Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exonerations and Extolations: The Praise of God in the command of daemons. Why "Christian" prayers as part of Goetic magic.

I dislike breaking my own occult pet-peeves however in this rare instance it will be helpful to do so in the illustration of an important point. One of my major occultic pet-peeves is the near insufferable and irresponsible manner the daemons of the Goetia are so causally mentioned now alongside the Exus, and Pombagiras of Kimbanda, as if they are interchangeable....which they are not.  It is without question, that the Black Table spiritism practiced in Brazil utilizing the Grimorium Verum, did indeed summon forth the Exus and Pombagiras of Kimbanda as workers IN the temple, not just the guardians of the temple as in Umbanda.

The usage of the Grimorium Verum during the Black Table allowed for a diabolical, but also redeeming, conjunction of human dead/deceased and astral daemon.  A ferocious tradition was rendered; the dark infernal magics of Europe was paired with the savage heat of nercomantic sorcery from Africa's Congo region. 

*The Grimorium Verum is not the Lesser Key of Solomon. Individuals claiming linage of "Quimbanda" with whom Exu Bael, Exu Stollas, or Exu Paimon are served, or make "Exu" heads, are liars and frauds who deserve no respect. 

The Exus and Pombagiras of Kimbanda are the spirits of the human dead who through the calling of Astral Daemons, acquired dominions/principalities near identical to the astral daemons of the Grimorium Verum. These are NOT "synchronizations" as lazy pseudo-intellectuals/occultists will ascribe, but rather a type of sponsorship relationship and no more can be said concerning that manner.  Exu Money Caller and the daemon Clauneck share a very real vibratory connection, but that does not mean that by calling one you are summoning the other.   

Nzambi is the great and Almighty within Kimbanda, and all the Exus and Pombagira seek to elevate their own spiritual natures within the light of Nzambi. The Exus and Pombagiras serve as our personal devils or daemons to help humanity come to realize their own vices, come to find ever progressing uses for their "daemons" and ultimately elevate each other...Exu/Pombagira and humans.

You can elevate your own Exus and Pombagiras by not thoughtlessly acting on their own and thereby your own "base" nature. Even the darkest "demonic" of Exu or Pombagira, can on a personal level, become a saintly ally.  One's own "personal" head or King or Queen, Eux or Pombagira, serves as your guardian and "balance point" when advancing and learning with the other Exus and Pombagiras. This "head" Exu serves to help you overcome the infernally charged necromantic forces of Kimbanda, and prevents your astral body from being torn to shreds from it.

It is essential that one work long and dedicately (maybe for their entire lives) with their personal "head" Exu and the Exus and Pombagiras whom come for the person at the time of their reading into Kimbanda before forging alliances with Exus and Pombagiras who are not compatible with one's spiritual frame. Through this one can develop the occultic powers and supernatural abilities associated with the kingdoms where their Exus and Pombagira reside... the mastery of but one kingdom's dominion is an exceedingly rare occurrence.

However, as fierce and wild as Kimbanda is, there are thankfully built in fail safes and balance points.

There is NO such "fail safe" inherent within the Goetic traditions. 

The daemons are NOT spirits of human deceased. None of them desire, require or will functionally accept elevation. You CANNOT elevate a goetic daemon. The goetic daemons care NOTHING about your own personal elevation. There is NO goetic daemon who will protect you from the casual influences of other goetic daemons and there is NO such thing as a goetic daemon "head master" or "met tet".

In terms of margin for error....Kimbanda is walking a tight rope but the Goetic tradition is walking a razor's edge... 

So where does one find elevation in the Goetic tradition? Does such a exist? 

Yes it does.

I have said this many times before but it bares repeating, goetic magic is astral magic, and astral magic is planetary magic with the moon as the planetary sphere... or yesod for the Hebraic. In order that magician does not imbalance his or herself either mentally, or spiritually; the magician must counter-balance the planetary work they are focused on with that planetary sphere's polar opposition.

Thereby when working with the Goetic tradtion (which is the Moon) the magician needs solid footing with the planetary sphere of the Sun, or Sol, also known in the Hebraic as Tipareth. It is in the Sun, we find the elevation, purification and inspiration which will uplift the spiritual goals, and brighten the mental faculties of a magician consorting with daemons in the darkly splendid gloom of the ever shifting astral world.

Daemons are amoral, they delight in participating in the "follies" of humanity. The dominion of a daemon is all consuming. The daemon cares not, nor occupies itself with any other concern, which does not relate to it's dominion. Due to the frequency and vibratory station daemons occupy (the lower astral) they tend towards the thoughts and desires of humanity which are appropriately deposited, gestated, and mutated upon the lower astral. These thoughts-desires are most frequently repressed, ashamed of, and concealed sexual fantasies, or phobias, s well as unfettered rage, alongside unrealized dreams.

Daemons know humanity near better than any other non-physical entity. Daemons are bathed in the most base and primal drivers behind our evolution. The dominions of a demon eternally steep in those same primordial juices of consciousness and for a magician that is both the blessing and the curse. The magician be absolutely honest about who they are and what they desire when in front of a goetic daemon. The goetic daemon couldn't care enough to pass judgement. However, in the face of elevated spirits (say spirits of the Solar sphere) many times the magician tries to dilute the reality of his or her soul out of guilt.

Elevated spirits already well know the uncensored truth of the magician, but because of their elevated station they are supremely compassionate, and let us lie to them.. as they know we cannot lie ourselves and never could we lie to God. It is just a matter of time before we speak the truth aloud, by either word, deed or both, and the lesson can finally be implemented.

The daemons can help us to both reveal and revel in our vices. There is a lot to life that best happens in the dark. It is absolutely essential to the sanity of the collective human mind to have a shadowy playground to explore and experiment in. The devastating danger is when the human becomes mired in astral illusions, made an agent of a goetic daemon, and lead deeper into the ensuing depravity of its dominion.

The daemons have no boundaries. It is up to the magician and the magician alone to set his or her boundaries as well as vigilantly discern the amount of influence the daemon has over them.

The magician is the master of magic circle, this mastery is not shared with anything or anyone else. The goetic daemon, while a great ally and consultant, is never to be considered a friend. The magician must always have dominance over the daemon, but best to temper that dominance with due and proper respect to the goetic daemon; rather than the hard but brittle fist of a tyrant who will forever fear retribution from mistreated daemons. Goetic work is a path for only the strongest and most mature of occultists, or at the very least a magician who desires to forge great personal strength and power of will.

Within the spirituality of the Solar temple, or planetary sphere of the Sun, resides ultimate compassion and mercy. The earliest nods to Christianity flows from Tipareth. A divine figure willing to be a sacrifice, and willing to teach others the value of self-sacrifice. To pay the debts of others and lessen their burdens in the hopes that kindness would spread outward to encircle the world with unconditional mercy. The current state of Christianity aside, connection with the solar sphere is the only real lifeline the magician has in the goetic tradition, and it is only made available through the labors of the magician.

In defense of the esoteric brotherhoods and lodges of the 1300s to 1800s, Christianity was the only acceptable expression of solar planetary magic available in Europe. Near anything else meant imprisonment, torture, and or execution...and always after total financial confiscation by church and state.

"Immortal, Eternal, Ineffable, and Sacred Father of all things, who is carried on the chariot rolling without cease, of the worlds which rotate always. Ruler of the Etheric Plain where Your throne of power is exalted and from whose heights Thy formidable eyes discover everything and Your beautiful and saintly ears hear everything. Harken to Your children whom You have loved from their birth through all time. Since Your lasting, great, and eternal majesty shines brightly over the world and the starry heavens, Thou art raised above them. Oh, sparkling fire! There You light and maintain Yourself in the appropriate splendor. There comes forth from Your being never-failing streams of light which nourish Your infinite spirit. This infinite spirit generates all things and makes this inexhaustible treasure of matter which cannot fail to procreate that which always surrounds it because of the forms without number with which it is filled and with which You have filled it since the beginning of time. From this spirit the very saintly kings who are standing around Your throne and who compose Your court also draw their origin. Oh, Universal Father! Oh, Unique One! Oh, Father of blissful mortals and immortals! You have particularly created the powers which are marvelously like Your eternal thought and Your adorable essence. You have established them superior to the messengers who announce your wishes to the world. Finally, You have created us sovereigns over the elements. Our continued exertion is to praise You and to adore Your desires. We burn with the desire to be possessed of You. Oh, Father! Oh, Mother, the most tender of Mothers! Oh, admirable example of tender sentiments of Mothers! Oh, Son, the flower of all Sons! Oh, mold of all our shapes! Well beloved spirit, soul, harmony, and number of all things, we adore you."

This oration, adoration or exoneration is beautiful, uplifting and downright inspiring. Certainly not a groveling placation to the stiffing dictates of a misogynistic, hateful "god" Yahweh/Jehovah; but a brighter far more awesome creator God-force who nourishes life, loves his creations and seeks union rather than dominion over them. The passage even acknowledges a tender mother and son who is flower of all sons. We glimpse in this the kind of salvation and redemption which help elevate us up out of the lower astral.

These solar extolations are also types of personal and environmental purification, exorcisms and banishings.

"And when, after all the phantoms have vanished, thou shalt see that holy and formless fire, that fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the Universe, hear thou the Voice of Fire".

This opening passage from the Opening By Watchtower ritual reflects the pale understanding modern Hermetic magic has in terms to planetary Exonerations.

The breakdown is this.

The light of the sun makes the astral night time phantoms/daemon vanish. Then once all the distortion is gone, one can more clearly see God or that hidden fire and hear better its messages to him or her.

The LBRP and BRP are decidedly modern banishment rituals, and while I utilize a variant of the LBRP I would never forgo the implementation of orations and incantations of Sol.

I will begin to share the orations, and incantations of Tipareth of the goetic tradition I inherited. I feel that what I have learned is a more pure transmission of both celestial and infernal energies in accordance to helping a magician finish their Great Work, removing the interfering emissaries of Yahweh/Jehovah, and the utter brainless idiocy behind the Devil/Satanic current tethered to modern Christianity.

I will also lay important foundation structure in how to preform goetic magic, one that provides both material and spiritual results, which are common in my temple.

In front of a lighted white candle used only for this purpose, speak aloud the above oration, and begin to bring the grandeur of the Sun into your life...if only in order to explore the depth of the sub-lunar astral and command with more force the daemons who reside there.

-Papa Crocodile.