Monday, September 25, 2017

9/23/2017 Secret Seal of Solomon, King Asmodeus Conjuration and Papa Candello Cedifie service.

My astral guard dog.
Triangle of the Art.
The September 23, 2017 ritual is one for books. My conjuration of King Asmodeus (a daemon second to none in terms of power) was a rousing success and provided frighteningly accurate divination for petitioners (including a Senator and other government officials). The boons tasked to King Asmodeus  have already begun manifesting for the members of my temple and the Secret Seals of Solomon made in their exactitude. Hear this! Without possessing a Secret Seal of Solomon, fashioned EXACTLY as it is stated with the Lesser Key of Solomon, preforming effective Solomonic Magic is impossible. The same is true of both the Grimorium Verum, and Grand Grimoire.
Entering trance for magic mirror scrying.
They too have requirements that must be met. Requirements I have indeed met and with which I am well acquainted. I can provide a long list of celebrity occultist frauds who haven't fulfilled even the basic requirement to activate the traditions they endlessly theorize about, but have never once practiced.

My linage is an exceedingly rare Caribbean High Magic tradition. Born during the Haitian slave revolt when pilfered French Grimories fell into black hands and under African eyes. My Ceremonial Magic is devoid of Golden Dawn influence, and absent of Crowley-styled fuckery.
Papa Candello Cedifie!
Through my linage; the Loa Papa Candello Cedifie (head of Dominican Voudu) can be present at every Solomonic rite I preform.Why? That is secret to my house. What is not a secret however is the noticeable ripples on the astral realm my temple caused. This was a once in a lifetime event, performed underneath the firmament where the 12th Sigh of Revelation shown bright in the celestial canopy. For those of you who where a part of it, your Secret Seals of Solomon and answers to questions will be to you soon.

Secret Seal of Solomon.
-El Patron
Feeding the spirits!