixed position solar mysteries (astrological Leo) at the center of the crossroads, universal or otherwise. In the earliest Kaballa based Christian cults was the Jesus-Lucifer solar dichotomies both being sons (suns) of God and equally representing, “the light, the truth and the way”.

Lucifer opens or closes the doors of destiny, and blocks or unblocks the roads of progress.

The many European Lucifers have shaped the Exu legion of the Kimbanda cult of Brazil and Lucifer’s counter parts are the many caminos (roads) pertaining to Ellegwas, Eshus, and Luceros of African Diaspora religions.

Clauneck much loved by Lucifer” is an agent thereof, and so entrusted with accessing astral bank vault. Clauneck is who a myriad of modern day Hermetic occultists demand or beg money from, and while rightly so this is where their understanding of Clauneck’s vast dominion begins and ends.

Principle to the mysteries of Clauneck is decreeing of value.

In the Grimorium Verum Clauneck is first or “numero uno” in the ordering of the eighteen servitor spirits.

This is not happenstance.

Cauneck’s numbering demonstrates his supremacy within the legion’s hierarchy, and denotes the respect held for him by Lucifer. However even more importantly the number one is the first indication of value by which all value is essentially an addition or subtraction of 1 or a sum totals of 1s.

It is through Clauneck that the tradition contained within the Grimorium Verum can go from “0” or un-manifested to “1” meaning manifested, or a no-thing to a some-thing.

A brief dissection of Clauneck’s sigil helps glean insight into his nature.

The sigil of Clauneck is an amalgamation of the brain, eye, and heart with a hint of the male phallus (the function is the same in respect to female genitalia).

The brain, eye, heart and phallus are four weighing scales by which merit is assessed.

1. The brain with knowledge and experience.

2. The eye deciphering ascetic and contour.

3. The heart through emotional reactions.

4. The phallus by way of sexual charge or interest.

While these scales are separate, they do not operate independent, and full evaluation is the result of tallying all the final registers together.

Clauneck’s sigil illustrates how we weigh the merit of whom and what we interact with. This illumination is not meant to initiate exercises in going against our natures, nor trying to deny what we have always done. Making assessments are paramount to our wellbeing and survival. Rather we should use Clauneck’s sigil to make these value judgments with amplified clarity through our source of new found insight.

As a spirit of acquisition, commerce, and wealth, Clauneck is “free market” in the most extreme sense. Just like the “market” Clauneck has no moral objections, and will offer advice on trafficking humans as dispassionately as he would if queried on the selling of cupcakes. Clauneck cares nothing for the product it’s self, but instead its worth.

As off-putting as this seems it terms of unnerving frankness and uncorrupted honesty, Clauneck is priceless in his unbiased counsel.

All initiates of the Goetic tradition I inherited must willingly stand on Clauneck’s “auction block”.

What transpires is a mentally arduous and physically excruciating ritual in which Clauneck
evaluates the potential of the subject. A rough but fair rendering is issued and the seeker is left to consider his or her options. Those truly desiring strength will heed the verdict and commit themselves to the labors handed down to remedy the discovered short comings. Those who ignore Clauneck’s ruling possibly find themselves bought and sold, but I can say nothing more about this.

Undoubtedly the Goetic tradition I practice demands the forging of a resolute and uncompromisingly stiff upper lip.

Luckily you do not have to occupy the rank and file of my Goetic tradition to benefit from consulting Clauneck. You will however need to prepare yourself for the brazen unsweetened truth Clauneck will spoon feed you when asked for his adjudication.

Clauneck pulls no punches in detailing what it is about you, or what is in your life which either devalues, or increases your own personal merit.

The mystic or magician would gain much by taking advantage of Clauneck’s unflinching authenticity, and petition Clauneck to make a full assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses.

There is no other Goetic spirit who can tell you with such exactitude what you ought to either ditch or apply ample spit and polish in order to better sell yourself to potential employers, friends or lovers than Clauneck.

In my spiritual temple Clauneck is conjured with regularity so that all members can best promote their own health, wealth and wellbeing. Clauneck sees that this temple’s merit supports and is supported by an abundance of successful workings and people who consistently increase the value of this ever growing community.