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Kevin Wikse predicts COVID-19. Chronological List of Evidence.

I received an email from an very well-known media personality. They were stunned at my accuracy in predicting the COVID-19 pandemic and the follow-up vaccine issues. They not only came to fruition but years in advance. I was asked if I would like to meet face to face and discuss a project. I am open to the possibility, but I have my 
great work to consider. Presently, COVID-19 pales compared to what I am privy to concerning the upcoming pole shift and events of 2030. It is neither my desire nor intention to have celebrity status. But due to recent developments, I am forced to claim the spotlight. 

I've decided I need a chronological display of proofs as sourceable evidence for my claims. I am the only occultist and medium to predict COVID-19, the effects of the vaccine, and the awful reasons behind it. All years in advance (2015 to 2018). No one else even came close.

My primary consultant has been a powerful astral demon named GULAND. In my esoteric linage GULAND appears as a vampire figure. A special amulet is made from a real vampire bat to stabilize his erratic and wild energy. He is an exceptional cruel and malign intelligence who knows how to both cause and cure any disease. 

Kevin Wikse hosting GULAND's intellect.
GULAND is best associated with the Grimorium Verum. For purposes of context, I will detail the background of GULAND. In my direct medium sessions with GULAND, he describes himself as the driving force of all mutagenic and alchemical crucible incubations before innoculatory delivery. GULAND claims to be the intelligence behind the syringe and all alchemical admixture (fermentations also) within a flask, cask, or vial. 

GULAND and another demon named FRUCISSIERE (a deeply macabre intelligence) take responsibility for inspiring all of history's significant acts of medical tyranny and bio-weaponry. Both show great pride in the Black Plague, "conveniently" eliminating half of Europe. Clearing the way for advancements in textile and farming. Controlling the reduced population becomes more manageable also. Each takes credit for the horrors of the Nazi and Japanese medical experiments, which inspired the Nuremberg code.

GULAND laughs, saying, "you dumb miserable pigs don't see the pearls your forebears foolishly cast in front of you. Pigs deserve the slaughter." He means our ancestors went through the trouble of establishing laws to protect us from forced compliance, only for us to squander it at the first sign of trouble. 

GULAND was delighted to confirm that this present-day and enormous population culling was performed in Europe for the same reasons. Artificial and quantum computing does not require a massive human workforce. In addition, a population of our present size would be impossible to control with the level of technology now unable to be suppressed. The Great Reset was enacted because the vast majority proved weak, greedy, selfish, and cowardly. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle. 


Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

There might be posts I made earlier to this date. But this is when it all really begins. I was consulting the demon GULAND when over my Ovilus-4 spirit box, the words CARRY, TROOPS, NORTHERN, YELL, and QUARANTINE rang out. The terms applied to the consultation, but there was a feeling of "deeper" meaning. It's no secret spirits or non-physical intelligence often use language with multilayer purposes. GULAND showed me visions of respiratory disease outbreaks, yelling troops carrying weapons, and forcing people into quarantine camps.

See blogpost here.

 Thursday, September 24, 2015 

Here is an example of an earlier consult with the Demon HARISTUM. He spoke in response to a warning concerning an upcoming, disastrous flu season. Giving instructions to make a marvelously delicious philter and paste to combat respiratory infections. 

See blogpost here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GULAND speaks of drones. Drones capable of carrying off adult-sized men against their will are known as "snatch and grab" drones. GULAND warns of micro or nano-sized drones. We now know Anthony Fauci approached the Pentagon in 2018 with a plan to deploy nano-drones utilizing "skin-piercing technology" over China. Infecting the Chinese population with a novel avian virus. The Pentagon refused, citing that it would start WW3. If it was used on the American public, I don't know. Still, GULAND was correct that such drone technology would be used about 10 months from that consult in 2018 (or at least threatened). 

GULAND warns of epidemics. A plague developed in a bio-weapons lab for the sole purpose of global mass depopulation. In 2017 GULAND was fixated on what might be coming out of Africa. This changed in 2018 when his prophecies concerning China began. Finally, in this consult, GULAND points to the words of another Demon of the Grimorium Verm. This Demon predicted that Hilary Clinton and possibly Huma Aberdeen would be embroiled in a child snuff scandal. The infamous FRAZZLERIP found its way onto the internet soon after. 

See blogpost here.

Monday, October 9, 2017

GULAND reveals a plan of weaponized epidemics and infectious diseases has been enacted. I did not post the details, so I cannot use them for evidence, but the rollout of the medical tyranny we have seen since 2020 is near exact to what GULAND showed me. He then begins to speak about weaponized vaccines. How they will be used to cause global mass sterility, IQ drops, and change the human DNA. It has been well established that the COVID-19 "vaccine" was, in fact, a m/RNA gene therapy that reprograms the DNA. He mentions that children will be the real target. He was aggravatingly accurate. 

GULAND warns that a new AIDS epidemic is coming. That the blood of many had already been purposely infected. VAIDS, or vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is almost certainly what GULAND was referring to. The immune system erosion of vaccine recipients has been recognized and acknowledged. The media's war on natural immunity was a frightening look at military-based propaganda. Perhaps half the world population now has full-blown or nearing VAIDS. The upcoming death rates will be staggering. GULAND finishes that a costly drug will be offered to "improve" decimated immune system levels.

See blogpot here.  

Friday, September 21, 2018

GULAND begins to name, names. Most notably, Bill Gates. Bill Gates's connection to COVD-19 is undeniable. GULAND was naming him as one of the primary sources for what GULAND was calling Disease-X before Bill Gates did, and what we know of as COVID-19. GULAND announced that Bill Gates, in 2018, was signaling for the pandemic to begin. 

GULAND then channeled through me, during a mediumship session, what has now become known as the "Fell Wind Prophecy." 

The Fell Wind Prophecy

"On my words is carried a viral message. Sweeping across the sphere, roaring over the water and screaming in the winds with unnatural speed, given swiftness by artificial propulsion (1). The black air, already with death as a passenger, once concealed and contained in the fetid lungs of the inoculated black skinned, oh they ached and writhed. Buried in mass graves, to ferment and fester. An old and efficient death, who when last spoke her message, half of the white skinned feel to their knees, and in sobs to a sacrificed lamb died in confusion and lament. Gnawed on by rats, who where being gnawed on by death's champion. The black winged fouler takes to the air again. Across the ocean she will fly, mouthing in silence the names of the millions who she will claim (2), who will die screaming her name through phlegm, and snot, and gurgle (3). From the land of the yellow skinned (4) will she depart. Long in the works and by design. She has now a prefect vessel built for her nocturnal ride. Those who suppose themselves to speak on air and through lighting. The rotten and poisoned Apple (5), polished by the dragon and sold back to the eagle...who took a bite (6).  

The fell wind comes, over the waves, held, suspended in the air by buoyant particulates (7), a dread ship set sail on the clouds. The weather will be made perfect for her voyage, by voltage and magnetic fields. Her landing has already been prepared. Injected with medicine from the land of the yellow skinned at birth till now, the stage a theater of encoded bio-chemistry, set to receive her venom with thunderous applause (8). Virulent upon virulent. The eyes, and ears of the dragon in near every hand and pocket, near the mouth and the nose, and the ear of the eagle's people. From these little talking boxes will come highly sophisticated instructions carried by vibration and emitted frequency (9). The dragon, the sickness and the carrier will all speak. The message constant, the meaning: mutate. Close to the body the illness will hear the dire whispering of the dragon (10).

The sick will tell on themselves. Report on themselves. Post pictures, make fliers and plaster them on a profile they share with the others who wane (11). The dragon will calculate when to openly strike. First by subduing the right talon as the eagle's left is currently ripping at itself. Second by grasping the virtual throat and silencing the electronic voice, then by boots on the land of the eagle, trampling over the sick, the sick who helped fund their own invasion. (12) They have sold you out, the factions of the land of the eagle who have eaten your children, drank their blood and placed them on altars. They seek the embrace of the dragon because they fear the claws of the eagle. The dragon will publicly devour them, like Rome paraded the kings and queens of conquered peoples in cages (13). These traitors see that the Anglo-Saxon conspiracy has failed, and the protocols of Zion as good as the word of a Zionist. They know their sickness has been uncovered, the blue wave they spoke incantations for has become a red wave which promises to drown them all (14).

Look the west for it dawns as the sunsets. You will hear the cough as the time of casting lots begins, the rattle in the lungs, the clearing of throats will increase. The dragon will come only when the eagle lays gasping." (15).

A list of exceedingly reasonable estimations is followed based on what happened and educated guesses for the future. 

  1. A virus, or viral contagion. Maybe deployed by drones using skin piecing nanotechnology. 
  2. The message is that many, many will die from this virus.
  3. A respiratory disease, trouble breathing, and the mass deaths caused by forced ventilators. 
  4. A clear indication of China's involvement. 
  5. Under Cuomo, the mass murder of people in elderly homes and hospitals in New York. 
  6. A sign that Anthony Fauci sold his research to the Wuhan Lab in China, which sold it back to him. 
  7. A mention of early COVID-19s ability to live on surfaces and hang in the air. What gave rise to the cleaner, bleach, and mask idiocy. 
  8. The vaccine. The media rollout and the public's near unquestioning acceptance. 
  9.  GULAND is speaking about how systemic China's spyware was discovered to be embedded into our electronics. ZOOM, which was almost universally used for all school, work, and even government meetings, is owned by CHINA. TIK-TOK also saw a meteoric rise in popularity during LockDown, also owned by China. 
  10. The 5G rollout. 5G does have a profound effect on the human cellular structure. GULAND says that the nanotech within the m/RNA gene therapy or vaccines is being directed and updated by the 5G. 
  11. The vaccinated's targeting of the unvaccinated and call for forced quarantine camps. The phone app reported who you were next to, interacted with, or even passed by. The proposed vaccine passport. The contract tracers were going door to door, incentivizing reporting on your neighbors and collecting information on who lived where and if they were vaccinated or not. 
  12. China quietly declared another 30-year war on America. Their spies, spy devices, and Fentanyl were already deployed, waging war against us and killing American citizens. They wait for the perfect moment to go from cold war to hot war, with an invasion of America.
  13. The media's endless war against President Donald Trump and conservative values.  
  14. The many factions of neo-liberalism have now begun to turn on themselves. The Left eats its own. Their Marxist, pro-abortion (a form of (depopulation), pro-pedophile, and morally bankrupting to youth-based agenda has exposed itself. The rise of traditional American values will be the result.
  15. ANOTHER respiratory pandemic will be required to finish America off. 

See blogpost here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This post cemented that I had been channeling information with a high percentile accuracy rating. I am consulting a planetary intelligence of the Sun, OCH, an Olympic spirit found within the Arbatel de Magia. I sought clarification on what GULAND had been forecasting concerning Disease-X, now known as COVID-19. Here is where China is pegged as the primary source of COVID-19 and viral diseases of animal origins. Bats appear on the shortlist of culprits. 

"This DNA will be from animals such as monkeys, pigs, birds, bats, and insects. This new DNA sequencing will be the bridge between you and extremely deadly diseases carried by the aforementioned animals. These diseases were once exceedingly difficult if not impossible to transfer between humans and animals".

OCH confirms that the Obama (Biden included)and Clinton families have sold out to China. OCH also mentions the Bush family (if you are not aware of George H Bush's dealing with China, you are no student of Geo-politics) and George Soros's involvement (we see Soros family involvement in the World Economic Forum pushing for the "Great Reset" which COVID-19 made possible). 

OCH confirms that Disease-X, or COVID-19 as we now know it, would come out of China.

"Disease-X is coming out of China."

OCH mirrors much of what GULAND had already stated about the effects of the vaccine.

"weaponized viruses and DNA unraveling sequences. In addition, they will piggyback and tie new DNA strains/sequencing into your old and unraveled DNA."

See blogpost here.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

A mediumship session with what is the Indio Commission, a "court" of spiritual beings, formerly incarnated humans of "native" peoples, who have elevated and progressed spiritually to a high level. They warned me of purposely infected individuals coming up through Mexico into the United States during the first migrant invasion. The Indios cautioned a portion of the migrants carried diseases designed as "sleeper" diseases. These diseases mutate into deadlier variants after contact with people inoculated with a weaponized vaccine. An influx of designer viruses and weaponized vaccines could cause a widespread and lethal pandemic. Again respiratory disease is confirmed.

" a slew of respiratory diseases and other contagions ready to become epidemics in a United States where I believe we have been vaccinated with sleeper "illness" and "helper" pathogens, ready to create a perfect storm for a truly deadly pandemic."

This could be a prediction that has yet to fully manifest. This is especially true with the current administration's running of the largest human trafficking ring in history. Thousands of undocumented midnight flights of migrants all over the country. Couple this with the VAIDS epidemic, and this could be genuinely devastating. 

See blogpost here.

There are likely other blog posts I have made that reference an upcoming global pandemic. I will update this chronological listing as I discover them or they are brought to my attention. 

-Kevin Wikse

Kevin Wikse is Papa Machete que gana todas las Batallas, El Matador de Dragones. In addition to predicting the bio-weapon release and the Global pandemic of 2020 starting in 2015, he is a world-renown circus trained strongman, Occultist, Martial Artist, Psychic Investigator, researcher, author, and adventurer. He is the spiritual Father of the Temple of the Machete, Who wins all Battles. Papa Machete welcomes ALL people of any race, gender, orientation, or ability. His only conditions are that you love God, love humanity, and are willing to stand for what is right, not just what is popular.

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