Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goetic Astal Projection and Daemonic meeting: Infinite Door Ways method. Mersilde Daemon, Sigil and Alchemical symbols.

There is no shortage of Astral Projection techniques.

I cringe to even share the methods I use, but they do in fact work.

 My methods work because they are profound but simple.

You are not mired in preforming mental gymnastics, and these methods induce trance.

In addition they are "logical" enough to satisfy the left side brain not requiring you to suspend belief, and leaving you to actively engage in a deeply immersive practice which recruits all your most viable astral senses: sight, sound and touch.

Lastly your focus is gently centered on the correct psychic center for astral projection, tapping it energetically, and maintaining healthy activation.

Like all astral projection techniques which aim to allow for a conscious astral projection, the method must be practiced for weeks, or even months before the full effect occurs. Also even once this projection happens, you will need to continue running this protocol is order to produce the full effect on a regular basis.

However, this is not to say that the practice steps up to the full effect are not without merit, nothing could be further from the truth.

As this is an astral projection practice it should not be at all surprising that we should seek interaction with astral entities, and of all the astral entities who are available to the public at large it is the Goetic daemons which are most accessible.

The sigil of a Goetic daemon will act as a navigational point, or north star, in order to give a end location of your astral sojourn.

The sigil is a contained frequency. A dial permanently set on a single radio station, transmitting and transceiving both the influence of and attention given to the daemon of the sigil.

While you may seek an audience with any goetic daemon, for now I would like anyone following this blog to limit their scope to the daemons contained within Grimorium Verum, and I will suggest a further restriction by focusing solely on the Goetic daemon Mersilde.

The daemon Mersilde holds the mysteries of astral projection. Examination of Mersilde's sigil reveals deep alchemical meaning.

Sigil of the daemon Mersilde
Now I am "sure" information concerning the links between Goetic Daemon sigils and Alchemy symbols are well known through out the Golden Dawn, O.T.O, Thelema, and LHP ( fuck no... no it is not, but I am certain like most things I post on my blog this too will be copied and pasted ad-nauseam and disseminated without credit of where it came. I expect nothing less from the above mentioned groups), but just in case you have missed the long threads of productive discussion concerning the essential practice of Goetic alchemical connections (there is NO such threads) let me give an important base level lesson here.

I would ask that you treat the above and following information respectfully. 

If you use my information give credit back to this blog and my tradition by acknowledging where you got it from because it did not come from you, nor is this information available in any book.

The upside down triangle with the affixed cross is the alchemical symbol for "sulfur". Within the context of western alchemy, sulfur is a hot, masculine, penetrating and gaseous form of rising energy from a highly sexually charged crucible or "infernal" place stoked by air.

Tetrahedron: Platonic shape of fire/infernal
This enviably leads us to the mysteries of the daemon Xaphan detailed  here in my blog post on 9/8/15. Which in turn enviably bring us to the daemons of the Goetia themselves as being hot airy spirits of sulfurous disposition being expressed as the tetrahedron. If a magician is going to astral project and have discourse with a Goetic daemon, then he or she, will need to initiate the alchemical process of sulfur.

This astral projection method does just that.

In addition to the alchemical key of sulfur which unlocks the mystery of astral projection, the sigil of Mersilde demonstrates penetrating sulfurous energy rising up, and entering through a symmetrical portal.

The symmetrical portal is not a completed circle, but a circle in the eternal process of completion. The two upper crosses denote Mercury/Hod (Mental/intellectual structure or Psych) and Venus/Netzach (Emotional/Empathy or Pomp) which help make the lower triangle of the Astral Realm, the apex being Moon/Yesod.

A proper glyph
This triangular configuration as well as Mersilde's sigil,  are strongly reminiscent of this lower triangle of the Astral Realm.  The oldest of the Tree of Life Glyphs did not have the paths of "Judgment" leading from Earth/Malkuth to Mercury/Hod, or "Moon" leading from Earth/Malkuth or Venus/Netzach.

We can use this to better accurately time stamp the channeling of Mesilde's sigil as before the 1500s. A proper Tree of Life Glyph illustrated that an occultist must successfully astral project into the Moon/Yesod before he or she could fully interact with any other planetary sphere or it's native entities.

The daemon Mersilde's connection to both astral projection and the realm by which the projection leads too (that would be the astral...) is undeniable, and now you KNOW why this is.

Throne posture aka sitting in a fucking chair
Now, so what are the protocols of this infinite doors astral projection method you wonder?

I recommend assuming the "Throne" posture, otherwise known as sitting in a fucking chair (ceremonial magicians are so pretentious).

With eyes closed, from your third eye or magical eye, project the life sized image of a set of double doors in front of you

On the double doors have the sigil of the daemon Mersilde prominently displayed in the middle, as if a line was drawn directly down the middle of Mersilde's sigil.

That line is the crease where the two doors meet.

You now will your astral body or imagine yourself standing up out the chair and with bold purpose walk through/enter through those double doors and thereby the sigil of the daemon Mersilde.

Immediately in front of you will be another set of double doors with the sigil of the daemon Mersilde prominently displayed as on the doors of the first.

With bold purpose open those doors.

Double Doors
In front of you will again be yet another set of double doors with the sigil of the daemon Mersilde prominently displayed on the doors same as the last.

With bold purpose open those doors.

In front of you will again be yet another set of double doors with the sigil of the daemon Mersilde prominently displayed on the doors same as the last.

With bold purpose open those doors.

So on and so forth... you get the idea...infinite doors and all.

Eventually you will find an entity standing behind one of those many, many double doors... say hello to the daemon Mersilde.

Ask Mersilde to stabilize your astral projecting, and help smooth your transmissions of consciousness from Earth/Malkuth to Moon/Yesod.

Stay relaxed and allow the process of opening many, many doors immerse you. Feel your astral hands open each set of double doors, as well as hear the sound of those doors move and open.

Allow your imagination to project further and further and further away.

Preform this method for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time.

When finished, have your imagined body return in an instant, and sit back down into your physical body.

Spend a few moments letting your consciousness to integrate back into your waking awareness.

Mersilde will not work for free.

Offer to burn Mersilde a white or red chime or spell candle on top it's sigil once a week. Do not offer blood, your soul, or anything else of the like.

In addition for this candle tell Mersilde that you want to consult the daemon on all on components of portals... esoteric, and quantum.

This IS the daemon Mersilde in all the ways that matter
Mersilde knows mysteries well beyond the wonders of even astral projection.

True teleportation, wormholes, star gates, and temporal time bridges, are all the dominion of the daemon Mersilde.

Mersilde is a powerful daemon of inter-dimensional, hyper-dimensional and inter-galactic implications who IS literally the bending of the saturnine restrictions of space and time given intelligence.

Mersilde is NOT to be trifled with, none of the daemons are, but Mersilde's seemingly passive, and distant demeanor has lead many misguided occultists to underestimate this daemon.

Mersilde can irrevocably ruin a life...or life times, of a person.

Approached with no misunderstandings, and cordial attitude, Mersilde can be consulted with no danger.

This astral projection method will lead to fully executed conscious astral projections, but it will need to be developed and that will only come with sustained application of the practice...but once achieved..... you will thank me.

Many, many have.

-Papa Crocodile

Friday, January 1, 2016

Lycanthropic Mysteries of the Goetic Daemon Sirchade: Animal Shape Shifting

Lycanthropy and Vampirism...fuck yes to Goetic Sorcery.

Lycanthropy (werewolf being the most well known) under the daemon Sirchade and Vampirism under the daemon Guland, are highly valued mysteries contained in my linage of Goetic Sorcery. 

Keeping the topic to just lycanthropy for the present, my linage of Goetic Sorcery contains a lengthy list of potions, powders, pills, and practices.

These alchemical reagents come from the daemon Sirchade via black table spiritism sessions, through channeling and even full possession of the medium or animals who have interacted with the medium. 

The apothecaric formulas (pills, potions, powders, etc) serve to initiate the filtration and re-direction of the magician's sexual/astral energies with heavy influence of Sirchade and a host of animals which are iconic in each of the animal "kingdoms".

These kingdoms are the four legged beats, feathered, scaled, insect, aquatic, and amphibian. 

The representatives of their respective kingdoms grant their influences into the body of the magician and sit as gateway keepers so the magician has access to their respective kingdoms. 

A magician wishing to develop an adept's magical skill of animal shape shifting will need to practice this sequence at least three to four times a week for over a year.

This sequence follows your body's natural flow of energy (bio-electricity), and will help unblock, re-balance, re-connect, and strengthen this natural flow. You will feel healthier, have more energy and people will feel strangely drawn to you. 

Your luck and fortune will also appear to change for the better. 

It is important that the magician to pick only one or two animals to use as their focus for the next year.  

Start by performing Goetic Energy Work and Circulation #1 and #2

It would be helpful to follow the protocols and considerations set forth in my blog post titled Goetic Energy Work and Circulation.

1. Stand. Relax. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to a sphere of soft white light the size of a basketball, a foot above your head. Breathe in and as your exhale the sphere circulates down the left side of your body under your feet, and as your breathe in the sphere floats up the right side of your body back to above your head.

Repeat 10 times.

2. Stand. Relax. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to a sphere of soft white light the size of a basketball, a foot above your head. Breathe in and as your exhale the sphere circulates down the front of your body under your feet, and as your breathe in the sphere floats up the back of your body back to above your head.

Repeat 10 times.

Focus your psychic sexual center (underneath your navel and just above your genitals) and breathe in nice and ease, and breathe out nice and easy 18 times.  

Now in that same standing position focus on the top of your head. 

In your third eye see the animal you are shape shifting into. 

See the top of it's head, now see and feel, the top of your head transform into the top of its head. 

Repeat the above process in the advised order. 
  1. Top of Head
  2. Back of Head
  3. Forehead
  4. Eyes
  5. Ears
  6. Temples
  7. Nose
  8. Mouth
  9. Throat/Neck
  10. Trapezius
  11. Upper arms
  12. Elbows
  13. Forearms
  14. Wrists
  15. Hands
  16. Palms
  17. Fingertips
  18. Heart and Chest
  19. Lungs
  20. Solar Plexus
  21. Spleen, Stomach, Liver and Gallbladder
  22. Kidneys
  23. Upper Abdomen
  24. Navel
  25. Lower Abdomen
  26. Sacrum and Spine
  27. Hips joints and Pelvis
  28. Genitals and Anus
  29. Thighs
  30. Knees
  31. Calves
  32. Ankles
  33. Feet
  34. Toes
  35. Arches
  36. Skin and Aura
When you have completed this sequence, and taken the shape of your animal, you may perform rituals infused with its powers. 

For an example when I am preparing protective talismans, or amulets I might shape shift into an strong, and imposing animal which would be ill advisable to meddle with. 

The amulet or talisman now has that animal's energy infused with it, in addition to the occult powers already inherent to who it was made under, what it was made with and how it was prepared. 

You can also astral project as that animal, and might find astral projection easier as your energy is circulating stronger than usual, as well as in a beneficial trance state. 

You might try shape shifting before going to sleep, this can bring about dreams concerning this animal, and or lucid dreams where you can shape shift into this animal with ease...or you may find you are already the animal. 

You can also use this form healing. 

Shape shift into an animal that has particular healing connotations, and has qualities which combat the afflictions you are experiencing, as in order to shape shift into that animal the affliction you have now MUST be corrected for you to hold the shape of that animal (for healing it is a good idea to go to sleep while still in the animal shape because the physical body only truly heals during sleep). 

Stay in the animal shape as long as you want. 

Your waking consciousness will eventually fade the transformation away. Even so, the healing and occult power generated does not so easily leave you. 

By making this part of Sirchade's lycanthropic mysteries a regular practice, you reinforce the healing and occult power you generate while holding the animal's shape, powerfully manifesting them in your physical body. 

-Papa Crocodile.

Jesus Malverde. The Glorious Bandit, and Saint of the Impossible. Deer, Rattlesnake and Coyote Magic.

If you're having legal problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a pig ain't one. 
Jesus Malverde is not your typical saint.

You will not find his figurine tucked between the many manifestations of Mary, Saint Francis of Assisi or the archon Saint Michael at your typical religious supply store.

Jesus Malverde has not been approved nor accepted by the Catholic Church.

He has not been canonized, nor sanctioned, and it is unlikely he ever will be.

El Rey de Sinanola, The King of Sinanola. 
Do not get it twisted, sometimes its about who your enemies are which make you make you legit, and who hates you that speaks volumes about your character.

I often find my staunchest allies (magical or otherwise) harbor deep seeded resentment towards so-called authority and hail from "low" places.

I count just about anyone the Catholic Church puts on their hit list as a potential friend.

The Catholic Church has a BIG problem with Jesus Malverde as does Law Enforcement... two intrusive institutions I feel need to undergo an immediate cataclysmic upheaval of biblical proportions.

Jesus Malverde is a saint in the truest sense...he attained authentic sainthood.

THIS guy decides who are saints and who are not???
Malverde did not require a decrepit old pedophile in woman's clothing to declare him a saint. He became a saint because of the actions he took while he walked among the living.

Jesus Malverde was made a saint by the collective force of people venerating his life and seeking continued assistance from his spiritual life.

Jesus Malverde is a saint by popular demand.

There are a number of "tales" purported to be the historical rendering of Jesus Malverde's physical life.

Most of those stories are nonsense to satisfy the pseudo-intellectual curiosities of western liberal arts students who research by hearsay but never delve into the actual mystery.

I will share a little of what I was told concerning Jesus Malverde according to who I received his mysteries from.

Jesus Malverde is the El Rey de Sinanola, or The King of Sinanola.

He was likely born Jesus Juarez Mazo, cira 1870s, but when exactly is open to debate. My linage has a standing specific date, but this seems based in Mesoamerican magic rather than something historic.

Jesus was orphaned at the age of thirteen. His parents dying, some say to poverty (I suppose starvation), but in my linage his parents where murdered by a landowner.

In lieu of rent, he desired Jesus's mother, who he kidnapped and raped. His father sought revenge and killed the landowner, rescuing his wife.

Jesus Malverde
Thugs of the landowner's brother latter killed him and his wife in retaliation.

The young Jesus Mazo took to a life of crime and banditry to survive.

He adopted a Robin Hood stance of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. As such he became very popular with the poor and downtrodden of Sinanola.

Malverde is a moniker and not Jesus's last name, which is usually said to be Mazo.

Malverde translates to bad-green or bad-money, a nickname given to Jesus by the affluent and wealthy he stole from.

In my linage it refers to Jesus's connection to folk magic (brujeria, black magic), to aid in his supernaturally effective robbing the rich to supply the poor... but any more about this I cannot say.

Jesus lived under the despotic rule of Porfirio Daiz.

Fransico Canedo, was both a Daiz supporter and ran the state of Sinanola.

Jesus was one time captured, and my linage says for a crime that he truly did not commit, but was framed for.

Fransico Canedo offered Jesus a pardon if he could steal for him the sword of a rival.

In some stories Canedo's rival is the governor.

Jesus Malverde succeeded, but stole the heart of the rival's (again possibly the governor) daughter in the process.

From a magical view point, Jesus stealing this man's sword was in truth robbing him of his manhood.

Stealing the affections of the rival's daughter added further insult to injury as it suggested Jesus was now the provider of his daughter. The rival is struck impotent and unable to care for his women... by either familial or sexual means.

This was undoubtedly Fransico Candelo's plan all along.

Fransico could pin the caper on Jesus Malverde, and secure his rival's debt to him by returning the stolen sword (restoring his masculinity and honor).

He offered a hefty reward to anyone who would flip on Jesus Malverde expecting Sinanola's poor would jump at the opportunity to rat themselves out of impoverishment. However, Fransico underestimated the love and respect Malverde had garnered.

A wild game of cat and mouse thus ensued with Jesus Malverde always one step ahead, and just outside of the reach of the long arm of the law.

In the stories from my linage it is said Jesus could leap over walls or fences like a deer when chased by the police.

Jesus Malverde could see in the dark, and navigate the desert at night like a coyote; devising traps and snares for his pursuers. My linage pegs him as both a sorcerer, and skin walker.

Lastly Jesus was renown for his formidable fighting skills.

He could knock out or even kill a man with a single punch thrown at speed of a rattlesnake's strike. Malverde was also a fearsome duelist with a sword (the rival's sword of course) and pistol.

Ultimately it was a "friend" who betrayed Jesus leading him into a police ambush.

Malverde was shot and killed by the police.

Jesus's body was hung form a tree in Sinanola (due to oaths I cannot say what kind of tree) to as a frightful warning to Sinanola's poor as well as a message, their beloved hero was dead.

According to my linage; on the third morning his body was gone, but the rope had not been cut.

A peculiar white tailed Buck (deer) was seen resting under the same tree, but after that day, the deer too disappeared.

The Jesus Malverde, and Jesus Christ parallels are also not lost on me.

Jesus Malverde began to manifest his miracles first through the return of stolen items.

As his cult grew, so to did the nature of his miracles which began to include road openings, healing, protection form criminals and police (is there any difference?), favorable legal outcomes, helping men attract beautiful women, defending women from violent men, helping women escape bad relationships, locate missing people, obtaining money, and restoring sexual prowess in men.

In my linage of the Jesus Malverde cult, there exists is a whole tradition of spiritualism and sorcery.

Yaqui Deer Dancer
My intuition tells me that the Deer Magic within the Jesus Malverde cult was likely influenced by the Deer Dance mysteries of the Yaqui tribe who are located in the northern most tip of Sinanola...auspiciously where Jesus Malverde was said to be born.

The deer or buck is a layered magical mystery. The buck isn't an overtly aggressive animal, neither is the deer or buck a predator. The buck is not out targeting another animals. But the buck will fight fiercely to defend its self and members of its herd.

The deer is an agile and nimble runner, known for their amazing leaps. The shape shifting dance to trigger Deer Magic could readily make the practitioner into a very athletic person indeed.

 A deer is not easy to hunt, and is skilled at evading predators. However, being a pack animal it is understood that when one deer gets taken, spares the rest... a  deep sacrificial mystery.

The deer or buck in Mexico, much like the reindeer in Germany and Scandinavia who eat Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) mushroom, would eat the Peyote cactus, and thought to live between the worlds...making the deer or buck cleric or shaman.

The coyote is a dangerous mystery, which has been greatly misrepresented as well as near castrated by the "love and light" new-agers. "Native American" spirituality aside (what a ridiculous thing to say as there was hundreds upon hundreds of separate "Native American" tribes who had their own mythology) whereas the deer expresses religion and spirituality the coyote of the tribes in Mexico and what is now the very southern United States, embodies magic and sorcery.

The coyote navigates the very dangerous terrain of the nighttime desert.

Coyotes not only dwell in the dark and shadow, but exploit them to their advantage.

Mysterious forces and occult secrets are at concealed but come to life in the night...the time of fear and death. The coyote where known to sneak under tents and drag small pets or even children away never to be seen again.

During the dark of night the uneven landscape the desert is fraught with caltrops and other debris, it is very easy to trip and twist an ankle. You would be at the mercy of whatever finds you. What you could see, if you could see in the night, was distorted and unclear.

Coyote magic turns dangerous situations to your advantage. Grants the ability to see in the dark, twist and distort your shape to attack your enemies or defend yourself. To penetrate the a target's defenses, locate their vulnerable spot and disappear like a ghost. Those who dare to follow you place themselves in dire circumstance as they enter a shadow land full of perilous traps and pitfalls.

Watch where you step and who you step too 
Rattlesnake medicine is a warrior's path, paved by fire and slick with venom, coupled with the hot masculine sexual current which can be transformed into occult power for shape shifting, astral projection, and mental domination.

The rattlesnake teaches when to go full throttle and squeeze out every ounce of your power or poison, and when to dial it back keeping your reserves full.  It takes precious time to build up your strength, and your occult power... so know when and when not to use it.

The rattlesnake will often give warning to potential threats, that iconic sound that sending chills through many... and namesake... the rattle.

This show courage as it gives away it location and calls attention to it.

From my linage of the Jesus Malverde cult, he would literally "saber rattle" his saber against it scabbard to give his opponents a warning and pause to think twice about attacking him.

The rattlesnake says "don't tread on me", keep your distance and you will be okay.

However if his enemies advanced against him, they do so to attack him, and Jesus Malverde was now defending himself which does imply a very real moral high ground to fight from.

The rattling of the rattlesnake is also a specific shamanic/magical practice in my linage of breathing and full body shaking to both invigorate, and revitalize the body, in addition to clearing energetic blockages.

The Deer, Coyote and Rattlesnake are all synergistic, complementing and feeding each other.

One might find themselves practicing Rattlesnake magic to prepare for a lesson of Coyote magic, that unlocks a part of Deer magic so the original practice of rattlesnake magic can be mastered.

With all this, something here must be stated;

There is a difference between "working the saint" and "working WITH the saint".

Outside of the cult, petitioners "work the saint" with Jesus Malverde. This is an important process of developing a relationship with him and asking for his divine intercession on your or other's behalf.

In the cult of Jesus Malverde, Jesus acts as a direct spiritual patron, who initiates his followers into a linage  of occult spiritualism not unlike the Greek hero veneration cults of Hercules or Theseus.

It a new fad to adopt "Nacro" saints, especially by neo-pagans who have no contextual basis to do so.

I can't say neo-pagans have no cultural basis as many are of European decent and do have ancestry connection to Robin of the Hood, or Green Jack. Saying that neo-pagans no longer have contextual understanding of these willy, and often violent spirits.

Who would effectually be the "narco" saints of the European world.

St. Jude, Santisima Muerte and Jesus Malverde
Neo-Pagans do not really have any business having "narco" saints like La Carambada, La Santisima Muerte, Maximon, etc sitting on their altars. The nature of these saints are rough, active, lean toward retribution and require dedication outside shallow words.

Saints are not "aspects" or "psychological constructs" which keep neo-pagans disconnected from authentic spiritual progression, and these particular "narco" saints do not fit well into the new-age peace cult that is neo-paganism anyways... so it works out.

Approaching Jesus Malverde should only be done by someone who feels called to him and can appreciate his links to both criminality and anti-authoritarianism, because he is NOT going to change.

Jesus Malverde can open the door to Deer, Coyote, and Rattlesnake Magic to those how show him dedication.

To forge a relationship with him, one must practice mediumship, and spiritual communication for reasons of elevation. The more spiritual a life one develops the more avenues Jesus will open up and the deeper he will bring you into his mysteries.

Malverde is a powerful spiritual/magical mystery but he also promotes physical strength and agility.

Learning fencing/sword play (or any martial art), dance, and marksmanship naturally bring one closer to Jesus Malverde as will practicing meditation and regular prayer.

If you have a heroic spirit, desire to fight for the downtrodden and stand against corrupt authority maybe Jesus Malverde is a saint you ought to explore a relationship with.

Not all saints are suited for all people. As a spiritual person seeking further development you must strive to find those saints which harmonize, not disrupt, your personal energetic field.

Jesus Malverde should fit comfortably in your life, if you have to force it... than at present, he is not a good fit. Maybe that will one day change, and maybe it will not.

Avoid trends like the plague, as fads are set by society, and a society as SICK as ours is NOT to be trusted.

-Papa Crocodile.