Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Apologies, transparency, and making a amends. PLEASE read.

There is a video of me reading aloud an email I received from a European country. In this email is detailed a human trafficking network. This network is also engaged in cannibalism and forced blood sports (gladiatorial games only the most wealthy can afford to watch). In a follow up email I was sent clear and graphic pictures and videos confirming the sender's claims. 

I had the video taken of me reading the email aloud just in case it was a trap, or a set up, and make clear that I am not suicidal in anyway. I then informed no less then ten of my most trusted confidants of the situation. I have EVERYTHING stored, copies made and all locked down. Should ANYTHING happen to me, and I am unable to regularly check in with certain people, it ALL goes public. I have already sent everything I have to the proper authorities so there is little point coming after me anymore.

I got warning I was in danger, and it was likely connected to the email I received. The warning came too late. I am fine, but not everyone involved can say the same, assuming they still say anything at all. 

For months I have suspected my email is actively being monitored. This is not the first time. I had friends with high degree skills beef up security protocols, but our fears where realized when someone slipped past what they set up, meaning a very serious player is involved. I asked for help from upper level specialists and due to my loyalty, they have agreed to help. 

Some of you know who "I am". For those of you who know and are familiar with the work I started nine years ago, you know I often have a lot of heat come down on me. I am in contact with government officials, both from the United States and foreign countries. I have been working to dismantle human trafficking and disseminating information about what is now known as "Pizzagate" since 2004.

I am a high level occultist. No...seriously. My Godfather was connected globally to very powerful groups. I have been shown things, been told secrets and been invited into covens, lodges and circles who set policies which effect the entire world (one of my Godfather's acquaintances was the Bokkor (sorcerer) who brokered the pact Bill Clinton made with Petro Loa in Haiti to win his presidency. The pact was made over a notorious well. The well is hidden from view by a structure built around it. The pact was made secretly while a very large Voudu ceremony took place around the structure).  I turned them all down because I know what the endgame is. I will stand on the right side of history and I will stand with humanity, no matter what. 

Why am I stating this publicly?

I realize that I still owe a few people some packages and readings. I know that some people have been trying to get a hold of me. I know I have a temple to run and promises to keep. By Friday 1/19/2018 all the new security protocols for my email will be in place. I need all of you to send me what you need and how to get it to you. Re-send your questions also. 

I have started a patreon page which I am still tweaking. If you where involved with the occult work I was doing please frequently check the patreon as I am merging my temple with my other works. I have been advised it is no longer safe for me to be so fragmented and secretive.  I believe this is true. Thank you to all who have stood by me, and if I have hurt your trust, let me make it up to you. 

-El Patron