Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ngurunfinda's toothache relief paste. Yambaka the Malongo Sorcerer.

Recently while I was conducting a large Palo rite, my Nfumbe (a spirit of the dead all priests and priestess of Palo Mayombe pact with) got really loud in my ear about someone in my congregation who was suffering from an agonizing toothache. 

My Nfumbe even let me feel, for a couple seconds, what this person was experiencing. 

The upper right, most back molar.... the sudden searing sharpness took my breath away. 

I could feel myself begin to fade into a light trance, and a wild power step into the forefront of my consciousness.

It was the fierce Mpungo, Ngurunfinda, or Yambaka, sometimes called Bad Face when he is serving up "bad medicine" or poison. 

He is the father of the land, keeper of all the secrets of nature.

He is the warrior branch of the mighty nature spirit Osayin into Palo Mayombe.

A formidable sorcerer, he owns all the herbs, and minerals, and anything which keeps us alive, including food, shelter and money.

I stopped the proceedings and asked a loud, "who among my children is suffering from a toothache that has made it impossible for them to sleep!?" 

A man from the back of the semi-circle of people around me admitted it was him, although stunned I knew this and he was a little reluctant to approach me (latter I was told my facial features had changed slightly, as well as both my mannerisms and movements become short and quick). 

I pointed to the tooth which was causing him so much pain.

He nodded silently.

"Coconut oil!!!!", I screamed. 

My house scrambled to fetch a jar.

"Cloves!", I screamed again. 

My house produced essential Clove Oil. 

"Lavender" , I screamed.

My house produced essential Lavender Oil.

The spirit of Ngurunfinda guided my hands as I quickly added nine drops of Clove Oil, and six drops of Lavender Oil to about a cup of Coconut Oil. I stirred in thoroughly as I sang magical songs of Malongo, secret to my rama of Palo Mayombe.  

I blew tobacco smoke all over the right side of this man's face, and all over the mixture.

He was to immediately take a big spoonful of this and swish it around in his mouth for 30 minutes.

He was to do this twice a day, morning and night, 30 minutes each time until the mixture was gone. 

After the 30 minutes he was to spit it out in the dirt. 

After the very first application, he came to me in tears, and hugged me.

The constant mind twisting pain was gone.

I did not hear from him until four days latter.

He told me the pain was gone, the abscess/infection was pulled out and healed by the oils.  He swears to me there is no more pain, no more swelling, his teeth felt stronger and his mouth feels clean. 

I still recommend he go to the dentist.

He said he would, but until then asked if I would tell him how to make Ngurunfinda's toothache relief paste to use until he could afford the dentist visit.  

Who I am I to refuse?

My Nfumbe asked me that I share this so others can also get relief. 

Again, who am I to refuse?

Ngurufinda! Nsala Malecun! Protect us! We honor you!

Ngurufinda's Toothache Relief Paste

Coconut oil about a cup full.
Nine drops of clove oil
Six drops of Lavender oil

Mix very well.

Take a spoonful twice a day, morning and night. Very gently swish for 30 minutes and spit it out, preferably outside. 

You can repeat the process as need be and make more.

Daily coconut oil mouth pulls are an excellent form of dental health anyway. 

Alternatively you can ground up 2 tablespoons of dried cloves in a mortar and pestle. Add to a cup of coconut oil, and mix thoroughly. 

Take a spoonful twice a day, morning and night. Very gently swish for 30 minutes and spit it out, preferably outside. 

If you end up making Ngurunfinda's paste and it works for you, offer him a fruit or vegetable along with 3 pennies placed in a tree hollow or in the bushes, saying thank you Ngurufinda! 

-Papa Crocodile