Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exonerations and Extolations: The Praise of God in the command of daemons. Why "Christian" prayers as part of Goetic magic.

I dislike breaking my own occult pet-peeves however in this rare instance it will be helpful to do so in the illustration of an important point. One of my major occultic pet-peeves is the near insufferable and irresponsible manner the daemons of the Goetia are so causally mentioned now alongside the Exus, and Pombagiras of Kimbanda, as if they are interchangeable....which they are not.  It is without question, that the Black Table spiritism practiced in Brazil utilizing the Grimorium Verum, did indeed summon forth the Exus and Pombagiras of Kimbanda as workers IN the temple, not just the guardians of the temple as in Umbanda.

The usage of the Grimorium Verum during the Black Table allowed for a diabolical, but also redeeming, conjunction of human dead/deceased and astral daemon.  A ferocious tradition was rendered; the dark infernal magics of Europe was paired with the savage heat of nercomantic sorcery from Africa's Congo region. 

*The Grimorium Verum is not the Lesser Key of Solomon. Individuals claiming linage of "Quimbanda" with whom Exu Bael, Exu Stollas, or Exu Paimon are served, or make "Exu" heads, are liars and frauds who deserve no respect. 

The Exus and Pombagiras of Kimbanda are the spirits of the human dead who through the calling of Astral Daemons, acquired dominions/principalities near identical to the astral daemons of the Grimorium Verum. These are NOT "synchronizations" as lazy pseudo-intellectuals/occultists will ascribe, but rather a type of sponsorship relationship and no more can be said concerning that manner.  Exu Money Caller and the daemon Clauneck share a very real vibratory connection, but that does not mean that by calling one you are summoning the other.   

Nzambi is the great and Almighty within Kimbanda, and all the Exus and Pombagira seek to elevate their own spiritual natures within the light of Nzambi. The Exus and Pombagiras serve as our personal devils or daemons to help humanity come to realize their own vices, come to find ever progressing uses for their "daemons" and ultimately elevate each other...Exu/Pombagira and humans.

You can elevate your own Exus and Pombagiras by not thoughtlessly acting on their own and thereby your own "base" nature. Even the darkest "demonic" of Exu or Pombagira, can on a personal level, become a saintly ally.  One's own "personal" head or King or Queen, Eux or Pombagira, serves as your guardian and "balance point" when advancing and learning with the other Exus and Pombagiras. This "head" Exu serves to help you overcome the infernally charged necromantic forces of Kimbanda, and prevents your astral body from being torn to shreds from it.

It is essential that one work long and dedicately (maybe for their entire lives) with their personal "head" Exu and the Exus and Pombagiras whom come for the person at the time of their reading into Kimbanda before forging alliances with Exus and Pombagiras who are not compatible with one's spiritual frame. Through this one can develop the occultic powers and supernatural abilities associated with the kingdoms where their Exus and Pombagira reside... the mastery of but one kingdom's dominion is an exceedingly rare occurrence.

However, as fierce and wild as Kimbanda is, there are thankfully built in fail safes and balance points.

There is NO such "fail safe" inherent within the Goetic traditions. 

The daemons are NOT spirits of human deceased. None of them desire, require or will functionally accept elevation. You CANNOT elevate a goetic daemon. The goetic daemons care NOTHING about your own personal elevation. There is NO goetic daemon who will protect you from the casual influences of other goetic daemons and there is NO such thing as a goetic daemon "head master" or "met tet".

In terms of margin for error....Kimbanda is walking a tight rope but the Goetic tradition is walking a razor's edge... 

So where does one find elevation in the Goetic tradition? Does such a exist? 

Yes it does.

I have said this many times before but it bares repeating, goetic magic is astral magic, and astral magic is planetary magic with the moon as the planetary sphere... or yesod for the Hebraic. In order that magician does not imbalance his or herself either mentally, or spiritually; the magician must counter-balance the planetary work they are focused on with that planetary sphere's polar opposition.

Thereby when working with the Goetic tradtion (which is the Moon) the magician needs solid footing with the planetary sphere of the Sun, or Sol, also known in the Hebraic as Tipareth. It is in the Sun, we find the elevation, purification and inspiration which will uplift the spiritual goals, and brighten the mental faculties of a magician consorting with daemons in the darkly splendid gloom of the ever shifting astral world.

Daemons are amoral, they delight in participating in the "follies" of humanity. The dominion of a daemon is all consuming. The daemon cares not, nor occupies itself with any other concern, which does not relate to it's dominion. Due to the frequency and vibratory station daemons occupy (the lower astral) they tend towards the thoughts and desires of humanity which are appropriately deposited, gestated, and mutated upon the lower astral. These thoughts-desires are most frequently repressed, ashamed of, and concealed sexual fantasies, or phobias, s well as unfettered rage, alongside unrealized dreams.

Daemons know humanity near better than any other non-physical entity. Daemons are bathed in the most base and primal drivers behind our evolution. The dominions of a demon eternally steep in those same primordial juices of consciousness and for a magician that is both the blessing and the curse. The magician be absolutely honest about who they are and what they desire when in front of a goetic daemon. The goetic daemon couldn't care enough to pass judgement. However, in the face of elevated spirits (say spirits of the Solar sphere) many times the magician tries to dilute the reality of his or her soul out of guilt.

Elevated spirits already well know the uncensored truth of the magician, but because of their elevated station they are supremely compassionate, and let us lie to them.. as they know we cannot lie ourselves and never could we lie to God. It is just a matter of time before we speak the truth aloud, by either word, deed or both, and the lesson can finally be implemented.

The daemons can help us to both reveal and revel in our vices. There is a lot to life that best happens in the dark. It is absolutely essential to the sanity of the collective human mind to have a shadowy playground to explore and experiment in. The devastating danger is when the human becomes mired in astral illusions, made an agent of a goetic daemon, and lead deeper into the ensuing depravity of its dominion.

The daemons have no boundaries. It is up to the magician and the magician alone to set his or her boundaries as well as vigilantly discern the amount of influence the daemon has over them.

The magician is the master of magic circle, this mastery is not shared with anything or anyone else. The goetic daemon, while a great ally and consultant, is never to be considered a friend. The magician must always have dominance over the daemon, but best to temper that dominance with due and proper respect to the goetic daemon; rather than the hard but brittle fist of a tyrant who will forever fear retribution from mistreated daemons. Goetic work is a path for only the strongest and most mature of occultists, or at the very least a magician who desires to forge great personal strength and power of will.

Within the spirituality of the Solar temple, or planetary sphere of the Sun, resides ultimate compassion and mercy. The earliest nods to Christianity flows from Tipareth. A divine figure willing to be a sacrifice, and willing to teach others the value of self-sacrifice. To pay the debts of others and lessen their burdens in the hopes that kindness would spread outward to encircle the world with unconditional mercy. The current state of Christianity aside, connection with the solar sphere is the only real lifeline the magician has in the goetic tradition, and it is only made available through the labors of the magician.

In defense of the esoteric brotherhoods and lodges of the 1300s to 1800s, Christianity was the only acceptable expression of solar planetary magic available in Europe. Near anything else meant imprisonment, torture, and or execution...and always after total financial confiscation by church and state.

"Immortal, Eternal, Ineffable, and Sacred Father of all things, who is carried on the chariot rolling without cease, of the worlds which rotate always. Ruler of the Etheric Plain where Your throne of power is exalted and from whose heights Thy formidable eyes discover everything and Your beautiful and saintly ears hear everything. Harken to Your children whom You have loved from their birth through all time. Since Your lasting, great, and eternal majesty shines brightly over the world and the starry heavens, Thou art raised above them. Oh, sparkling fire! There You light and maintain Yourself in the appropriate splendor. There comes forth from Your being never-failing streams of light which nourish Your infinite spirit. This infinite spirit generates all things and makes this inexhaustible treasure of matter which cannot fail to procreate that which always surrounds it because of the forms without number with which it is filled and with which You have filled it since the beginning of time. From this spirit the very saintly kings who are standing around Your throne and who compose Your court also draw their origin. Oh, Universal Father! Oh, Unique One! Oh, Father of blissful mortals and immortals! You have particularly created the powers which are marvelously like Your eternal thought and Your adorable essence. You have established them superior to the messengers who announce your wishes to the world. Finally, You have created us sovereigns over the elements. Our continued exertion is to praise You and to adore Your desires. We burn with the desire to be possessed of You. Oh, Father! Oh, Mother, the most tender of Mothers! Oh, admirable example of tender sentiments of Mothers! Oh, Son, the flower of all Sons! Oh, mold of all our shapes! Well beloved spirit, soul, harmony, and number of all things, we adore you."

This oration, adoration or exoneration is beautiful, uplifting and downright inspiring. Certainly not a groveling placation to the stiffing dictates of a misogynistic, hateful "god" Yahweh/Jehovah; but a brighter far more awesome creator God-force who nourishes life, loves his creations and seeks union rather than dominion over them. The passage even acknowledges a tender mother and son who is flower of all sons. We glimpse in this the kind of salvation and redemption which help elevate us up out of the lower astral.

These solar extolations are also types of personal and environmental purification, exorcisms and banishings.

"And when, after all the phantoms have vanished, thou shalt see that holy and formless fire, that fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the Universe, hear thou the Voice of Fire".

This opening passage from the Opening By Watchtower ritual reflects the pale understanding modern Hermetic magic has in terms to planetary Exonerations.

The breakdown is this.

The light of the sun makes the astral night time phantoms/daemon vanish. Then once all the distortion is gone, one can more clearly see God or that hidden fire and hear better its messages to him or her.

The LBRP and BRP are decidedly modern banishment rituals, and while I utilize a variant of the LBRP I would never forgo the implementation of orations and incantations of Sol.

I will begin to share the orations, and incantations of Tipareth of the goetic tradition I inherited. I feel that what I have learned is a more pure transmission of both celestial and infernal energies in accordance to helping a magician finish their Great Work, removing the interfering emissaries of Yahweh/Jehovah, and the utter brainless idiocy behind the Devil/Satanic current tethered to modern Christianity.

I will also lay important foundation structure in how to preform goetic magic, one that provides both material and spiritual results, which are common in my temple.

In front of a lighted white candle used only for this purpose, speak aloud the above oration, and begin to bring the grandeur of the Sun into your life...if only in order to explore the depth of the sub-lunar astral and command with more force the daemons who reside there.

-Papa Crocodile.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daemons and using your own blood.

"Remiss", lacking in detail, careless toward attention, or just plain sloppy. Remiss is a word I am loath but unfortunately forced to use in describing the modern Western Occultist's study and practice of authentic lore found within the much touted but rarely read grimoires.

One topic which attracts minor criticism is offering my own blood to daemons. This ancient practice of European sorcery is well established in the grimories.

Even with this clearly evidenced, it is said that I am "irregular" in my practice. To this I have to wonder, have these "wizards" studied a grimoire? In all likelihood no. Or did so haphazardly (remiss), and without the studious eye European magicians where famous for.

One undeniable source for the magician to use his or her own blood to conjure daemons is accounted for in the Grimoirum Verum.

From the introduction of the Grimoirum Verum it states:

"In the first part [of the book]is contained various dispositions of characters, by which powers the spirit or, rather, the devils (daemons) are invoked". 

Note the word "character". The character, by which ("by which" meaning "this is how") powers the spirit. 

The character powers the spirit. What does "powers" mean?

The word powers means: to give the ability to do something, or act in a particular way. It is the character which gives the daemon the power to do something, or act in a particular way. I would venture a guess that this character is of vital importance. It would be remiss not to. 

What is a character? The Grimorium Verum uses the word "character" in this way:

"Lucifer has two demons under him: Satanackia and Apalirep.  Those of Beelzebuth are Tarchimache and Fleruty. The characters of of Satananckia and Fleruty are"
The characters of SIGILS of Satanackia and Fleruty

It is evident that the Grimorium Verum uses the word "character" to denote a spirit or daemon's sigil.

A character is a sigil, and it is the character by which powers the spirit, or rather the devils (daemons) are invoked.

Let us examine the final words of the above statement "are invoked".

The character (sigil) not only powers the spirit but also invokes. This is of utmost importance for without the character the spirit or daemon will have no powers conferred nor can be invoked. This conundrum sets up perfectly my "tour de force".

In the "First Book", or first section, of the Grimorium Verum it says this concerning the the writing of characters:

You must carry the aforesaid character with you. If you are male, in the right pocket, (If you are female, in the left pocket) and is to be written in your own blood, or that of a sea-turtle.

In an effort to not be remiss I think it would be of immense value to summarize what the Grimoirum Verum is stating concerning characters, the giving of powers and invoking of daemons and spirits.

A character (sigil), written in your own blood (or you could use the blood of a could...) gives the spirits or daemons powers (to act in accordance to the will of the magician) and invokes them. \

How is this method of conjuration, plainly and clearly described in the Grimoirum Verum going overlooked, or being denied as an authentic practice? Simple. The majority of neo-Western Occultists (worse yet the rank amateurs posing as experts), are sorely remiss, dare I say embarrassingly so, and their occult ability  highly suspect.

As a magician who has not only studied grimoires but enacted their rituals in exacting detail for twenty years, and to this very day carries a correctly written character in his right pocket, I know whats up in occult practice. My aura has been legitimately aligned with hundreds of daemonic forces, and planetary spirits, other worldly influences which have lead me to deep understandings.

With the correct knowledge and time commitment, you too will be able to say the same.
 San Cyprian chooses who he mentors. I owe much to his influence.

From another major source, the 1849 edition of The Grand Book of San Cyprian (the most legitimate) this is written:

"Write on a piece of Virgin paper with his own blood: "I, with the blood of my little finger, write this to Lucifer, to make real all I want in life, and if this does not happen, I owe nothing to him" - then you must sign your name. Then you must write the same text on a black hen egg, fertilized by a rooster of the same color. Then, open a hole in the egg and drop a drop of blood from the little finger of his right hand inside. Wrap the egg in cotton and put it under a pile of manure or under black hens. This egg will be born a little devil, that must remain inside a silver box, with silver powder. Every Saturday should give his little finger of the right hand to the small Devil drink blood. Who is capable of possessing the devil in this way get everything he wants in life". 

From just memory alone I could easily source more examples where the magician's own blood is an essential component to summoning, feeding or binding a spirit or daemon.

The little "devil" born from this procedure is an entity a magician would be well served in taking the time and trouble to manifest. I have preformed this splendorous work, and keep a devil born from this method. This devil is hell incarnate for anyone asinine enough to attack my temple. The devil aids in all my magical work, and has helped win legal battles, restore a person's health and open doors to good fortune.

However I will provide no more. I have affirmed my practice, and feel in this case giving away sources would encourage remissive self-entitled behaviors from individuals who think occultist culture is "hip"; but are troubled by the effort required to effectively engage in occult issues.

-Papa Crocodile

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WARNING from daemon Trimasael: Weaponized SUPER Drugs produced by secret Military program & Yellowstone Volcano disaster.

As part of an unfortunately all to often "on again-off again" occult/medicinal collaboration project I am engaged in with a very talented Obeah and Voudou adept (consequently he is my Obeah initiator... so yeah I am an Obeah man as well); I was in the process of trance mediumship with the daemon Trimasael (Grimoirum Verum), creating philters (potions or elixirs) which would promote health, reduce inflammation and lessen pain for his lower income clients needing immediate relief from ills.

If you are not familiar with Trimasael here is a very easily found account concerning his dominion:

Trimasael teaches chemistry, alchemy, and all means of conjuring through deceit or sleight of hand. Trimasael also teaches the mystery of making the Powder of Projection, and the means of which base metals can be turned into silver or gold.

During the medumship session, the daemon Trimasael took the information being transmitted to me down an avenue I was not expecting.

In hindsight I believe that Trimasael, because I was asking the daemon about chemical/alchemical solutions to benefit the poor, the daemon divulged this information as it would not only be helpful to the lower class, but also because of the chemical/alchemical nature of the original discourse.

I was recording information coming through Trimaseal via automatic writing (an elixir of lemon, garlic, honey, red peppers and rosemary distilled in rum), my trance state shifted into a sudden daemonic assisted astral projection, and I was now looking at what was decidedly New York City.

Trimasael directed my attention down a manhole, then through a labyrinth of sewer tunnels and cordoned off old subway tunnels into a very modern lab underground lab.

The lab only had four people working in it, dressed in full protective gear, and hard at work.

This now is the EXACT words of the daemon Trimasael:

"Approaching prefect here in exacting detail is the near unconquerable potency of the vices which these workers' labor has produced. This is chemical warfare, and one who is run too, not ran from. This weapon, like poisoned water, will flood the lowest point of society first. Ravage the lives there, deplete the wealth there, and serve to eradicate all currently occupying this station as well as all who stumble into it. Stumble they will. Fire and then ash will push them, from the middle outward, push them out to the edge and then over it".

"From the middle outward, push them out to the edge and then over it". Trimasael's  words repeated over and over again in my mind.

I was now standing in a city I know very well.

Los Angeles.

Trimasael once again directed my attention down a manhole and through the twisting, crumbling underground of Los Angeles. There again, was a lab very similar to the one in New York City.

These are super drugs they make here...I intuitively understood this.

Far stronger and superior in their addictive quality then anything we have ever seen. They will be deployed with target precision to specific areas where their dissemination will be quickest, and their impact radius the longest lasting.

These areas are chosen by way of intensive behavioral analysis and personality profiling of the people living there.

These super drugs are a weapon.

They are meant to absolutely cripple the economical and societal progress of all living in and around these areas. These drugs will most assuredly produce hyper dependency, and create an environment of ultra-violence in order to obtain what is needed for the addict to get more of their choice drug.

Because of the increased hostility and desperation of the junkies, the hand picked dealers will need to be even more predatory and brutal which will lead to far reaching misery and death.

There will be overdoes en-mass as predicting the dosage of such potent drugs will be difficult.

Star of 5 stars worn by top General and Admirals
"The generals of the star of five pointed stars commissioned the labor. They served the true masters of this American facade, who's intelligence agencies now carry out those directives. They have run trials and learned from tests. They have targeted with selected ills upon unpopular populations. Measles, syphilis, H.I.V, influenza, and Alzheimer's are their concoctions. They are not physicians but priests of plague, harbingers of fetid decay and stinking death".

I could now see trucks and vans, some bearing government license plates, some not. They transport these super drugs from secret labs to regional storehouses, who then distribute to local dealers.

"The houses of black alchemy dot all along the western and eastern seaboards, the line all along the southern boarder serving the above and below (I think Trimasael means American and Mexico) and hold position across the northern boarder (which I know Trimasael means the Canadian and American boarder)." Trimasael says to me.

A nightmarish infrastructure is being built along the most outer edges of American society.

I could see and understand that.

"Look there", Trimasael points. "The Phoenix hatches, the red lion belches sulfur and life is renewed on backs of charred corpses. Earth's great alchemy to ready the springtime for a new humanity, but only after fifty years of winter".

Following with my eyes to wear Trimasael's long orange finger leads, I see a massive flash of light and felt before I heard, the great concussive shock-wave.

The Yellowstone volcano.

"Fire and then ash" said Trimasael.

The agenda was made clear.

The super volcano at Yellowstone is long over due. It is well established that it is not a matter of "if", but a matter of "when".

Yellowstone will erupt and the crisis have near immediate global repercussions.

If the elite are lying in wait for this event, they have laid a terrible trap for the survivors of this horrendous event.

"From the middle outward, push them out to the edge and then over it"
The eruption will push near all the survivors outwards from middle America to the furthermost of America's coastlines.

The overcrowding, competition for resources and struggle for power will be tremendous.

The trap will be easy accessible (the foundation is being lain right now) new super drugs which will render the population under the control of the supplier's who are actually working for the same quasi-governmental/para-military who devised this plot and commissioned the making of these weaponized super drugs.

People will die en-mass from overdosing, they will starve to death because they would rather get a fix than eat, they will kill each other to steal money to buy drugs, or take the drugs someone already has.

They will trade their time and labor for these drugs, and would be easily extorted into all sorts of vile acts to obtain them.

The children of these new junkies, who would be largely incapable of getting clean ever again, will be easily collected by a beefed up FEMA and CPS joint task force.

Hey Illuminati and you stupid fucking Christians get your hands OFF those kids!!!  
Such a task force was deployed ahead of the directed and Rothschild patented energy weapon which caused the earthquake in Haiti. The amount of Haitian child who disappeared is still unknown, but numbers at least in the couple thousands.

Near one third of the Haitian child population was orphaned.

Numerous "Church Groups" where either caught or suspected of kidnapping Haitian children to sell on black markets as well.

Taken for medical experimentation, sexual slavery, snuff films, CCTV gladiatorial sports (do not for a moment think that snatch who wrote the Hunger Games did so without outside help. That book and the movies that followed are part of a preconditioning program to excite the younger generation to child based gladiatorial events) and or organ harvesting for the elite's life extension technologies.

I am not meaning to alarm, worry or fear monger. The daemons speak prophecy for very likely futures but NOT definite ones.

I share this ONLY because the experience dictated I do and I have MANY people out there I deeply love and care about.

-Papa Crocodile or Doc Croc as is my Obeah name.

As of the publishing of this blog I can find supporting evidence for Trimasael's warning.

Former drug addict worries about deadly cheap new super pill 

New street drug called "Super Pill" killing people in droves

Sheriff "Super Pill" is deadly and cheap becoming big problem

New super drug called "Flakka" wreaking havoc in Florida

The new drug the cause people to rip off their clothes and attack with super human strength 

Killer "super pill" street drug spreads; 50x stronger than Heroine 

REVEALED: The DEADLIEST volcanoes on Earth that could spark and MAJOR DISASTER

Will Yellowstone erupt in 2016? Shock video shows dramatic shift in seismic activity 

Earth Changes in 2016? How to get prepared for the coming earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Monday, April 18, 2016

Palo Mayombe GENERAL tooth and mouth care for the uninsured and or until payday.

Not too long ago I posted N'gurunfinda's cue for a man's abscessed tooth.

Toothaches i.e infections are awfully painful and can, overtime, become more threatening than just the constant pain. The infection can spread, and cause not only pain throughout the entire line of teeth on that side of the mouth, but even reach the sinuses.

It can get really bad.

I am of course NOT a doctor, nor a dentist. So, please consult one of either for all your tooth care needs.

That being said, as a spirit wellness coach... (yeah... that) I can relay an experiment that yielded seemingly beneficial results.

I was contacted by someone who read the previous blog about N'gurufinda's remedy for that particular man's accessed tooth (which by the way, he says, is better and does not at all bother him.... he does however continue with the coconut pulling a few times a week).

I was whispered too by my Nfumbe that, while effective, that specific recipe and method is not suited for everyone.

This person had an abscessed tooth and canker sores in the mouth as well.

They had very little money, and no insurance.

A dentist had told her she could come in for greatly reduced in price work, but that was scheduled for three weeks out.

She could not sleep and her whole life was suffering.

I went back to my Nfumbe, and in trance mediumship, this recipe came down:

Half cup of Coconut oil
5 drops of Tea Tree oil
5 drops of Clove oil
5 drops of lavender oil

Alternatively if you cannot afford or have access to all those oils, Tea Tree oil and cheap olive oil is still effective.

Half cup Olive oil -or- Coconut oil- if possible.
10 drops Tea Tree oil

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Take as much of the mixture in your mouth as you can comfortably handle.

Swish the mixture in your mouth in a slow methodical fashion for 10-15 minutes. Maybe 20 minutes if the pain has been very bad, and do so three times a day...especially right before bed so you can sleep.

Do not swallow.

After your chosen time, spit out the mixture in the trash or outside.

Risen your mouth with warm water.

This practice seems to greatly reduce or even eliminate the pain, stave off or even kill the infection, and allow life to become normal again.

Still of course see a dentist when you can, and or when you can afford to do so... but until then... in my personal experience and from the experience of another, this will help you until then.

-Papa Crocodile, or Doc Croc as I was recently called.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Recent success using the "The Queen of the Hairy Flies-She who aids in the discovery of precious things" AND Clauneck's blessings of treasure hunting.

Early in my occult training my godfather had me hand copy a very small and worn looking booklet entitled, "Queen of the Hairy Flies. She who aids in the discovery of precious things".

I cannot call it a Grimoire per-say, but it does contain a secret of natural magic which I have now on two occasions successfully employed.

This application of natural magic is relatively simply in it's utilization and I believe usable by anyone so inclined without much hassle.

I have spent time looking for this publication on-line and I have yet to come up with anything other than a few minor mentions.

If anyone knows where I can obtain an actual copy, I would be very grateful. 

I will for the benefit of my blog readers, post in it's entirety, what I hand copied all those years ago.

The Queen of the Hairy Flies

Among the many acrobatic winged insects, there is none more remarkable than the Queen of the Hairy Flies. 

Usually found in the summer months on the flower of the common water plantain, also known as mad dog weed. Common water plantain grows in ponds, lakes and on river banks. It is these places the reader is encouraged to look for the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

To catch her alive, chase it with a butterfly net.

When you have one in your possession, secure her away in a transparent glass box, or jar. 

Give her air twice daily and feed her with leaves from the plant on which she was on when you began to chase. She can live more than a month or more if tended too carefully.

To discover the locations containing precious objects, even those buried deep, you will need pleasant weather. 

Now, holding the glass box/jar containing the Queen of Hairy Flies in your hands, and go off exploring keeping your eye on the jar, noting her movements.

Common Water-Plantain
When you find yourself on a patch of land containing gold or silver, she will flap her wings. 

The more vigoiously she flaps her wings, the closer you are. The less she flaps her wings, the further you are from where the treasure lies

However, if the land contains precious stones, the Queen of the Hairy Flies trembling shall be in her feet and antennae.

But, if the land contains only common metals, which are lesser in value, she will simply walk without convulsions. The quicker she walks the closer you are, the less she walks, the further away you are.

She is the same fly that the Hindoos* use in their search for places abundant in riches

By using this method you can avoid often futile and expensive searches.

With perseverance, you can make a fortune a thousand times quicker than those who rely on chance alone.

As you see, this is a science of nature magic, inexpensive and readily employed.


I recently came across my hand written notes while re-organizing my belongings, and I was inspired to try my hand again at being lead to treasure by the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

I set off with a butterfly net and to serenade my Queenly guide.

Not disclosed in my notes above is a short but hauntingly pretty song to be sung while searching for the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

I believe this song was not to be part of the original criteria concerning the Queen of the Hairy Flies, but likely came through the multitudes of white or black table spiritism sessions conducted by my godfather and his godfather, etc.

I will not document this song as, like I stated it was likely not part of the original method, and there are things which are unique to my spiritual temple that I cannot openly reveal.

Upon capturing the Queen of Hairy Flies, I gingerly placed her in a mason jar which I had already made air holes in the lid, and had placed both a plantain leaf along with a moistened (not wet) ball of cotton.

What follows next is part of the Goetic tradition practiced in my spiritual temple. 

This is not part of the Queen of the Hairy Flies method, so do not feel as if you need to imitate it (the first time I used the Queen of Hairy Flies method I was wonderfully successful and I did not do what I am about to detail).

I include it only to document the tradition inherited by me, and kept by my spiritual temple.

The mason jar I decorated with pink, white and silver ribbons, and washed with blessed water letting it dry for 24 hours before housing the Queen of the Hairy Flies. 

Sigil of the daemon Clauneck
Latter that night I drew the sigil for the daemon Clauneck (Grimoirum Verum) on a cement floor, affixed a candle to its center and placed a glass of water next to the candle.

I prepared the ground with whiskey sprayed with my mouth, and cigar smoke. Next I dripped the blood of a pigeon I lanced through the neck and heart over the sigil of Clauneck.

I lit the candle and evoked the daemon Clauneck.

The glass of water looked as if I had poured champagne in it instead of tap water, with the amount of bubbles which quickly appeared. 

I sprayed more rum, and cigar smoke over his sigil and presented Clauneck the still warm body of the pigeon. 

I placed the jar containing the Queen of the Hairy Flies on top of Clauneck's sigil, and asked that his spirit intermingle with the Queen of the Hairy Flies, his dominion over treasure finding greatly influence her own natural magical talents, and amplify the power of the work.   

In mediumship I could hear Clauneck agree to the terms in return for the offerings.

I threw the astragals (divination dice, three(3) six(6) sided dice) to double check. 

The result was extremely favorable, validating my mediumship, and ensuring success. 

I let the Queen of the Hairy Flies sit on the daemon Clauneck's sigil overnight. 

Early next morning I retrieved the Queen of the Hairy Flies.

I headed to a location heavily trafficked by hikers and campers. 

The Queen of the Hairy Flies remained very still at first, but after 45 minutes of me walking around the location, she slowly began to beat her wings. 

I paid very close attention to the speed of her wing beats in relation to the direction I was walking. 

Finally her wings beat at a rapid clip and then...a fever pitch. 

I placed the jar on the ground and started shifting through the sandy dirt with my hands. 

After scooping away a few handfuls...lo and behold...a thin gold ring with a diamond setting. 

Satisfied, and a little stunned... I returned the Queen of the Hairy Flies back to where I captured her and I released her with praises of admonishment. 

The ring at its appraisal was valued at $500, and I was offered $425 for it. 

I decided I would keep it, as I have ideas for maybe bestowing it as a gift.

The daemon Clauneck will soon receive a small token of appreciation as well. 

-Papa Crocodile

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Afro-Caribbean based initiation into the mysteries of El Christo Rey and license to work the Honorius Grimoire

Mystery signature of the Honorius
I make frequent mention that I have been initiated into and "given" license to work various European Grimoires. 

Not just that, but the Grimoiric traditions I have inherited thankfully bypassed both the Hermetic (Golden Dawn) and Crowley (O.T.O) influences. 

My linage passed through the Caribbean islands, including Hispaniola (Haiti-Dominican Republic) via the European slave trade, and during the resulting slave revolts fell into African (largely Bantu speaking or Congo) hands of former slaves circa late 1700.

I am told, and I believe it to be fairly obvious, that European Grimoires (The Black Raven, The Black Hen or Pullet, The Black Goat, The Grimoirum Verum, The Grand or Red Dragon Grimoire, etc) contain an often large, often cryptic and regularly incomplete body of preparatory steps to be completed before the conjurations or "wonders", or "splendors" preformed. 

It is in these "preparatory" steps, which the formulary of each Grimoire's own unique initiatory protocols are contained. 

Coupled with the fact that these magical practices, systems and ideologies where NOT meant to be common knowledge; the initiatory methods giving one "license" or "right" to apply the occult sciences of each Grimoire are purposely muddled and confused. 

But what does the initiation process of a European Grimoire look like and what would it entail?

I can answer that question, but only in part. 

Because of my linage, and how it can down to me, I am able only to give answers which are born from the linage I inherited.

So what does that mean?

That means because of the detour out of Europe my linage took, having been practiced by Obeah workers in Jamaica , Bokors in Haiti and secret societies all over the Caribbean; that I cannot give an answer which is not, both heavily, and recently steeped in Afro-Caribbean currents. 

While I can imagine what the initiation into the Honorius Grimorie from the pure European practice probably looked like, it would only be a highly educated guess.

However I can say I know for absolute certain what an initiation into the Honorius Grimoire which was assimilated into a powerful Afro-Caribbean (Criollo) linage looks and feels like.

If the reader of this post compares the beginning of the Honorius Grimoire to the accounting  below, it will be clear an exceedingly similar initiatory sequence is set into motion. 

Another caveat must also be considered. 

All throughout the beginning of Honorius Grimoire, the potential operator is seeking to forge a deep personal relationship with "Jesus Chris"t... or well... at least it says that. 

I now introduce a concept which tends to anger Christian and non-Christian alike. 

As there is a bewildering number of Lucifers, there is a similar number of Jesuses or Christs. 

El Christo Rey sitting in Kaballic posture.He  IS NOT the Christian Jesus. 
Jesus, like Lucifer, or Lucero (Palo), like Exu (Kimbanda), like Eshu (Ifa), like Ellegua (Santeria), and like Legba (Voudou) is an intercessional spirit who acts on a person's behalf on an individual level, communal level, country level and global level.

And just like the aforementioned other spirits, Jesus or Christ is a legion of spirits under a "World" or "Collective" Christ.

For example Lucero Mundo is "World's" Lucero.

However to really understand Lucero Mundo, you must discover your own personal Lucero.

A personal Lucero is your own intercessional Lucero spirit who ensures your messages clearly and loudly reach Lucero Mundo.

Lucero Mundo then carries your messages to the other M'pungo all the way to Nzambi and relays messages back down to your personal Lucero who then gives message to you.

In some Palo houses (Monte and Kimbisa mostly) Lucero Mundo is synchronized with Jesus Christ.

Similarly to Lucero, Legba, Exu or Lucifer, a person's own personal Jesus (insert Depeche Mode here) or El Christo Rey, is a little different than everyone else's.

It is this developing a deep relationship with one's own (personal) "redeemer" (Christo Rey) that, at least where the Kabbalic mysteries are concerned, which makes strong and clear the communication between you, your higher self and the Most High.

Redemption is the return to own's Great work, the ability to step off from a bad path, and reconnect to the aspirations of your higher self.

The mysteries of El Christo Rey are, like all other aforementioned comparative spirits, firmly established in the stars, roads, the sun, sacrifice, life and death, light and dark.

It must also be said that the mysteries of El Christo Rey, are indeed Kabbalic, and are far OLDER than the Hebraic Abraham faiths (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) which are perverted, war-for-profit, slavish, spiritual ideologies which ought to be ridiculed into oblivion.

For those new to the idea of an infinite numbering of Christo spirits each acting as a personal "light, truth and the way" for each and every individual on the planet, one could rightly ask how is this metaphysically supported.

The mystery is Kabbalic and has everything to do with the Crucifixion mystery contained with the Tree of Life, and far OLDER and complete than Christianity's sorry knock-off crucifixion story.

Where both Lucifer and Lucero Mundo both "fell" to earth as falling stars, sending trillions upon trillions of fragments flying out from their impact radius (the fragments becoming everyone's individual Lucifer or Lucero), El Christo Rey had his side pieced by a spear (Mars or RED Geburah)) and shed his life force, blood, which was caught in a cup (Jupiter, or BLUE Chessed).

It was Jupiter's power of multiplication, addition and mediation which made "one" now "many" or "infinite".

These Kabbalic mysteries are deep and vast. The little I said above, while the foundation of the mystery itself is in no way fully revealed.

The following is the main body of the initiation into the mysteries of El Christo Rey, and gaining license to make use of the Honorius Grimoire, of which I personally underwent; carried out and transmitted through my Godfather.

The benefits of this initiation are as following:

1. Greatly expanded, strengthened, and healed aura or sphere of influence.
2. An opening and speeding up development of one's psychic faculties.
3. Direct communion with highly elevated entities.
4. Power spiritual protection.
5. A move developed "light body" for Astral projection and increased awareness of the Solar realm also known as Tipareth.
6. Dominion over daemonic entities.
7. Increased aptitude for spiritual, energetic healing.
8. Removal and or reversal of bad magic.
9. Monstrance.
10. Lambskin.
11. Full license to work the Honorius Grimoire.

There is a minor initiation where the person receives a partial transmission, but does walk away with a full consecrated Monstrance also with the following:
The Monstrance

1.  Greatly expanded, strengthened, and healed aura or sphere of influence.
2. An opening and speeding up development of one's psychic faculties.
3. A move developed "light body" for Astral projection and increased awareness of the Solar realm also known as Tipareth.

The Monstrance is a permanent portable solar force, a gateway to the sephiroth Tipareth instantly banishing all phantoms, cleansing one's spiritual space and exorcising evil entities

Lastly, one may receive just the fully concentrated Monstrance.

There is more to this initiation, and i have NOT included all the necessary steps.

Like the Grimoires, I have choose to omit key parts and muddle things just a little to prevent copycats and hucksters from "re-interpreting" or trying to apply this to other Grimoires.

I might also
write up part of my initiation into the Red Dragon, and Grimoirum Verum in the future.

Afro-Caribbean based initiation into the mysteries of El Christo Rey and Honorius Grimoire

The person who desires to evoke and have dominion over the perverse spirits of darkness, develop telepathy and healing powers, as well as establish relationship with the elevated spirits must begin by observing a three (3) day fast consisting of only solar blessed water, and citrus fruit.

During these three (3) days, four (4) times a day at 6am, 12 noon, 6 pm and 12 midnight, he or she must make the sign of the Kabbalistic cross in the (4) four cardinal directions starting in the east, and turning to the south, then west and finally north.

They must for three (3) days at midnight approach their godfather’s or godmother’s Holy Altar, and confess their their sins, asking El Christo Rey for redemption.

For these three (3) days he or she is to do little else other than meditate on the mysteries of El Christo Rey and the Kabbalic mysteries of Tipareth (Solar secrets) while receiving teachings from his or her godfather or godmother.

For these three (3) days he or she may neither change clothing nor bathe.

At sunrise a blessed, cleansed and appropriately decorated white rooster will be passed over him or her and then sacrificed. The first feather of it’s left wing being plucked and preserved for use at the required time.

The rooster’s eyes, heart and tongue must be torn out, then dried in the sun. Afterwards reduced to a powder.

This powder needs to be kept for a later time.

The rooster’s corpse must now be placed in a hole, honey poured over the body in the hole, the godfather or godmother washes their hands and sacrificial knife with blessed water directly over the hole, and finally red wine is next poured into the whole.  

The hole is covered, and the dirt sprayed with rum and tobacco smoke blown over it.

A cross of palm must be placed on the burial mound, while at each of the four corners of the mound the following signs must be drawn with the right thumb.

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

A white candle placed on the mound in front of the palm cross, and left to burn down.

Now the throat of a blessed, cleansed and appropriately decorated young male lamb (ram) shall be cut and the blood drained into a bucket for later use.
He or she will skin the lamb, and shall cast the lamb’s tongue and heart into a newly kindled fire. The ashes shall be preserved for use at the proper time.

The flesh of the lamb shall be placed in a hole, honey poured over the body in the hole, the godfather or godmother washes their hands and sacrificial knife with blessed water directly over the hole, and finally red wine is next poured into the whole.

The hole is covered, and the dirt sprayed with rum and tobacco smoke blown over it.

His or her godfather or godmother will with their right thumb inscribe on the grave the characters here indicated:

***Signs Omitted for initiatory reasons***

A white candle is placed on top of the burial mound and let to burn down.

For the space of the next three days he or she shall sprinkle the four corners with holy water with hyssop, and then while standing on top of the burial mound saying:

Sprinkle me, Oh Lord, with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed! Wash me, and I shall be made whiter than snow!

While cleansing themselves over the burial mound with holy water and hyssop.

He or she then recites the Agnus Dei.

After the aspersion he or she recite the following prayer while kneeling facing the east

“Christ, Redeemer of men, who, being the Lamb without spot, was immolated for the salvation of the human race, who alone wast found worthy to open the Book of Life, impart such virtue to this lambskin that it may receive the signs which we shall trace thereon, written with Thy blood, so that the figures, signs, and words may become efficacious; and grant that this skin may preserve us against the wiles of the demons; that they may be terrified at the sight of these figures, and may only approach them trembling. Through Christ, who livest and reignest through all ages. So be it”.

He or she will have rompimiento (a ritual cutting off of all clothing) performed outside facing the sun.

Naked, he or she shall be have the blood of the lamb poured over them.

Next they shall be bathed in sun blessed holy water which had been steeped with herbs, and finally re-dressed in fresh new white clothes.

They are given a white taper candle to hold while his or her godfather or godmother speaking prayers of resurrection spoken over him or her.

Their old clothes burned and ashes buried with nine (9) cents.

For the rest of the initiation, he or she, may drink no wine and eat no meat.

He or she shall now approach their godfather’s or godmother’s Holy Altar. Kneeling recite the gradual psalms (119-133), sometimes called the Songs of Ascent while being perfumed with frankincense and myrrh.  

Next, he or she will rise at midnight, return and kneel before to his or her godfather’s or godmother’s Holy Altar. His or her godfather or godmother will pass a cleansed and blessed dove over him or her, and sacrifice the bird over his or her head, while speaking prayers which call down the holy spirit over them (his or her head will be wrapped with a white head wrap which must not be removed until dawn).

He or she will hold a wafer of bread in both their right and left hands.

The godfather or godmother will now give him or her holy communion, dripping the blood of the dove over the wafer of bread in his or her right hand, and drip some blood of the dove in a chalice of consecrated red wine.

He or she will then recite the following prayer:

“My redeemer, and radiance of the light of the Most High. Thou who for the salvation of mankind suffered death on the cross. Thou who, before being abandoned to thine enemies, by an impulse of ineffable love did institute the sacrament of thy body. Thou has made it possible, even for the most most wretched and miserable to obtain redemption, and have the privilege of making daily commemoration thereof;  thou did deign unto thine servant, thus holding thee living body in his hands, all strength and ability for the profitable application of that power with which has been entrusted against the horde of rebellious spirits.  Thou splendor and radiance is great indeed, and they all tremble at the utterance of thy name, and upon that holy name I perform miraculous wonders. Christ, be thou my help, walk with me now and forever!”

On the following dawn, he or she will kneel at his or her godfather’s or godmother’s Holy Altar.

He or she will have their head washed with holy water, hyssop and other herbs. The godfather or godmother will dry their hair and then anoint his or her head with El Christo Rey oil.

Afterwards he or she will place the plucked rooster’s feather upon the altar along with a new sharp knife.

The following signs will be inscribed on a sheet of new clean white paper with consecrated magic ink using the tip of the feather like a quill upon the Holy Altar.
The paper should be folded in a new veil of violet silk, along with the wafer of bread.

Using the new knife, he or she scratches a cross into a yellow taper candle and places that along with the knife back on the Holy Altar.

At midnight he or she, having been sprinkled with holy water, must light the yellow taper candle.

With the candle lighted he or she must recite psalm 77 and speak the Office of the Dead with both Lauds and Vespers.

Then he or she will say:

“Deliver us, Oh Lord, from the fear of hell. Let not the demons destroy my soul when I shall raise them from the deep pit, when I shall command them to do my will. May the day be bright, may the sun and moon shine forth, when I shall call upon them. Terrible of aspect are they, deformed and horrible to sight; but do Thou restore unto them their angelic shapes when I shall impose my will upon them. Oh Lord deliver me from those of the dread visage, and grant that they shall be obedient when I shall raise them up from hell, when I shall impose my will upon them”.  

After the Office of the Dead, he or she will snuff the candle and retire for the night.

The skin of the lamb shall be spread out in the middle of a field.

The ground blessed with holy water, rum and tobacco smoke before being laid down and for the space of of six (6) days, four (4) time a day (6am, 12 noon, 6pm, 12 midnight) sprinkled with holy water.

On the seventh (7th) day before the rising of the sun, the lambskin shall be covered with the ashes of the heart and tongue, and with the ashes also of the Rooster while speaking psalm 78.

The Litanies of the Holy Name of El Christo Rey must then be repeated, and the following passage included at the end.

“Immolated Lamb, be Thou a pillar of strength against the demons. Slain Lamb, give power over the Powers of Darkness! Immolated Lamb, grant favour and strength unto the binding of the Rebellious Spirits. So be it”.

The lambskin shall be stretched for eighteen (18) days.

On the nineteenth (19) day the fleece shall be removed, burned to ashes, and buried in the same place.

His or her godfather or godmother will write the word VELLUS above it with their finger along with the following characters:

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

While drawing these characters, the godfather or godmother will speak these words:

“May this which hath been reduced into ashes preserve against the demons through the name of Christ”.

Now the godfather or godmother will add these signs.

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

Lastly the lambskin is set to face the sun for three (3) days, and the ensuing characters being cut with the sharp new knife:

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

This being accomplished, recite psalm 71.

and cut the following characters:

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

Recite psalm xcv and cut subsequently these characters :

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

Next recite psalm 77, and compose the following figure:

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

Which being accomplished, recite Psalm ii, and then make another figure as follows

***Signs omitted for initiatory reasons***

Recite psalm cxv and now being wrapped in the skin of the lamb by his or her godfather or godmother, he or she will say aloud:


-Papa Crocodile