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Chinese Martial Arts Baguazhang: Bear

Gen or the Mountain trigram expresses both the energy and birth order of the youngest son. He is outwardly the least active of the sons. He is often considered introspective and obstinate. His act of defiance is the action of seemingly non-action, holding firm, and planting himself in one spot. The youngest son possesses elemental attributes of wet and solid earth. Muddy and heavy, draining the energy out of anyone trying slog past him or thick and impassable, becoming a massive wall that cannot be scaled.

The youngest son has the size and incredible strength of his father the Lion but not Lion’s aggressive manner. While he is unquestionably stronger than his two brothers, he does not have Dragon’s stellar athletism nor Snake’s fluid speed. The youngest son hopes his size and strength will deter attackers. However, when pressed, he is a formidable opponent capable of utilizing his inherent nature with fantastic skill.

In the physical dimension and Chinese cultural context, his traits culminate in the Bear. The Bear is a resilient creature who prefers to be left alone, But if need be, Bear roots himself between his enemies and victory. Bear will never budge or give an inch, no matter what. He is the giant rock all others will eventually break themselves against.

The Gen or Mountain trigram of the I-Ching is comprised of one yang line supported by two yin lines. Comparing Mountain trigram to the human body, the upper yang line expresses an exceptionally fixed and uncompromising mind. The two lower yin lines show an upper and lower body, which are loose and soft but also dense and powerful.

The invisible middle pillar of the Mountain trigram is the spine flanked by ribs. Bear trains how to develop a stable and robust backbone, not unlike a central pole holding up a giant circus tent. He teaches us to allow our flesh to hang from our skeleton as a thick heavy leather coat hangs from a rack. Such practice eventually thickens one’s bones increasing health and vitality by packing energy into the body’s deepest hollows and then moving outward. Our outward expanding energy field is linked to our consciousness. Bear can become movable but also so acutely perceptive he boarder lines on pre-cognition.

Bear’s military strategy is consolidation and fortification. He is not a conqueror like his father the Lion or his brother the Dragon is; neither is he a highly maneuverable skirmisher like his brother Snake. Bear is a fortress. He holds his ground and defends, waiting for his opponent to overreach. Bear is like carrying a fly swatter and waiting for the wasp to land. When the window of opportunity presents its self, Bear unleashes devastating, and quality of life-altering, attacks.

Bear enjoys blocking his enemy’s progress as well as their escape. He likes to lean on them, crushing them with his size and stature. Bear exhausts his opponents, wears them down, and breaks them. His attacks jar, and rock his attackers breaking their bones and collapsing their internal cavities. Bear’s strikes have the nasty habit of seizing up the lungs, stopping the heart, rupturing eardrums, or the spleen or the liver and fill the stomach cavity with bile and blood.

Bear’s attacks are sudden, harsh, and stiff. He favors mid and short-range attacks with his hands. Relying on swatting, backhanding, and thrusting techniques. He is an outstanding wrestler, mauling his opponent like his father, the Lion. Bear tactics are sealing his enemy’s windpipe with throat grabs which is a step up for hip tossing or bull-rushing (called pancaking in America) — stepping on his opponent’s foot when he knocks them backward causing significant pain and injury to ligaments. Also, “turning the back” methods, a way to generate torque in close quarters fighting but not losing your ground. Bear excels in using hip tosses, body locks, and trips. Bear looks to overcrowd the aggressor while jamming and stuffing their attacks.

Like his father and his brothers, Bear is heavy-handed, but instead of limbs, he like Snake seeks to pulverize the opponent’s body. However Bear, like Dragon, is an adept counter striker. Bear stomps and stamps on his attacker’s feet and ankles seldom kicking higher than the knee. Bear demonstrates his power in how, like his father the Lion, he violently strikes to collapses the windpipe, temples, orbital bones, chest or stomach cavity of his attacker, and then crashing down on them as they lay gasping for air or crippled with pain, to finish them off.

Bear dominates space with frightening efficiency. Using Bear strategies, I control fights with Boxers (Western and Thai), as well as MMA fighters employing superior ring or cage tactics. The Bear doesn’t chase his opponents. He stalks them down or forces them to go on the offensive. Mountain trigram is about stubborn obstinance. Eventually, opponents get tired of running and are forced to advance, or maneuver themselves into a corner, and I give them no way out. When the opponent is stuck, exhausted, and frustrated, turning them into hamburger is a very reasonable request. Upon taking an exceeding stiff shot to their solar-plexus, finding themselves cornered with their lungs seizing up and me coming down on them like an avalanche, smart fighters concede rather than risk me ending their careers or worse.

Excellent Bear shape and a SNAZZY dresser!
Holding the Bear shape, while integrating it with circle walking, creates a robust blood-oxygen mix, circulating blood and energy throughout the major channels but in particular the spleen, giving benefit to the whole body, sending power throughout the limbs, adding color to the face and significantly increasing overall vitality, promoting youthful air and appearance.

In the spiritual dimension, practicing the Bear summons forth greater tranquility and intuition, as well as the beneficial attention of this easy-going but protective creature. The upper body shape is both a specific frequency and transmitter, while the duress in the legs acts as the power to broadcast said particular frequency. Daoist circle walking creates a portal by defining the radius of the wuji or void within the physical world.

Holding the Bear shape and meditating on its qualities while circle waking, entices the Bear spirit to draw near, thereby making it aware of you, and placing yourself in its amazing purvey.

Those who have found Bear’s favor (through sustained and committed practice) will discover that the progress of their enemies halted, they will find themselves enjoying more excellent stability and inner peace as well as steady increases of health and creature comforts. Lastly, both demons and harmful ghosts will find their path to you fraught with obstacles and unable to reach you unless you invite them first.


-Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Baguazhang’s Circle Walking: Pinnacle of Physical/Astral high-performance integrational exercise: Part 1

What circle walking metaphysically looks and feels like.
For an esoteric principle to be valid and therefore authentic, it must work on all levels. It needs to resonate across and cause response from all dimensionalities. There is no such thing as purely mental or strictly physical techniques within legitimate esoterism. The mechanic of the principle is required not only to invoke but involve the holy trinity- mind, body, and spirit.
Directing our attention to the Wudang Mountains, we find the Daoist holy lands, comprised of 72 peaks (an auspicious number to be sure) and launch pad for the ascension of numerous immortals, deities and other supernatural beings. Here we enter a secluded world of authentic mysticism, and within its vault of secrets, the practice of Daoist circle walking (Baguazhang’s signature training method) is one of its most prized treasures.
Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 1.35.14 PM
Wudang Mountain and Daoist Temples. BEAUTIFUL!  The Daoist holy land sure beat the fuck out of “Mecca.”
A cornerstone of the Daoist belief is the earth mirrors the Heavens, or, “earth follows the mandate of Heaven.” The precession of the stars and planets, as well as celestial events, are the result of divine precision. The wise observe the earth being receptive to the happenings above and then yield to and reflect the mandate of Heaven themselves.
It is considered beneficial to be in harmony with, move -like, mimic qualities of, and adopt the positioning of Heaven and Earth. One should cultivate and internalize the expressions of power around him or herself, looking to nature (nature as the natural disposition of the universe expressed through creation) as the supreme teacher. Internal Feng-Shui only corrects and empowers external Feng-Shui.
Daoist circle walking reflects the positioning of celestial bodies to one another and the circumambulations of the small around the big. The Daoists not only sussed that the earth orbited the sun before the Greeks, but went a step further and emulated it by mimicking a satellite circling the gravitational field of a more massive object. This pull and drag effect stimulates cellular ebb and flows within us, which is not unlike the moon influencing tides. Over time this practice restores our north/south pole magnetic balance by re-aligning the human axis (in direct relationship with the earth’s axis) known as the spine or Chong-Mai.
Walking is an essential function of living, at least on this planet and in this dimension. The human body was designed to walk and not only that, be benefited from walking. A hidden directive hardwired into our core prodding as to explore and be rewarded for it. The benefits of walking are many, but here are a few major ones:
1. Burns calories
Walking initiates the burning of stored energy, massages the lower intestine and bowls encouraging regular movements.
2. Strengthens cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
Exercise tones the heart and lungs as it requires steady supplies of blood and oxygen.
3. Lowers blood sugar.
Exercise requires energy and sugars burn quickest and first.
4. Eases joint pain.
The on and off pressure felt by the feet during walking creates a pump action circulating synovial fluid through the body. Synovial fluid lubricates joints and warms tendons. This fluid also travels up and down the spine, and I personally believe it is highly conductive of bioelectricity.
5. Boosts immune function.
Supplying your body with steady increases of fresh blood, oxygen, and circulation of nutrients to cells helps to maintain your body’s upkeep regularly. This helps your immune system to put its full energy towards fighting infections, viruses, and diseases while they are still minor, not allowing them to become a severe threat.
6. Boost your energy.
Circulating blood and oxygen along with synovial fluid triggers more effective use of cellular ATP.
7. Improve your mood.
Exercise stimulates the release of dopamine and other painkillers chemicals. This improves feelings of overall well being.
8. Extends your life.
Walking is an aerobic but low impact exercise. This allows for improved and prolonged circulation of bodily fluids and glandular secretions but does not violently jar or break down the body like jogging or running.
9. Tone the legs.
The muscles of the legs are the biggest muscles in the human body. They require a large amount of blood and oxygen. The stronger and more active your legs are the more calories, and nutrient uptake is needed to fuel them.
10. Improved creativity.
The increase in fresh blood, oxygen, and synovial fluid heighten cognitive function, strengthening abstract thinking capabilities.
Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 1.33.12 PM
Tortoise and Snake walking methods.
As we age, we have a tendency to drift apart from those we associated with it. This self-imposed isolation leads to cognitive defects and backslides, lacking social stimulation for our brains to grow or at least maintain a baseline. Inside our body, a similar action is taking place through what is known as “organ drift.”
With age, muscles atrophy quicker, and tendons lose their elasticity if they are not exercised. Excess weight often accumulates in the stomach and gravity starts a downward pull. This pull creates space for internal organs to drift apart from each other. Like us, our internal organs are “social” and do better with fewer degrees of separation.
The rattle and hum of our internal functions is a resonate tone unique to each individual. A personal mantra of sorts. When our organs are near, they synergize and harmonize. However, as they drift apart, each becomes more isolated, more burdened and our resonate tone become weaker. Disease and death soon fill the spaces in between.
The constant strong but gentle twisting and frequent turnings preformed in Daoist circle walking produce a counter against gravity’s downward pull and massages the internal organs. After 3 months of daily circle walking, astounding differences in health can be reported. Detoxification, higher and sustained energy levels, as well as tighter, firmer muscles around the midsection. Circle walking pulls the internal organs back together, strengthening our resonate tone and greater vital is the result.
Both Daoist circle-walking and the martial art of Baguazhang hold the principle of Yin and Yang in the highest regard. All things balance out, whether we know it or want it too. The purpose of adhering to the Dao is finding benefit from the balance out, instead of a detriment. What you do with yin you do in equal measure with yang. Walking the circle eight times counter-clockwise requires eight clockwise in return.
The “mirroring” of movements on the right and left sides of the body has positive and empowering effects on the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Building stronger hemispherical linkage via the corpus callosum. Right and the left hemispheres initiate brain integration and collaborations of each’s respective functions. Opening up avenues of truly unlimited potential in terms of creativity, problem-solving, and intuition.
How the body twists during circle walking, especially while holding the most commonly seen upper body shape, the Dragon or more correctly the Dragon’s Heart, has a profound effect on the Coeliac Ganglion otherwise known as the Solar-Plexus. The Solar-Plexus is regarded as a grand-central station for bio-electrical and Automatic Nervous System (ANS) impulses. A mass of nerve tissue seated above the upper abdomen and branching throughout the upper to lower toro. The Solar-Plexus connects the spine with the brain to the vagus nerve and the stomach. It regulates adrenal flow, blood pressure, manages pain, and a host of other vital systems.
BK assuming one of the best and most weaponized Dragon Body postures ever. I met him once and was lucky enough to have him show me a “big man’s” Dragon as well as one of the most lethal palm change sequences I’ve seen…and used. I practice it DAILY. 
The unique way in which the internal mechanic of Daoist circle walking joins the solar center of the person to the solar center, or just the center, of the circle; opens and closes the Solar-Plexus, allowing it to stretch and flex. In the same way, running defragmentation protocol and regularly installing software upgrades to your computer makes it run smoother and more efficiently, exercising your Solar-Plexus increase it’s longevity and output.
Daoist circle walking has a potent Parasympathetic effect on the body, which means it counters the Sympathetic hindering action which the majority of people are needlessly under the prolonged influence of.
The Eyes
Sympathetic: Dilated, better to see when frightened.
Parasympathetic: Constricted, no threat.
Heart Rate
Sympathetic: Frightened and anxious, needs more oxygen and glucose to pump faster.
Parasympathetic: Feels safe and confident, no need for to irregular or increased heart rate.
Hand Temperature
Sympathetic: Cold. The blood is drawn in away from the extremities and saved for the heart and brain as in survival mode.
Parasympathetic: Warm. The body does not feel it is in survival mode. Blood flows freely and unrestricted.
Sympathetic: Anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness.
Parasympathetic: Deep and restful sleep.
Male Sexual function
Sympathetic: Inability to achieve an erection.
Parasympathetic: Full erection.
Female sexual function
Sympathetic: Inability to lubricate.
Parasympathetic: Promotes lubrication.
The martial art of Baguazhang takes directly from the Daoist circle walking, mimicking the movements of celestial bodies in the medium of earthly powers, or emulations, such as walking like a tortoise or a snake. The different types of walking produced different effects in the body and coupled with specific upper body postures, the result could be powerful indeed.
The emphasis of Daoist circle walking is assuming and maintaining an upper body posture, not upper body movements, per-say. The pose is held as if an action is about to occur. This enlivens the otherwise static position, giving the mind, body, and spirit a chance to intermingle within it. Primming for all actions which could eventually follow.
The employing of Daoist walking and Baguazhang will, without question, produce and promote a high degree of full-body muscularity. However, it is the overall promotion of muscularity, which takes center stage. Engaging in regular Baguazhang practice and also participating in heavy but basic strength training will build more useful muscle quicker than lifting weight alone. Legs, however, are another matter. The healthy constraint placed on the legs from Baguazhang practic forges exceedingly athletically muscular, and injury resistant legs.
Baguazhang practice at a Daoist temple on Wudang mountain. Damn, I am doing that next life. 
From the perspective of the physical world, Daoist circle walking makes sense. It is aerobic, honing an essential life skill, enhances endurance, improves athleticism, and promotes both flexibility and strength. Baguazhang is a supremely capable martial art combining fluid combination striking with deviously clever wrestling and fast-paced maneuverable footwork. However, the betterment of physicality alone is not enough to be considered a legitimate esoteric practice. There remain the mind and spirit, and both of which I will cover in part 2.
*I am currently working on what will be the most user-friendly and comprehensive Baguazhang video series to date to be released via Vimeo. Complete practice, strength training, combat applications of the most dependable and ruthless variety as well as beginner to advanced spiritual development all practiced at the SAME time.
I have scoured the internet and found only a small hand full of good Baguazhang. Many of these teachers only do high priced seminars now. The rest are utter frauds. If you are eager to get started (and I don’t blame you if you are) here is a link to a decent break down of circle walking and single and double palm changes. The stance and walking demonstrated are solid enough that I feel comfortable endorsing this video for the beginning of someone’s circle walking practice.
Be mindful of your knees and lower back.  Everything below your solar-plexus (unless engaging in palm changes) should be facing the direction you are walking. Only your solar-plexus and above should orientate towards the center of the circle you are walking.
Here is the video Dragon Body Bagua.
Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas
The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow. 
Papa Machete is a near 30-year student of the Chinese Daoist martial art known as Baguazhang. Inherited from the Wong family, he has successfully used this fast, fluid and ferocious martial art to protect himself and others from elements of the 1990’s gang culture, from Neo-Conservative nutbags during the Bush-era nightmare while being followed home from 9-11 Truth movements and early 2000s Tea-Party rallies (before the co-opting). Most recently Papa Machete has used Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Hawk body Baguazhang methods to literally mangle the vile idiot left and its agents. Stepping in to put Antifa and Satanic/Nazi-themed paramilitary on the ground, or under it (as the situation dictated), when they attacked the elderly, woman or engaged in terrorist activities against this country.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Transition to Phase 2 PUBLIC Isaac Kappy ritual: Protection and Retribution for Isaac Kappy and Yourself.

Phase 1 of our "Isaac Kappy PUBLIC ritual: Twenty-one-day Spiritual Liberation and Elevation for yourself and Isaac Kappy with Loa Met Agwe and the Court of Sailors" has been completed. As of last night (June 1st, 2019), the spirit of Isaac Kappy has been liberated from his forced Earthbound state.

Dangerous Ceremonial Occultists of what is most easily termed "Illuminati," were actively turning Isaac Kappy into a servitor spirit, a spiritual slave.  However, with the aid and intercession of God the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the seven Chief Loa and the 21 Commissions of spirits, as well as those of you who are supporters, we have undone the efforts of the Illuminati and created the opportunity for Isaac Kappy's soul to escape.

However, we are not done. We need to work not only for Isaac's protection but our own. We also need to work for retribution and justice for Isaac Kappy. What my intention here is to bring his killers to justice and bring calamity to those involved. Why? Judgment must be delivered, and a message sent that we will not tolerate such actions. Retribution needs to occur to deter future crimes, and show actions have consequences. These monsters do not think they will face retaliation for the atrocities they commit. Let us prove them wrong.

Commander Jones "I have not yet begun to fight!"
This week we are transitioning from the Admiral Loa Met Agwe and the Court of Sailors to the General Loa Ogun Balendjo and the Court of the Saints. However, before that, my Temple will be welcoming a powerful new ally coming through the Court of the Sailors, Naval legend and American war hero John Paul Jones. Commander Jones came through to me via a vivid lucid dream. He has pledged he will fight, protect, and secure good fortunes for members of my Temple.  In welcoming Commander Jones, I will be honoring him for the next 7 days.

I will also be offering the General Loa Ogun Balendjo an early 1900s cavalry saber to fight for and protect our Temple with as well as lead a charge on the Illuminati, bring justice to Isaac Kappy's killers and ruin to those who orchestrated his murder.

If you have already donated, you are in. However, for those who would also like to help make this work stronger and even longer lasting, please read through the following tiers and see to what you are called.

Ogun Balendjo!
Tier 1: $10 donation has a request made on your behalf for blessing and protection of Commander Jones and the Court of the Sailors in the form of a white candle for all seven days.

Tier 2: $20 donation merits all the benefits of the previous tier but also, you will be named every one of the 21 days and included in prayers which are not public (all for your spiritual progress and protection). Also intuitively feel out which of the Loa:

1. Ogun Balendjo (Army General)
2. Tinjo Alawe (Indio Chief)

from whom you would like their direct blessings from, and I will make an offering on your behalf to them.

Tier 3: $40 donation merits all the benefits of previous tiers but also sets you directly in front of either the Court of the Indios or Court of the Saints.  Offerings are made, and prayers are given on your behalf for 21 days to the Court of your choosing.  No Court is better or stronger than the other. It is a matter of vibration and frequency. If the Indios call to you louder than the Saints or vice versa, go with whichever your intuition sways you to.

Tier 4: $60 donation merits all the benefits of previous tiers, but you now can ask for the blessings of both Loa and spiritual Courts. You can also have me throw the shells (just as I did in the video) on five yes or no questions, of any topic you wish.

Tier 5: $80 donation merits all the benefits of previous tiers, but also includes a MAJOR offering to one Loa and spirit Court of your choice. You may ask for a specific boon and blessing, which is directly specific to your life's circumstances and needs.  Please include this request in your message. You may send an additional five yes or no questions to be asked, to a total of ten.

Tier 6: $100 donation merits all the previous tiers; however, Ogun Balnedjo and Tinji Alawe and the Court of the Indios and Saints spiritual receive offerings from you. Also, MAJOR offerings to both spirits Courts will be given on your behalf. You will also receive a specialty prepared candle for one of the two Loa to work with them further after this main work is done (include your choice and shipping address).

Tier 7: $120 donation merits all previous tiers, but now all offerings to the Loa and the spiritual Courts are now MAJOR offerings.  You will also receive a protective amulet made on the point of all three Loa.

Donations accepted here!

If you have ever wanted to be part of a righteous and robust spiritual temple, full of truly amazing people, then please consider joining our temple!


Papa Machete que gana todas las batallas

The Machete leads the way and defends all who follow.